Your favourite T-shirt


I am also using Dye ink for printing my T- Shirt. It is good ink and gives you amazing results. Picture images too brilliant of the bright colors of the dye ink. It fade easily. It’s staying power is up to 30 years. You can also use ink for printing PVC cards.

Mar 9, 19 6:56 am  · 
( o Y o )


Mar 9, 19 12:48 pm  · 

My favourite t-shirt's a black one with Eat Shit on the front in Coca-Cola typeface. I actually found it at a music festival on the ground and put it on, used to fit me like a glove, now it fits me like O.J.'s glove...

Mar 10, 19 4:36 pm  · 

I love to wear Rolling Stones Tongue Logo T-Shirt.

Mar 12, 19 7:16 am  · 

But I love to wear sad boy shirt.


I love my tuxedo t-shirt, but haven't had any formal occasions lately, so it's still in the hamper.

Mar 12, 19 8:03 pm  · 

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