keynotes vs text notes


Which do you prefer to use? I'm not talking about the REVIT flavor. I mean using a key on the drawing to refer to a specific note on a list of notes. 

I've been using keynotes a lot on my recent projects - they are super fast to write and distribute across the drawings. They take up less space on the drawing. 

But I worry that the contractors are missing things. 

Your experience?

Mar 7, 14 5:17 pm

In my pre-Revit days, I still preferred keynotes for two big reasons:

1.  They take up considerably less space and leave the actual drawings more clean.

2.  When you inevitably have to change a note 95% of the way through CD's, you have to change it in one location and not have to hunt all over looking for every stray note.

Now that we use Revit for most everything, I still prefer keynotes, although I also try to set up multi-category schedules and use tags to tag the items since then I can use the amazing "tag all" command.

Mar 7, 14 6:28 pm

Depends on type and scale of project. You may want to talk to your contractors to see what they like. I prefer keys to well-noted details. 

Mar 7, 14 7:05 pm

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