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^ adding to that... my bro-in-law also loaned me his car for a whole month and helped me redo my bathroom so doing plans for free seemed right.

Jan 10, 17 3:37 pm


Oops, CADding.

Jan 10, 17 3:59 pm

I hope the image in the dezeen link are not overly photoshopped. If I recall correctly, I read an article (NYTimes?) that suggested that one of the ways ZHA evaluates completed projects was how the photos compared to the renderings (intended image vs actual). 

If these are not overly manipulated they add another layer to this evaluation, begging more consideration of what the rendered images represent when they include "atmosphere" or why that is not a part of the rendering itself. 

Jan 10, 17 5:51 pm
So. So, our PEEOTUS likes getting golden showers from Russian prostitutes. Ok, back to your regularly scheduled programming.
Jan 10, 17 9:29 pm

Yeah, like he's also been saying all along, "MAKE RUSSIA GREAT AGAIN!"

Jan 10, 17 10:08 pm

How crazy would it be if the russians proped him up because they know they can later blackmail him to get stuff...maybe they have trumps peepee party on video...maybe something worse....ewww hes gross  

Jan 11, 17 2:40 am

^ ^ Apparently not that crazy. The Guardian and other (reputable) news sources are reporting this morning of that scenario potenitally being a reality:

Jan 11, 17 3:55 am

i'm loving that groups that propagated fake news, are saying this is fake 4chan news. a guy who for 8 years spun that Obama is a secret, foreign muslim, is complaining that this is fake. i can't stop laughing, can't. stop.


Jan 11, 17 8:43 am
Olaf Design Ninja_

came to the conclusion last night, a disappointing one, but there really is no difference between Intelligence Agencies and the Media anymore. They have kind of merged - socially.

Jan 11, 17 8:31 pm

if you have friends try to get you to be their architect, the best response is to go all prima donna on them.  can i be a prima donna if i'm male?  maybe there is a better term.  douchnozzle?  still not very gender-neutral.  anyway, i've told people i want to be 'their architect' and shown this clip when they asked me about their new house:

amour propre amour de soi

Jan 11, 17 8:34 pm

primo uomo

Jan 11, 17 9:14 pm

Whoa, I just googled a question and an archinect thread came up in the results. I clicked on it and read thru the responses. Found the answer to my question.... get this.... written by myself... almost 10 years ago. How cool is that? Or, I have a bad memory.

Jan 11, 17 9:32 pm

That's awesome and funny, tint.

Jan 11, 17 9:35 pm

there really is no difference between Intelligence Agencies and the Media anymore

Have they merged?


is the selective interpretation/acceptance of media to fit one's world view just permeated into anything that questions it, be it journalism or intelligence agencies? As in - did you just not like the message they were giving and therefore rejected it out of hand?

Jan 12, 17 4:03 am
Olaf Design Ninja_

Bench, was looking at the big picture. your 2nd statement is accurate in that people will believe whatever they want to believe, not like Intelligent Agents are any different. They believe whatever they want to believe which is what they are often asked to believe within a greater cause. Think about it ths way. Almost all information classified or not can be accessed remotely now. How much of your personal life is documented completely detached from any electronic network of any type? Does anyone really have to invade you home anymore to find stuff? You still only use landlines and pay phones? Physical interactions versus facebook, not much a difference anymore. You can tell the truth or lie just the same with the information. Last but not least, unless you are an Intelligent Agent the infromation you hear like the rest of us comes from some form of media. The classsified reports themselves are a type a media intended for limited viewer ship, but its still just the same a "news" report. How do you gather hidden motives? How hard is it to make fake news anymore and have it gain believable traction? Why are you any smarter as an intelligent agent than a journalist if you have information you believe no one else has or has interpreted as such? other than predicting violence and stopping it in defense how is the information more valuable then insider stock tips? In simples terms, do you think anyone who vited for Trump cares where the information came from? Until the information affects your daily lives, no one cares. In the past you could have remained in a detached bubble and when a newspaper was delievered or an Intelligent Agent told you something there was value right? there is no value to information anymore unless it accurately predicts the future and the difference between the media, intelligent agents, and a psychic is practically nothing.

Jan 12, 17 7:43 am

MSM is used, rather universally, by Trumpists, to describe anything that challenges their world view - to be honest, even by those not part of the traditional Democratic Party - and while that is useful to punch at MSNBC, FOXNews and CNN - all media/news organizations - it cannot be said of the NYT, WaPo, WSJ, FT, The Atlantic, and others. 

We have to decide that news matters.

Jan 12, 17 7:48 am
Olaf Design Ninja_

shorter version of above. univerally socially - internet killed traditional media. internet and wikileaks killed classified information. Secrecy does not matter, just political agenda.

Jan 12, 17 7:50 am
Olaf Design Ninja_

beta, news has lost value in that it took on a political agenda. its hard to make news matter when its just a story to support some ideology. Central Intelligence Agencies have always had political agendas. So another non difference between media and intelligence.

Jan 12, 17 7:55 am
Non Sequitur

I get all my news from Archinect.

Jan 12, 17 8:10 am

Internet media is a joke.  It's all just click bait headlines and spun content.  Sadly, real media is following the same trends.  It's sad. 

Jan 12, 17 8:17 am

I get all my news from my dog, he tells me as he sees it.

Jan 12, 17 8:30 am
Olaf Design Ninja_

yup. anothet interesting parallel to note based on my travels and meeting many people of various backgrounds. In some parts of the world when news favors one side or the other the automatic response is "government propaganda". the same skepticism and what would many Americans would believe to be a conspiracy like thinking in the US has now been applied to the media in general. its not a conspitacy theory in many countries, its accepted as fact. whether Americans realize it or not we have developed the same mindset as a members of an oppressive or corrupt country that finds all media suspect and equally oppressive and corrupt - but we hardly the same county where if you do protest or say something out of line - bing bang boom - you are dead. wonder what you call that condition? its like the rich kid pretending to be poor?

Jan 12, 17 8:30 am
Olaf Design Ninja_

archi, I am heading in that direction, or the stars.

Jan 12, 17 8:31 am

already written in the stars: MAKE RUSSIA GREAT AGAIN!

Jan 12, 17 10:23 am

I'd watch a newscast that had voice actors supplying voices for dogs.

Jan 12, 17 10:44 am

This infographic was making the rounds about a month ago regarding news sources, partisan bias, and journalistic quality. I don't necessarily agree with everything on it, but I found it interesting.

Pew Research Center also published some research on political polarization and the media a couple of years ago that I think is still good. 

Jan 12, 17 1:28 pm

^ They should add that clickbait shit Buzzfeed into the "just no" section.

Better still out of the graph yet still visible to the reader.

Jan 12, 17 1:52 pm

NBC and CBS with minimal partisan bias??? What a joke. 

Jan 12, 17 2:08 pm
Show me a piece on CBS, within the past 5 years biased. Not Mike Wallace or Dan Rather era.
Jan 12, 17 2:13 pm

Simmer down gentleman. I don't think the infographic is perfect, almost everyone will find something the disagree with on it. However, just because it is in the center doesn't mean it isn't biased. They still acknowledge that the partisan bias is there, albeit minimally. The Pew Research Center link notes that almost all news sources have some bias ... most of them slightly left. 

Jan 12, 17 2:20 pm
EI I think it's a good source though.
Jan 12, 17 2:56 pm

Eh, just watch Charlie Rose interview a Republican.  It shines through pretty quickly. 

Jan 12, 17 3:31 pm

I get my news from late night/early morning truck driver geared radio programs, NPR and PBS. Some news magazines too like the New Yorker and the Economist. None of the rest of it makes sense to me and is all sensationalized IMO. The media has long been dubbed the 4th branch of government. I would watch the show that had dogs delivering the headlines though. Good idea. 

Jan 12, 17 4:07 pm

already written in the stars: MAKE RUSSIA GREAT AGAIN!

Jan 12, 17 4:38 pm

Make America Read Books

Jan 12, 17 5:15 pm

^Seems to be the mantra of the MSM these days, funny how they were mocking Romney back in 2012 when he dared claim that Russia was a major geopolitical threat.  4 years later, and the Russkies are the bogeyman again.  The Obama administration was about as tone-deaf as could be in the foreign policy department, we're just starting to see the fruits of 8 years of incompetency.

Jan 12, 17 5:17 pm
Wow. Romney sounds like Nostradamus!


Russia and their little infant is about as important as Trump's wife.
Jan 12, 17 5:25 pm

The point is not that Russia is a threat and Romney was right, more-so that recognizing a potential adversary, and learning to work with them rather than belittling them, as Obama tended to do with the Russians, is what we should expect of our gov't.  Russia's actions aren't unexpected in light of the last 16 years, Bush's softening, and Obama's mocking...

Jan 12, 17 5:32 pm

b3ta, gotta disagree with you there. Putin is showing empire aspirations and they are taking a more active role in influencing other countries again. I doubt it's gonna go all Cold War 2 or anything, but could be an issue.

Besides our industrial/military complex needs an enemy to boost profits!

Jan 12, 17 5:33 pm

already written in the stars....

Jan 12, 17 5:38 pm

A threat to what exactly? Their navy, they had better equipment when the had the Potemkin. Work with them? To do what? Bomb civilians in Alepo? I say how about we decide to let Russian people decide if they want to be run by a short clown with a hard-on for bears, and orange tyrants.

Let's not forget, Russia took Georgia before Obama was elected. Sanctions are working. 

Jan 12, 17 5:44 pm

Yeah, but they took Crimea 2 years ago. I'm not saying they are a threat right now, but Putin seems to have a long game going.

Jan 12, 17 6:02 pm

"I'm not saying they are a threat right now..."

Wake up!

They're already doing damage!

Lot's of tone-deafness going on.


Jan 12, 17 6:27 pm

I hear ya, but the long game is predicated on money, and sheeple, err Trump.


It's boomer nostalgia. 

Jan 12, 17 6:27 pm

Let's just turn on some Queen and beat 'em at hockey. 

Jan 12, 17 7:06 pm

And then there's this...

Ex-British ambassador who is now a WikiLeaks operative claims Russia did NOT provide Clinton emails - they were handed over to him at a D.C. park by an intermediary for 'disgusted' Democratic whistleblowers

Read more: 

Those damn limeys...

Jan 12, 17 7:19 pm

you're suggesting that obama will be viewed as a failure because when russia sent troops into a sovereign state that was trying to build stronger ties with NATO he didn't, and i quote "work with them rather than belittling them?"

so, can we safely assume you're russian?

Jan 12, 17 7:33 pm

those damn limeys....

that's the same guy right?  any corroborating sources?

Jan 12, 17 7:35 pm

Grab America by the Books

Jan 12, 17 7:39 pm

China and their escalting tension with taiwan and usa under a trump presidency is a much bigger threat than russia.  The russians are just trolling...

Jan 12, 17 7:51 pm

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