MLA I: Financial Aid - How generous are the schools?



I'm very interested in finding out how much financial aid the different Landscape Architecture schools can grant you. I understand that this is highly individual, and may vary from year to year, but are some universities known to be more generous than others? How is the financial situation at public universities like UVa, Berkeley and UW? Do they offer decent grants to out-of-state students? Do any of the universities below give full grants? When or if you receive a grant, does it usually only cover the expenses of the first year, or does it apply to the full three-year program?

As of know, I'm considering applying to the following schools: UVa, UPenn, GSD, Cornell, RISD, UW, Berkeley, Oregon.

If any current / former MLA students would be willing to share their own experience / knowledge in this field it would be much appreciated. 


I studied Art History in Sweden, where we have a different grade system that can't be translated into the GPA system. I haven't taken the GRE yet, but I will probably do ok, although not better than that. I haven't taken a design class since high-school, but I still feel confident that I can create a great portfolio. Could it still be possible for me to receive a merit-based grant if I have an awesome portfolio, statement and recommendations, but lacking high GPA and a high GRE score? One recommendation would be from my university in Sweden, one from the director of the gallery in NY where I've been working for the past two years, and one from a professional in the LA field whom I will be doing a one day/week internship for this fall. 

Many thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Jul 1, 13 10:33 am

EDIT:  After having a closer look on UVa's website, I am realizing that they don't offer any form of financial aid to international students, so I guess I'll cross that school of my list. 

If you know anything about the financial aid situation (more than what's offered on the universities websites ) for international students in particular, please let me know.

Jul 1, 13 11:47 am

from what I know, financial aid for international students can be fairly difficult to come by, but I don't know about each particular school.

Jul 1, 13 5:21 pm

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