GROUNDWORK Architects + Associates Ltd.

GROUNDWORK Architects + Associates Ltd.

Hong Kong, HK | 深圳市 福田


Extremely Negative | 色,空 | First Prize Night Club Hotel in Hong Kong Arquitectum Design Competition,

To design a 200m adult entertainment centre in Mong Kong, HK.

Does Mong Kok, officially the most densely polluted red-light district on Earth, needed a mega-adult entertainment centre?  If we are to accentuate the extreme and acute entertainment that this density offer, how would this mega structure attribute to the city, or the world?

Does extreme pleasure leads to a Tower of Babel?

Loneness are the greatest vehicles for the quest for adult entertainments; the tiny dwellings that our density have generated are in no-doubt incubators for loneness.  Perhaps spiritual uplift is the only and final ascendance for pleasure and the cure for loneness?

Would an inverted Mong Kok; the opposite of what Mong Kok  represents: offered all of the followings: tranquility, love, peace?  Would spiritual ascendance be the ultimate goal for extreme pleasure?

Manfred Yuen, Dennis Liu, Kevin So, Chris Qian Zhang,
Vincci Mak, Casey Wang, Violette Chen, Tracy Yang

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Mong Kok, HK