Architectural Association First Year


sporadic, no use man, he's a goner.
too bad..i kinda liked him

Apr 30, 06 6:16 am

i don't know how u guys got the idea of my being a goner.

Apr 30, 06 6:31 am

soulikeit..its the weekend...catch a movie or go to a pub or something , chat up some chicks...
or just sit at home and meditate.

just chill.

Apr 30, 06 6:41 am
vado retro

is this a black box recording?

Apr 30, 06 7:21 am


that only like 15 percent of people reading this thread who reply....this is pathetic.

c'mon guys, comment please.

and nevermore, i'm not in the mood of cherry popping. thanks for all the suggestions anyway.

Apr 30, 06 7:27 am

so is getting into AA harder than getting into cooper union?

Apr 30, 06 7:28 am
sporadic supernova

Alright ...I'm giving up on this thread ... can't afford to check it anymore ..

Apr 30, 06 8:12 am

why are y saying such things supernova? what did i do wrong to pissed or scare u off?

Apr 30, 06 8:37 am
not per--corell
If you get through the interview process, from the impression you give here, I think you're going to have a REALLY tough time at the AA.

yes, at some level they're going to look for maturity and self-control. i don't think soulikeit will be able to show them either.

Apr 30, 06 8:44 am

c'mon man, i'm just too eager...... can't u draw a line between eagerness and obesseive compulsive behaviour

Apr 30, 06 8:45 am

couple of posts earlier on,

mouse commented that AA staff do frequent this site.............

i will be in deep trouble if they actually do.......... check the post just right before mouse's post. its about 18 posts from the top

Apr 30, 06 9:02 am


1) relax
2) portfolio is about YOU. There's no certain rule that makes a portfolio GOOD and BAD. it is about your creative works. Creation has to come from you, and not from other people. Otherwise, you're not really creating if you're just trying to imitate other portfolios

Apr 30, 06 9:41 am

sashimi46, were u from the AA?

Apr 30, 06 9:43 am

soulikeit- the general consensus here is that you are desperate, but we haven't heard why. why is getting into the aa so important to you? perhaps if you can frame what you think the aa has (that you want), you will better understand yourself (we will better understand yourself). you are so determined to get into the aa, but you haven't really mentioned too much about architecture. think about architecture more.

Apr 30, 06 10:02 am

soulikeit-no i'm not from AA. i'm a high school senior who also applied to architecture schools. i'm supposing you're from the UK?

generally, architecture schools look for individuals who can create and be able to create high-quality projects derived from their own ideas. that's why individuality in a portfolio is so important.

Apr 30, 06 10:16 am
vado retro

"their own ideas" thats amusing. here's what you do... go look cornell(the artist not the college), matta-clark, judd, turrell make some collage cut some stuff up, remove symbol, etc... send it in. extra points in you can put either an "outsider" or "other" spin on yourself. now just do it and quit whining...

Apr 30, 06 10:42 am

Everybody should just stop posting in this thread. He will just keep going and going. If everybody ignores him he will hopefully go away.

Soulikeit: The AA is not the place for you. Go look at other schools and get some maturity and learn to conduct yourself in a professional matter along the way. Calling the director of admissions a "bitch" is unacceptable.

End of story

Apr 30, 06 12:24 pm
vado retro

your mistake rotwang is that you actually read the posts. first mistake...

Apr 30, 06 12:33 pm

all u guys here are just out to condemn me.

i'm NOT looking for answers to getting into AA.

I'm looking for some Guidance and i feel that the info that the AA provides on their website is not sufficient enough.

i'm sorry if i called someone a bitch. i apologise for that.

Apr 30, 06 7:28 pm

where are u exactly from vada retro?

Apr 30, 06 10:17 pm

okay guys, if u think that i've received enough advice and that its time i should shut the desparate mouth up, then i will jolly well do so.



Apr 30, 06 10:19 pm

haha i'm back

May 1, 06 5:33 am

you held out for...more than 7 hours - well done!

May 1, 06 7:27 am


May 1, 06 7:30 am


May 1, 06 7:30 am

Pull your self together man… and no, I am not from the AA.

May 1, 06 8:13 am

cool thread however...

May 2, 06 2:07 pm

thanks man keftedoula

May 3, 06 9:15 am

this is a wind up for sure! WIND. UP!

May 3, 06 1:01 pm

oh and stop looking at my posts MATT!

May 3, 06 1:01 pm

thought i should revive this just incase

May 16, 06 8:58 am
sporadic supernova

and .. he/she's back !!!!!!

May 16, 06 9:01 am


May 16, 06 9:05 am

do you just sit by your computer hitting 'refresh' every few minutes?

May 16, 06 9:39 am

okay, i will try being not so self-centered........

but seriously, why aren't there anyone from AA who visits the Architnect forums

May 16, 06 5:37 pm

too late. i avoided commenting on this one, but seeing it again pushed it over:

Here's the thing 99.99999% of all portfolios of people trying to get into 1st year of most any school look exactly the same. (blah,blah,blah art stuff and Always some photos thrown in somewhere of when you visited [insert city]. So how do they decide? the two sides are potential (via portfolio)/ and personality (aka would someone WANT to teach you). in my experience the weighting on that for 1st year leans heavily towards the persona: You aren't expected to know that much so it's usually a question of whether the tutors could listen to you in tutorials without wanting to self-harm. I have to say though after reading your comments that you don't have much chance in that department. I mean calling the 1 person that sits on all the interviews a `bitch` was SUPER clever. in your defense though she did think it was funny.
btw. yes i'm from the aa.

May 16, 06 6:57 pm

hey, should we prepare a london welcoming party for soulikeit when he/she gets to london? i mean, wouldn't you guys be curious to meet him/her in the flesh?
who's in london? ludwig, chairman mao, myotherfakename, spiderdad, me...c'mon! we'll buy him a pint, make another digital friend!

May 16, 06 7:25 pm

well considering myotherfakename comment, perhaps the ny archinect'er should get a welcoming party for soulikeit.....proving that it IS harder to get into the aa than cooper union. thank the gods...

May 17, 06 2:44 am

bigness, any news from DRL?

oh and, if there's a party for soulikeit, count me in. i have to meet him/her...

May 17, 06 4:34 am

By the way, Alice did think she knew who Soulekeit was.

May 17, 06 5:34 am

so how do u know that mouse?

May 17, 06 6:06 am

I have my methods.

May 17, 06 6:52 am

like how? seriously mouse, there's no time for a joke

May 17, 06 6:54 am

I'm not joking - what's to joke about? You surely stand by everything you write on here don't you?

May 17, 06 7:29 am

how do u know that alice knows that ?

May 17, 06 7:31 am
One pill makes you larger
And one pill makes you small
And the ones that mother gives you
Don't do anything at all

Go ask Alice
When shes ten feet tall
And if you go chasing rabbits
And you know you're going to fall

Tell them a hookah-Smoking caterpillar
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Go ask Alice
I think she'll know

When logic and proportion
Have fallen SLOPPY dead
And the white knight is talking backwards
And the Red Queen's LOST her head
Remember what the dormouse said

Feed your head
Feed your head
May 17, 06 7:37 am

Soulikeit, I told you back in April - STAFF FROM THE AA READ THESE POSTS. And staff from the AA TALK TO EACH OTHER.

(that's shouting)

May 17, 06 7:38 am

go cooper union...i mean go to! yah!

May 17, 06 7:59 am

SOULIKEIT: Are you done now? So the director of admissions now knows you called her a bitch. You have NO chances of getting in - not that you ever did anyway. I do not know why you’re so stuck on going to the AA and Cooper Union. You’re not good enough to go to these schools from what you have shown in this thread and your tirades of others. Grow up- then go to University and study something else.


May 17, 06 12:51 pm

oh dear

May 17, 06 1:02 pm

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