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Everyone out there..........anyone knows how hard it is to get into the First Year program at Architectural Association. I've been researching everywhere possible and no one seems to know anything about entry into the first year at AA. There must be someone out there on Archinect that knows something. Thank You

Apr 28, 06 2:40 am

please guys, anyone out who knows a thing about admissions

Apr 28, 06 8:01 am

someone please comment please.......i'm literally down on my knees

Apr 28, 06 8:16 am

Why dont you get in touch with the school directly and explain to them that you're interested in entering 1st year there?
i think that some people are asked to do the foundation course prior to being allowed to enter 1st year. others go straight into 1st year after high school but i dont know anything about the actual procedures/interviews/ process to get in. the AA will definitely let you know about how to approach the whole thing and once you know then you should try to meet people who studies there to ask them for further guidance. good luck

Apr 28, 06 8:22 am

i tried speaking to the admissions coordinator and all they said was not to fret and just do ur best.

u are right about the first year and the foundation thing. Iwould very much prefer to enter the first year but pt is i donot not how hard itis to get into AA.

thanks anyway doberman

Apr 28, 06 8:24 am

go there, hang out at the bar and speak to people. i know it might be a bit daunting but by being proactive you'll increase your chances to get in. i wish i could help you more but i did grad school there so it cant be compared to entering 1st year in diploma school. what's your background anyway, do you have a portfolio of work to show them (drawings, sculptures art or design related stuff)? that would definitely be a bonus to you, try to skip foundation if you can.

Apr 28, 06 8:32 am

i don't think having a portfolio of artwork equates to being able to skip foundation. I think ultimately, getting to first year will require a portfolio that is very much like having one to enter the architecture school at cooper union.

entry first year at AA = entry to first year cooper union

anyone agree. thanks doberman
btw, i've been speaking to luis franada. u know anyone, first year at AA.
btw, i've living outside of AA. that's the whole shitty trouble man.

Apr 28, 06 8:52 am

daunting? u gotta be kidding me. i would do anything, eat shit to get into the first year at AA.

is AA all the hype it is supposed to be?

Apr 28, 06 8:53 am

eating shit might be just a little over the top to get into the AA... anyway you seem pretty motivated and that's something the school would appreciate i think.

regarding the portfolio i'm not saying that having one means you'll skip foundation, only that it will help your case to do so and enter 1st year directly. of course the content of the portfolio does matter too.

to answer your question about the hype of the AA: it is (in my opinion and i know some people will disagree) a very good school with a super strong international reputation, definitely on par with some of the best american schools (ivy etc). don't put all your eggs in the same basket and apply to other schools as well: hopefully you'll get accepetd elswhere which shoud make you more relaxed when go to the interview at the AA. the more options you've got the better, and the stronger your position. show them how eager you are to get in and make it clear that the AA is only one possible option among others so that you might get some kind of leverage on them. it's all about how you present yourself to them. if you show them you're desperate to get it could go against you. if you show confidence then THEY will want you. try to be tactical and best of luck to you. if you get in you wont regret it, that's all i can tell you.

Apr 28, 06 9:19 am


do u know how hard it is to get in to the school though?

Apr 28, 06 9:22 am

any contributors are all WELCOME

Apr 28, 06 9:27 am

I've tried every means possible to get more info on the A.A but still can't get any definite answer from someone who've applied to the first year at A.A

I've checked their website, called the admissions coordinator, check out student blogs, emailed and chat online with a masters arch student at A.A and now i'm resorting to this forum please. seriously, where are all the first year students at A.A???????????

Apr 28, 06 9:31 am

i think someone said one that with the AA it's not so much about getting in but rather about getting out of it. meaning that the selection process might not be as tough as in some other schools (although i'm not even sure) but that you should expect to work your ass off for 5 years in order to graduate on time... it's a pretty tough environement, just be ready for that. but with hard work and dedication you'll do just fine if you choose to go there. it's a vibrant place and a unique experience.

Apr 28, 06 9:40 am

really? that's comforting to hear to hear that. do u know who said that. do u think getting into to first year at A,A requires a freaking good portfolio

Apr 28, 06 9:42 am

as i said before i'm not sure, i did MArch there so obviously i had some arch stuff to show at the interview so it doesnt really compare.

as for people not replying to your posts just give them a bit of time, some of the poor fuckers might be swamped with work right now... be patient, you might get some more enlightening answers later on. and i'm pretty damn sure you should be able to set up an appointment with a first or second year student thru the school coordinator the school in order to have a proper chat about the selection process.

Apr 28, 06 9:51 am

props to u man anyways.

pt is spoke to alice hudson and she didn't sound too friendly on the phone, might be a bitch after all. maybe becoz i've been pestering her with my incessant emails and shit.

will be visiting A.A tin June man. hope i can break into the school classrooms and talk to a first year student personally man.

Apr 28, 06 9:57 am

yeah you'll be just fine. when you're there go and visit the studios, speak to people and get a feel for the place, it's a pretty open environement so go knock on doors and see things for yourself. have fun

Apr 28, 06 10:01 am

soulikeit - a word of advice...... I know AA staff check out these threads, so it might not be too good an idea to call the person who is dealing with your application a bitch.

Apr 28, 06 10:26 am
badass japanese cookie

i was accepted to first year at the AA, though i have already have an undergraduate degree in an unrelated field. i agree with doberman- i don't think it is that tough to be offered a place at the AA; the challenge is 'getting out'. if you want to go to straight to first year, i recommend that you take their summer design studio. if not- be prepared to make a good case for skipping foundation.

Apr 28, 06 10:55 am

Thanks lateral. I sent you an email. will u please read that please?

Apr 28, 06 6:35 pm


Apr 28, 06 6:36 pm

anyone out there? contributions please...........

Apr 28, 06 6:42 pm


Apr 28, 06 7:08 pm

to soulikeit:

when i first started reading this thread, i thought you were asking a reasonable question and hoping for good advice.

my advice at that stage would have been to just make sure you have as strong a portfolio as possible, make articulate and sincerre responses in the application and at the interview, show your enthusiasm and interest in architecture and the AA. and if (and this is the most important if) you have the money to be there, then you have a very good chance of getting in. the AA is a private school that depends almost soley on student fees to keep running. they are more than happy to take the risk on a mediocre or marginal student (especially the 1st year) as long as the student has the funds to pay. they might make you repeat 1st year if you don't stack up to their standards, but getting in is not the most difficult part of an AA education.

however, by the time the thread has reached this point, i am starting to think that you are not good AA material. your incessant paranoia about getting in makes we wonder about your ability to think ahead and to focus on what is important. you are starting to rant and rave and the AA already has plenty of people like that. you need to either relax and think about why you want to be there and how to present yourself and your abilities, or you need to go so place else where you can be certain all the time that you will be accepted.

the AA is not so hard to get into, but it can be hell to stay in and even harder to get out.

Apr 28, 06 10:54 pm

to dlb:

thanks a lot dlb. you nearly scarred my architectural inspirations with that critcism of yours, but i don't give a shit what others think.

but I've got to still thank your for the invaluable advice that u imparted about how AA operates solely on student fees.

pt again is that i'm an international student and i have an inkling that they will request a phone interview rather than a fac-toface interview.

thanks man dlb

Apr 28, 06 11:12 pm

thought i should revive this thread

see heading please.

Apr 29, 06 1:31 am

this thread is so ...............

Apr 29, 06 8:02 am

true statement for getting in aa, not so difficult. forget about graduating, even going to intermediate level is kinda hell what I heard from my friends who studying over there. I saw last years diploma prized students projects in projects review, it was pretty clear that they really spent almost 20 years of their life during that period :)

Apr 29, 06 8:13 am

hey junkie, where did u get the idea that getting in A.A is not so hard?
mind telling me if that's from a reliable source or not?

Apr 29, 06 8:17 am

a friend of mine still studying there now she is in her second year.She passed the foundation and accepted to first year like the way you want. Her portfolio and interview were not a "kick-ass" style but accepted in anyway..As I said, the most difficult thing is getting out of there..They do not actually care about the results, the process is really important while have to study everyday fully otherwise you might fail.

Apr 29, 06 8:24 am




Apr 29, 06 8:26 am


Apr 29, 06 8:29 am

sure let me find her e-mail, I can e-mail you later if I can find..the catch is don't be afraid so much, just show your zeal about the major and the schoolin the will be fine..

Apr 29, 06 8:34 am

seriously PLEASE>>>>>>>>>>>> PLEASE>>>>>>>>>> i'm really that desparate. will u please find it. i know i sound annoying but that's the least i can do. can u please do it now and email me righta way. PLEASEEEEEEEEE THANK YOU.

Apr 29, 06 8:36 am

please junkieonur, do me a favour PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Apr 29, 06 8:40 am

do i have to implore............

Apr 29, 06 8:41 am

good advice from dlb - if you are actually serious about what you say soulikeit I would think carefully about how you communicate this desire...

however, this is one of the strangest threads I've ever read I have to say!

maybe it's just a wind-up?

Apr 29, 06 9:09 am

wat do u mean by wind-up.

Apr 29, 06 9:13 am
sporadic supernova

wow .. this is so strange.. soulkeit get a hold of yourself... everything will be fine .. ( keep repeating that while taking deep breaths !!)

Apr 29, 06 9:47 am

soulikeit -

Channel your energy into your portfolio
(and away from your worrying).

Apr 29, 06 10:01 am

are u from the A.A? my own path?

Apr 29, 06 10:06 am

Go outside, ride your bike, stop for lunch, engage in a spontaneous conversation with a stranger. Look around.

Apr 29, 06 10:26 am

Soulikeit - If you get through the interview process, from the impression you give here, I think you're going to have a REALLY tough time at the AA.

Apr 29, 06 10:45 am

Hi soul.

Well nice to see u again..No offence but you sound even more desperate this time.

deviating from the intention of the thread ,Was just wondering...{ God Forbid }..If you do not get into the school of your choice, will you keep trying there for an x no of times or what else will u do ?

Apr 29, 06 10:47 am

Go figure, the one person who actually listened to my advice is a desperate soul.


Apr 29, 06 11:34 am

soulikeit, you really need to just calm down a bit. Just relax and go with the flow.

Apr 29, 06 6:02 pm

ok i know i sound desparate but anyone out there? care to give me some advice on the topic above?

Apr 30, 06 12:13 am

you have been given information.

people have tried to give you advice and information and you just keep asking for more. when is it going to be enough? do you want a "guarantee" that you will get into the AA? forget it.

i think it is about time to write to the AA and to persuade them to NOT accept you - assuming they were ever interested.

a forum is supposed to be about community interaction. you have turned this into a self-centered, one-way barrage of demands to satisfy your paranoia and fixated concern. not the best advertisement for becoming an architect.

Apr 30, 06 12:40 am

advice that the others have given are merely advice on how admissions are like. what i'm looking for is people who were admitted to year one and i would like to know what their portfolio was like.

Apr 30, 06 1:19 am

I think you've made everyone here not want to help you and possibly persuaded a few people not to go to AA if you are accepted.

Apr 30, 06 1:52 am
sporadic supernova

this thread is still floating around ???!!!??

Soulikeit .. seriously man... you gotta loosen up. People are starting to get frustrated here. If you were really desperate enough about your portfolio preparation... then you should have searched their website properly and you would have found the page leading to Portfolio Guidlines and that should give you plenty of information as to what the AA expects in your portfolio. This should be more than enough.
Another thing is, for someone who's applying to AA, I dont think you should be asking others on how to prepare your portfolio.. that beats the whole purpose. You have to come up with your own Idea of preparing your folio and not look at other people's works to decide if thats what you want to do.
if you dont know what a portfolio is ... then ask that ... regarding format and other technicalities ...

Apr 30, 06 4:56 am

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