What music are you listening to?


or you could just straight to the source

Willie Dixon - I can't quit you, baby

Mar 5, 17 9:07 pm

Tron Legacy - Soundtrack OST - 02 The Grid - Daft Punk

glad to see you're still hanging around! [quodam]

Mar 5, 17 10:07 pm

but you're really listening to this [genius lyrics!!!]

Clutch - "A Shogun Named Marcus"

You Thought It Was Boring In Jordan
Then Come Out Here For A Day
And By The Way, The Name Is Marcus
But If You Like, You Can Call Me Sensei
Well The Emperor Is In The Pig Sty
And The Geisha Is In The Shack
And You Better Believe I'll Hold Them There
Till The Feds, They Pay Me Back

Kamikaze Backbone
Nine Iron Spitfire
Continental Samurai
Oh My Lord
Brown Sugar, Sweet Potato
Sourmash, Baby Back
Redneck Romance
Bless My Soul

Hari Kari And Combines,
Come Dancin' With Me
Hari Kari And Combines,
Won't You Come Dancin' With Me?

Yes, I'm A New World Samurai, And A Redneck Nonetheless
Yes, I'm A New World Samurai, And A Redneck Nonetheless
Yes, I'm A New World Samurai, And I Can Read Your Mind
Check It Out, I'm Like A Buzzbomb
Yes, I'm A New World Samurai,
Check It Out, I'm Like A Buzzbomb

So Beebopalloobopawopshamboo
And Domo Arigato If I Got To
And Domo Arigato If I Got To
And Domo Arigato If I Got To
And Domo Arigato If I Got To

Mar 5, 17 10:11 pm

see also Beastie Boys Sabotoge

Mar 5, 17 10:37 pm


Mar 5, 17 10:44 pm
Olaf Design Ninja_

heard  a racist joke at the gym today - pre st. patty's day

"what's the difference between MLK day and St. Patrick's day?"

mind you, I was in the zone, and wonky old white man comes rollin' up on my stack of weights, I mean seriously fat fuck whitey, I'm liftin'

"everyone wants to be Irish on St. Pat's day!"

listen to this shit!

The Departed Opening (Gimme Shelter).

Mar 5, 17 11:14 pm

“Shit, there ain’t a white man in this room that would change places with me. None of you, none of you would change places with me. And I’m rich! That’s how good it is to be white.” ~ Chris Rock


sorry Max, aka olaf this is the world we live in



Mar 5, 17 11:46 pm

the fan seems to be striking a grill or something


Sun Goddess

Mar 6, 17 11:34 am
Tinbeary There there

Brian Eno - Music for Airports

Mar 6, 17 6:50 pm
Don Kashane

that 70's harmonizing blows my mind

Mar 6, 17 7:20 pm
Don Kashane

love Eno.  After listening to some ambient, this is a good pick me up (good video too).

Mar 6, 17 7:27 pm

More Mozart, I love classical music I work to it, I sleep to it sometimes, and I just like it especially when I am stressed.

Mar 6, 17 10:45 pm

If you like the last link, this is worth a couple of hours studio time:

Mar 6, 17 10:57 pm

Aside from this thread, who bans headphones in work, I would and share music.

Mar 6, 17 11:00 pm
Tinbeary There there
Tinbeary There there

I like this song, this is just a preview but I got the whole album and it's good. Melatonin - A Tribe Called Quest

Mar 7, 17 11:07 am

Thanks never heard of Balkan Beat Box, just what I need today. 

Anyone coming to Austin for SXSW? Any architects welcome to join our music chasing clan, message me or something. 

Recommend checking out: Savoy, Moon Taxi, Harts, and Marshmello, Pimps of Joytown

Mar 7, 17 12:33 pm
Don Kashane

Brian Eno - Golden Hours w/ Robert Fripp and John Cale from Another Green World (amazing f'in album).

Mar 7, 17 7:22 pm

Type O Negative - Black No. 1

Mar 8, 17 12:21 am

when you've had a long day and night will get longer, this will get rolling (architecting and duveling)

Solar Fields - Das Bungalow

Mar 8, 17 11:14 pm
Non Sequitur

It's been non-stop Tool at the office tonight.

Gota pick up the slack from the junior staff's revit "decisions".

Mar 8, 17 11:27 pm

oh man, revit makes decisions now too?

redlining like a mofo to this now GMS - Juice (1200 Micrograms Remix)

out of Duvel though...

Mar 8, 17 11:48 pm

this seemed appropriate

Hallucinogen - Shamanix

the only lyrics 'The way I feel I don't expect to go to sleep for a year. I'm on fucking fire.'

Mar 9, 17 12:33 am
Non Sequitur


It's already been a long and frustrating day at the office trying to keep a ship afloat which sank weeks prior to my involvement.

Mar 14, 17 9:50 pm
Tinbeary There there

I listen to this song every week. One of the best.


Orgone - Bacano 

Monophonics - In Your Brain 

White Denim - Corsicana Lemonade

These albums are keeping me busy at the moment, anybody got a spotify playlist that they're proud of and would like to share?

Mar 16, 17 1:40 pm

Death Grips

Father John Misty

Portugal. The Man

Almost every album of each one, specially from Death Grips, they make me focus while working.

Mar 16, 17 5:14 pm
Tinbeary There there

I checked these out, fun stuff, thanks! I love this thread!

Tinbeary There there

If there are links, it is nice to post them. Thanks.

Kiesza - No Enemiez. I want those shoes. Also the sparkly hoodie. 

Mar 17, 17 10:49 am
Tinbeary There there
Tinbeary There there

Miserere - Henryk Gorecki (music to design to, or for a funeral)

Mar 17, 17 11:21 am

keep on keeping on, by s=r*(theta)

Mar 17, 17 3:10 pm
Olaf Design Ninja_

Riddim track, the thread is missing a good old gabba rave.

Final boss music.


headroom era

Mar 17, 17 10:17 pm

Rez (1996)

Cowgirl (1994)

paired with Ray Bradbury Martian Chronicles and Dogfish Saison du Buff

Mar 18, 17 10:01 pm
Tinbeary There there

Peter Tosh - Johnny Be Good

Mar 20, 17 10:22 am

haha nice

Tinbeary There there

Avett Brothers live at Red Rocks, Morrison, CO Thank God Ima Country Boy Life ain't nothin but a funny funny riddle

Mar 20, 17 10:53 am
Tinbeary There there

more Avett Brothers - 10,000 words

Mar 20, 17 11:06 am
go do it

<Elvis Presley - Love me (1956)>

He probably did better versions but I like this one because it showcases his magic.  

Mar 23, 17 3:25 am

ÌFÉ's new album, IIII+IIII via NPR Music's First Listen

Mar 24, 17 10:48 am
Tinbeary There there

The Cure - Disintegration

Mar 24, 17 3:38 pm

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