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Saw this and it reminded me of the shoveling conversation this week.  Seems like it might be cheaper than a laborer long term.  But I'm in Texas. What do I know?


Feb 21, 14 12:21 pm

Yes, jitter, that's what I want.  With heated handles. And bourbon-cup holder.

Feb 21, 14 3:51 pm
Sarah Hamilton

But Donna, we learned last month that you get hypothermia if you drink alcohol when it's cold.

And Jitter, if our winters continue the way they have been, we may need one of those sooner than later.

Feb 21, 14 4:01 pm

I don't want a snow-thrower.  I want a snow-blower!  with heated handles and a sit down seat.  You know one I can race at the Country Fairs in the summer time and it has to  have a hydo-booster.

Feb 21, 14 4:24 pm

bourbon > hypothermia?! that must be some science conspiracy or something. us kentuckians'll never believe it. 

Feb 21, 14 4:26 pm
Sarah Hamilton

Same camp as global warming?

Feb 21, 14 4:55 pm

exactly! it would be terribly inconvenient to believe in that hypothermia mumbo-jumbo. 

Feb 21, 14 5:26 pm
Bourbon solves all problems from cold weather to dandruff to boring tv.

I had an excellent selection if raw seafood tonight. And bourbon.
Feb 21, 14 11:17 pm

Sushi in Indy?!

Feb 22, 14 11:18 am

Yes, there are airplanes.

Feb 22, 14 12:43 pm

miles - we're spoiled here on the coasts - I have a fish place in my neighborhood where the only thing not caught the same morning is the salt-cured fish.  You have to call around 10am to see what he picked up to ask him to hold something for you - otherwise you're getting squid and maybe skate.


speaking of spreads of raw fish - I remember one time me and the ms.  had this spread of both salt and fresh water fish - never again am I going to eat fresh-water sushi. 

Feb 22, 14 7:40 pm

There is an excellent sushi place a two-minute walk from my house. The chef is a friend, I've known him for over 20 years and we've been to Japan together. As such, I'm pretty selective about sushi.

Feb 22, 14 8:00 pm
Sarah Hamilton


Feb 22, 14 8:29 pm

Sorry, I thought we were playing can you top this?

The only problem is I can't afford to eat there much.

Feb 22, 14 9:27 pm

the sushi place in my neighborhood is korean-owned - it's still pretty good - not the best sushi place in the city, but good.  I'm mostly obsessed with ramen and japanese curry places, though.  and I have a question for Will - when you get curry, are you supposed to get something else with it?  it's just a plate with rice, meat, and curry sauce.  I like it - I usually get chicken katsu curry with a cup of barley tea, but I always feel like I should also be eating a vegetable.

Feb 22, 14 10:20 pm

right click seems to work in the comment box again

Feb 23, 14 12:08 pm

My favorite curry is at a Nepali (nepalese?) restaurant. 

Feb 23, 14 2:53 pm

Pickled that is the Ticket...

Feb 23, 14 3:07 pm

sushi's pretty good here, too. ditto on the planes. [there are perks to being a ups hub other than nearby amazon, zappos, and netflix warehouses.]

Feb 23, 14 3:47 pm

Snook, smoked kippers for me. Either I'll put an entire tin in some garlic mashed potatoes and spread it on rye toast or I'll get some really good sourdough and eat it straight with baby spinach and a little thousand island dressing and scalions. I do this at least twice a month.

Feb 23, 14 8:17 pm

Tonight I ate trout caviar from North Carolina.  Very tasty.

Feb 23, 14 9:26 pm

Honestly, you guys, per correl was just a too-far-advanced prophet.

Feb 23, 14 9:48 pm

I'm allergic to fish roe. But not to fish. Go figure.

Feb 23, 14 10:41 pm

speaking of per correl, this project looks likes something he would have put together:

Feb 24, 14 10:02 am

This would arguably be more productive:

Feb 24, 14 10:37 am

now that is a foos ball machine work place station.

Feb 24, 14 2:01 pm

but donna, you just don't understand Per. that is not 3DH. No one can understand 3DH.

Feb 24, 14 2:33 pm
Sarah Hamilton

100 points to gruen!

Feb 24, 14 4:18 pm
gruen, I frequently feel like I understand Per as well as I understand anything. Some days I feel like a dog must feel, living happily enough in the house but not really comprehending how the entire household works. Then some days I feel like Master of my Domain.
Feb 24, 14 5:22 pm

Not knowing what 3DH is I did an image search.

Now I know.

Feb 24, 14 6:05 pm

Per is a unique person. Lost is a good word. Never understood him, although he was amazingly good-natured for all the fight he seems to also have in him.

I been in Thailand recently on work, and eating nothing remotely like sushi or curry. Came back to Tokyo with Influenza and enjoying the paperwork that apparently goes with being sick in a university setting. Still not sure if it is make-work or a real desire by the university to monitor health issues. sure is annoying.

We eat sushi at the conveyer belt joint down the road. Probably not as good as Miles' buds place, but odds are its better than most places outside of Japan. Been to the expensive places too, and they are seriously sick, but its a bit too pricey to do regularly. And to be honest I like it that we can get jello with our sushi, and that it comes rolling by on the conveyer belt. Its the surreal that makes the meal.

about curry in japan, I am not sure what is normal. Family restaurants usually have a kraft dinner kind of version that is pretty good, and yes its just curry and rice.  But if we go out for curry usually we go to proper indian or nepalese place and have curry with nan. World cities are awesome for food, and Japan is a foodie nation, so we have it good.

Feb 24, 14 8:47 pm

mmmm "kraft dinner kind" of curry...

Will you still going to Thai for the resiliency UN work? eat any insect while there? I think they are more popular there (certainly) than Japan. Do they even eat insects in Japan? Maybe the Ainu?

Feb 24, 14 10:15 pm
Brian made pho for our Cambodian houseguest. We've been having it for breakfast for two weeks. I think when the houseguest leaves I will want to keep up with the morning pho.

Should I submit to the latest bracket? I have a good project but not sure I'll have time to get it together.
Feb 24, 14 10:48 pm



Feb 24, 14 10:51 pm

yes donna, do!

@nam, yeah, its for UN related work. Our network has been growing and now seems we are global not just regional, which is cool but also a bit hard to get my head around, practically speaking. UN HQ in Bangkok is close to where the protests and violence have been taking place so we moved our meeting outside the city. its a sad state of affairs. Amazingly the farmers were heading into town on tractors to join the protests. It seems to be heading for civil war or something like happened in Kiev. Hopefully with less violence, when all is done.

Feb 25, 14 6:15 am

Donna, did you make pho from scratch? I have made it from a soup base mix but my vietnamese sister-in-law starts with an oxtail, which I guess I could learn how to do, but haven't yet. It is so much better from scratch, but takes 9 hours. I am just not adventurous with meat either. 

Just finished reading The Art of War. Glad for it, it is a great book on strategy and decision making, which is why CEO's often read it. I feel empowered. 

Feb 25, 14 8:17 am

had no idea what was going on in thailand... seems like there's a lot of political upheaval going on globally - stay safe...

Feb 25, 14 8:50 am

Pre-made beef broth, steeped overnight with the species and whatnot.

Does Art of War cover any decision-making that is not zero-sum?

Feb 25, 14 12:47 pm
Sarah Hamilton

Which species, Donna?

Feb 25, 14 2:02 pm

Donna, I guess the answer would be yes, cause what is perhaps unexpected is that the book is ultimately about contemplation, a win-win. Or perhaps I am just innocent and naive. 

Feb 25, 14 3:20 pm

ha japanese curry - my favorite is the 'Vermont curry' (so called because it uses apples in the roux, hence the association of that state with apples over there).

Nam - my neighbor in Tokyo used to bring over crispy teriyaki locusts.  wouldn't say it was the norm though.

breakfast pho sounds awesome.

Feb 25, 14 4:23 pm

What's going on in Thailand is the same thing that's been going on in Thailand since 1975.

Kind of like the US ...

Feb 25, 14 5:22 pm

there were grubs and candied grasshoppers for sale by street vendors on the street in Tahiland. I was not feeling up to it, but they looked fine. Like crunchy caramel popcorn ;-)

thailand has been floundering for a while yeah, but now the King is in his dotage and apparently the heir is not very popular. Could go bad this time. Several people killed during protests while I was there. Amazing that it isn't something you aren't hearing on the news.  I guess you heard about this thing going on in the Ukraine though yeah?

What is more amazing is that Singapore and Thailand pretty much started at the same place not that long ago, and the difference now is astounding. Talk about the power of benign dictatorship. Mind you , Singapore is a bit Stepford Wife-ish.

Feb 25, 14 8:14 pm

No real news in the US. Except Justin Beiber. 

Feb 25, 14 8:27 pm

LOL Sarah.  That should say spices.

Feb 25, 14 9:19 pm
Sarah Hamilton
I figured. Still, it made me think of these scenes from Dinosaurs.
Feb 25, 14 9:31 pm

@will - I've been bad about keeping up with what's happening, but just off the top of my head of what I've heard about in the past couple weeks - there's, of course, Ukraine, but also Venezuela, central african republic, egypt,  iranian negotiations, crazy shit going down in north korea, sochi - in the US, there's the gay marriage stuff (michigan is up next)... crazy arizona jim-crow-ish bill... huge heroin problem in the northeast, the polar vortex, obamacare... locally it's the 2024 olympic debate, casinos, bicycles, bicycles, bicycles, and crazy cost of housing.


and the current issue in the toaster household is that someone forgot to buy trash bags - which is, by far, the most pressing issue.

Feb 25, 14 9:58 pm

Vermont apples?  two big apple producing states in the US are Washington and Michigan.  Vermont is more known stateside for maple syrup and maybe cheese/dairy (like Wisconsin).  I would never associate Vermont with apples, and I live in new england.  I tend to think Michigan when I think about apples.

Feb 25, 14 10:07 pm

or Washington.

also that is quite a uplifting list...nite!

Feb 25, 14 11:34 pm

How could I have forgotten the refugee crisis in Syria?  and the situation in Sudan?  I don't know about that being an uplifting list - what's happening in central african republic is absolutely sickening.

Feb 26, 14 9:30 am

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