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Hong Kong, HK | 深圳市 福田


Home on the Drift: Moving Senior Housing, Hong Kong


Contrary to popular belief that the elderly are static and prefer time in bed, they do wish to travel. We all love to travel: We travel for knowledge, love or ideals. Travelling allows us to be alive again.

Boat cruises are among the most popular activities for the retired. The boat serves not only as a mode of transport but acts as a travel destination itself.

Let us move back to Hong Kong and the 4sq.m "coffins for the living". What if this 4sq.m "coffin" suddenly acquires legs and moves? 4sq.m is approximately a train cabin size. What if the home moves with the person and eventually settles down in their utopia?

The surrounding scenery is ever-changing; our vision of the space is no longer limited by its physical construction.


Q: How does it begin?
A: The journey begins once you are registered on the website WWW.SENIORLOVE.COM. Signing up is free. The website is maintained by a workforce of volunteers. Once you sign up, you are a member and have entered the virtual world of travelling.

Q: Do I have to travel?
A: No, you can simply use it as a social platform or a dating website. We believe that love and friendship invigorate life. We believe in the power of both virtual and physical architecture.

Q: Is meeting new people a must?
A: The website will pair you up with a range of traveling companions. Members can choose to either dwell alone or in the company of roommates.

Q: Will I be able to afford the cost of the trip?
A: It will take you 500-700 Euros per month for a tiny bed with no view in an elderly home. Why not spend the same amount of money on traveling with WWW.SENIORLOVE.ORG.HK?

Q: What if I do not wish to settle down and head home instead?
A: If a person wishes to head home, the entire train cabin may be attached again and "move on" with passing WWW.SENIORLOVE.ORG.HK trains that will stop by sponsored train stations.

Q: Where are the destinations?
A: The train starts at Hung Hom station in Hong Kong; it will then head to the north of China. We have selected these cities because they have been sponsored by the local municipality governments and their top local hospitals.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Hong Kong, China
Additional Credits: HONOURABLE MENTION, Professional category. Building Trust International Competition July 2012