GROUNDWORK Architects + Associates Ltd.

GROUNDWORK Architects + Associates Ltd.

Hong Kong, HK | 深圳市 福田


15:15 RAIN CATCHER | Hawker Stall Design

15:15´s Rain Catcher was one of the exhibits of the 2009 Hong Kong & Shenzhen Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture.

Our mission is to build an Hawker Stall (大排档) which celebrates our unique local heritage. Our design pays tribute to the Hawker - the silent observer of the city´s growth and prosperity. Within a larger context, the event is to celebrate the poetics of our monsoon climate.   

The Hawker Stall also functions as a rain collector: the collected water acted as the weight which anchors the structure on ground.  The collected water is filtered and may be used for washing.   

Manfred Yuen, Stephen Suen, Alex Kong, Stephen Ip, Ricky Lee
Alvis Ko, Aries Nip, Lolita Lei, Loraine Wong, Perry Tse

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Status: Built
Location: Where it rains; where there are hawkers