daniele scarpa kos

daniele scarpa kos

Venice, IT




In 2012 secret agent Schiacchia-Kos invented a scale to evaluate the effects of architecture conferences on audience. The Kos scale*

Average conference effects 

I - Attention

first chewing gum

one silenced fart

you follow the conference with great attention

u try to play footsie with the person sitting next to u


II - Absent-mindedness

the one sat next to you has changed his/her seat

legs spreading to let conditioned air flowing through the planets

origami with a page of notebook

last chewing gum


III – Limbo


you fart a non-silenced morse code S.O.S.  · · · — — — · · ·

childhood memories awaken (favourite Japanese cartoon theme song)

(need 1 piss)

you change 3 religions


IIII - What am I doing here?

u go back to your former religion (if you have 1)

u don’t give a damn about following the conference

your stomach plays Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Croquette”

audience with their tongues dangling between Nike sneakers

NO Yeeeeeeeeaah about that........


IIIII - Hallucinations

you see Patti Smith giving a poetry reading to the guys of Jersey Shore

Tadao Ando is a pupil of Bernini’s?

Karim Rashid is Zaha Hadid’s toyboy?

Great Paper Wall of Japan?

Brad Pitt is 1 architect in Oslollywood?


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