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Olaf Design Ninja_

issue as EI noted still on default internet browser for Samsung phone. also, can we get "enter" to work when using phone? and can we choose with which moniker to "reply" with. i can only do so much with my psychic electromagnetic skills.....the following is starting to creep me out, but does anyone else "know" or "think about said person" and then check email and see you have an email from that person. not joking, and posting this under a moniker so you don't think I am too weird, but seriously I am have a ridiculously accurate prediction/awareness of when people email me without looking at phone or outlook in last few months. starting to concern me a bit. you shouldnt be able to do that.....example - i start thinking about various projects, then i just randomly think about one i have not thought about and sure enough if i check email, i receive an email from the person i link to that project. i know archinect can't help me here, but seriously has anyone else noticed this lately? or just next time you think about a project or person, check email....

Feb 17, 17 7:45 am
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Feb 17, 17 12:38 pm


Non Sequitur


pagination seems to be fixed :)

Looks fixed to me too.

Thanks Paul/Archinect


I've noticed that the UK edition of the forum doesn't have the updated interface.

Feb 18, 17 8:04 am

Archinect UK will be getting the latest updates in the coming days.


Scratch that, Archinect UK just got updated with the latest feature releases.

Anyone else using the app noticing that new posts on TC aren't showing up? Last post I'm able to see in this thread, using the app, is Non Sequitur's FEB 15, 17 5:22 PM post. 

Feb 18, 17 9:12 am

The forum in the iPhone app will be updated. Likely before that happens, however, the forum will become mobile friendly, so it will be better to just go to the forum on Safari.

Don Kashane

Also, Archinect, you never answered as to why some people's "replies" (not comments, just replies to other commments ) show up in their histories and some don't (mine have not).


Don, the reason is because the history reflects your posts based on whether you're posting with your username, or your real name from your Archinect profile. When you post a reply to a comment, the reply will be using the default that you have set in your profile settings.


It looks like you have your profile settings set to use your username when commenting, by default, but you seem to often override that setting when posting your comments by selecting your real name. If you prefer to use your real name to post, then we recommend changing your default setting in your profile settings.

Don Kashane

I don't know what you mean by "override", I only ever use "Don Kashane", which is an alias obviously, and that's all I have listed in my settings; I don't click on anything that would cause an "override", I just post. I compared other alias names, like "Everyday Intern", and his replies to comments are listed in his history (like those in this thread posted on Feb. 10, when you started this new format), as are several other alias names I checked, so I don't really understand what's different in my alias name.


Got it, we'll look into this and check out what's going on.

Don Kashane

Thanks Archinect, all fixed.


Yep, should be fixed now. It was a bug, thanks for bringing it to our attention.

Hi TC!

Feb 18, 17 10:31 pm

Hey, Barry, welcome back.

Feb 19, 17 2:13 pm

So, I don't want to *totally* laugh at this job posting, though I probably could; I'm sure it is an excellent opportunity for someone out there.

I just don't understand the desire for immortality. AT ALL. It seems like a nightmare to me, to live forever.

But I suspect many architects *do* desire immortality, and making buildings is a way to try to achieve it. But the idea of working with an architect designing a facility for *actual immortality* strikes me as a workplace full of the worst egos imaginable.  I'd rather be dead.

Feb 19, 17 3:17 pm

I think this is Andres Duany's alter-ego.


"committed to greatness" is a big sized ego


Nope... No red flags there. I'm sure he'll attract some "highly qualified" architects.

I mean the idea is kind of interesting, but seems kind of cray.

I use comments like "just stamp it" to weed out crap clients.
Feb 20, 17 10:45 am
Olaf Design Ninja_
Non Sequitur

3-story bookstore? No way!


IT'S FRIDAY!  Again... 

Feb 24, 17 12:52 pm

I wrote another political essay

Please share it with your Republican friends, none of mine talk to me anymore.

Feb 24, 17 5:19 pm

Thank You. I agree. It is more important the outcome not so much that he follows through on making promises. It is if what was promised when followed through on doing does in fact follow through on the expectations and outcomes that was alluded to and that the outcomes doesn't come with undesired consequences.

Hypothetical Example: I promise you that I'll increase the jobs for architects by 500%. Sure, I could follow through and there be 500% more jobs for architects but what are the consequences. Does this mean we increase a deficit that in turn means we enter a great depression and 99% of architects have zero work in 5 years. While those architects enjoy a brief boom of more jobs but in a few years, they all lose out big. Maybe, there is an increase in number of jobs but to accommodate that increase, the pay is complete sh!t. Maybe both situations becomes the outcome. It's more important to know what following through means in its outcomes and consequences. 


Tduds, nice piece.

Olaf Design Ninja_

tduds, read it, good piece....only thing though, what if things get better over time? what if the results are good? (this is a complex measure, but lets say economy continues to boom and we do not go to war, etc...)

Feb 25, 17 11:03 am
Olaf Design Ninja_

your qoute in reference to my post "It doesn’t matter what the actions are if the results are the opposite of what was promised. That’s not follow-through, that’s a scam." obviosly your republican friends do not believe you? but what kind of friends don't talk to you over politics man?

Feb 25, 17 11:06 am

Happy weekend TC. Just pointing out that I LOVE my new job. Great people, wonderful environment. SO glad I move out of my old job which had really become a mentally unhealthy place for me, even though the salary and benefits and schedule were good.

So, onward. Age 50 (in a few weeks) and still changing! Architects live to be old, most of us, right?


Feb 25, 17 2:42 pm

Working on a really cool project for a competition has working all weekend at the office feeling like school. That feeling coupled with time and a half overtime? I'll take it.

Feb 26, 17 6:11 pm
Non Sequitur

Old? Who wants to be old?

Our office just hired 4 new junior staff... my spidey senses are tingling that they are banking on a busy summer.

Feb 27, 17 8:19 am

what i've heard is that growing old is better than the alternative

Feb 27, 17 9:51 am

Architects live to be old, most of us, right?

Interesting hypothesis..  look around the office and the "old architects"; the 50+ grey hairs.  They are usually somewhat of a rare and elusive sighting comparatively if you rule out principals and owners.  I think the AIA, particularly run by the secretive FAIA members has "Carousel" with old architects who didn't get initiated.  "Renew and be recycled!" (secret AIA convention photo below) ....  sad part is that us "old architects" are probably the only ones who'll get this reference (Logan's Run for you children..)


Feb 27, 17 2:40 pm

the crystal made of graphite in the palm of one's hand is replaced by one made of silicon.

thought you architects may like this, the sleeve scarf this lady was wearing is a city - Mashhad, Iran from a collection of a whole bunch of cities as fashion fabrics designed by cityzenbyazin who is also an architect (I might know her ;)


Feb 27, 17 7:43 pm

Y'all, I am tired AF. No sleep til deadline.

Feb 28, 17 6:47 pm

Awesome Logan's Run reference received and appreciated, Mighty.

Feb 28, 17 7:04 pm

I also love, appreciate, and understand the Logan's Run reference. That movie had an impact on me as a kid.


Feb 28, 17 7:54 pm

I'm still riding a high. Fuck that talking orange shit stain.

Feb 28, 17 9:55 pm

the autobody shop down the street has circus clown music when you are put on hold. i hung up everytime eventually, only so much circus clown music you can take. thinking once I get an office line may just do that for the hold music.

Mar 1, 17 7:45 am


Mar 2, 17 8:41 pm

for some odd reason everytime i try and post a pic or link it says it done but it never does it, what am i doing wrong, im on a mac

Mar 3, 17 12:33 pm

anyone attending AiA orlando convention?

Mar 3, 17 12:36 pm

Meh. I was thinking about it, but there's absolutely nothing about Orlando that I find appealing, and the convention center looks like it's way the hell out in the middle of a suburban wasteland. Not worth the time and money to get there from Seattle, IMO.

I think next year's convention is in NYC, though, and I'll make a point to attend that one.

David Cole, AIA's comment has been hidden

Meh. I was thinking about it, but there's absolutely nothing about Orlando that I find appealing, and the convention center looks like it's way the hell out in the middle of a suburban wasteland. Not worth the time and money to get there from Seattle, IMO.

I don't believe in conventions

I'm sitting in a stretch Hummer listening to Kanye and drinking wine right now. I've betrayed everything I've ever imagined myself to be.
Mar 3, 17 6:34 pm

that's the spirit



Boy, Donna, that new gig sounds sweet!


Get Out

Mar 5, 17 3:50 pm


Mar 7, 17 7:40 pm

Is this the only thread you're allowed to post in Rick?

Mar 7, 17 7:49 pm

no. just keeping this thread from getting buried too many pages down.

I just haven't been talking on the other threads much, lately.

Mar 8, 17 2:27 am

Saturday a friend passed away, she was young mid 20s, didn't manage to live yet but had a career she loved.

Just needed to vent guys, nothing else.

Mar 8, 17 4:41 am

no prob archiwutm8. My condolence to you and her family & friends.

Mar 8, 17 4:42 am
This is
Mar 8, 17 9:07 pm
TC not showing up properly on iPhone. Last comment I can see is Feb 15.
Mar 8, 17 9:09 pm
Non Sequitur

Same here.



Same here


This has been fixed for the iPhone app

We had a power outage at work this morning, so now my desk is really clean and I hate it. I can't find anything.

Mar 9, 17 11:50 am

Video conference staff meeting today. Will there ever be a day again where I'm not nervous about what it is going to be about? Ever since 2009, the anticipation of staff meetings give me tiny panic attacks.

Mar 9, 17 12:16 pm

I avoid this by not being or having staff

I can report that Miles is alive & well, had a good conversation w him yesterday, what a great guy.
Mar 10, 17 9:37 pm

I'm glad he's alive and well. Good to hear that.

Now it shows replies inline with the original post on the app. That's awesome!

My right foot being painful isn't so awesome. Can't get into my doc until Tuesday.
Mar 11, 17 1:43 pm

Yes, we updated the iPhone app forum with these latest updates, so it should be working properly now. Sorry to hear about your foot!

Thanks for the update gruen! I miss miles. He could be harsh but he was funny and smart.

So last night I came down to a remote cabin in Kentucky with 7 other ladies for a weekend of wine and Brad Pitt movies. One of the ladies woke up this morning with abdominal pain. Long story short, 3 of us drove an hour to an ER midday; it's now 9:30pm and I'm in an OR waiting room while she gets her appendix out!

I hate to whine but damn. Was really looking forward to some downtime.
Mar 11, 17 9:34 pm

Perhaps be thankful you aren't in a hospital getting your appendix out.

Perhaps show some sympathy for what was, while not my own surgery, a truly fucking stressful event with a dear friend? Jesus, tintt.


I'm sorry.

vado retro

Puddles and I are both alive.

Mar 12, 17 2:25 pm

Any progress with the pants?

I'm now in a walking boot for the next 4-6 weeks, so that's fun.

Also, this snow sucks. 

Mar 14, 17 12:57 pm
Non Sequitur

What you do? Kick some rocks?

Well you know, I had to teach an intern a lesson. Real answer is that it appears that the right shoe of one of my dress shoes needs re-soled and wearing them caused a strain or stress fracture.

Non Sequitur

The intern lesson teaching sounds more plausible to me... and I love the worn-out heels on some of my dress shoes.

To follow up - it's officially a stress fracture.


This is really disturbing, I don't know if it's because of the overall national environment or what.

Mar 14, 17 2:34 pm

Seems folks don't want their neighborhood gentrified...


"folks"....with bombs


seems a bit excessive


I'll go out on a limb and say that any car-bombing is disturbing, not just this one.

Mar 14, 17 6:31 pm

Absolutely! How many car bombings to urban planners have you seen lately?


Fortunately, it's harder to bomb a bike...

Hey TC been awhile!  Had to comment as we were on 2nd page...

Made a big deadline and things temporarily slowed down at work, so I started working may way through the TC backlog, still have a 10-15 pages to go. Seems page turnover has slowed though in recent 6-12 months.

Nice to see that Barry dropped by.

@Donna, assuming you didn't you take the stretch limo to the remote cabin for ladies weekend, given the date stamps on posts? Hope your friend is all right, but way to kill a party.. :P

Of Yeezy's recent output I have liked this song and this song quite a bit.

@Josh I don't get the connection between power outage and clean desk? Was it cause you didn't have anything else/better to do? There is always a nap or you could just call it a day?

And my condolences archiwutm8.

Mar 17, 17 12:45 am

how long till I get these redlines back?........all day

how long am I gona be on archinect as a result?......all day

3 months in the new firm, am I happy?.....all day

Nam, it was first thing in the morning so I couldn't have called it a day. Since the power was out, the office manager made us all clean our desks.

*Bump and @Philarct +1

Mar 18, 17 6:13 pm
Am I the only firm owner with a very slow February & March? Usually it picks up w/spring coming, but I've gotten a very long string of "your price is too high" people. Stupid Trump economy.
Mar 19, 17 6:47 am

Please look at this nice space, what's wrong with this picture?

Up until now, I've only seen this type of stairs outside the US, how come this NY apartment can get away with it? 

Please some NY practitioners chip in....

Mar 20, 17 1:32 pm

I'll bet if you looked at the City-approved plans, you would find the missing guardrails and handrails.  Temporary guardrails and handrails get installed for final inspection, then "mysteriously" disappear.  I don't think this is confined to work outside of U.S.

They also look a little narrow, though... 

Mar 20, 17 2:13 pm

Yes, not close to 3 ft wide.


I enjoyed the individual defending it in the comments. Don't worry about that whole requirement for a central rail on wide stairs (unless it's a monumental stair).


I guess NYC building officials don't look at dwell mag, or the pay doesn't make it worth the effort.

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