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i don't mind making up stories about random people as a form of entertainment.  i enjoy fiction if it's well written, and developing a backstory might be an entertaining way to exercise your creativity and kill time.  i think it's good to recognize the line between fact and fiction though, and if you actually interact with that person, be able to drop the fiction and go back to the real world.

Nov 20, 13 12:54 pm

i think it's good to recognize the line between fact and fiction though, and if you actually interact with that person, be able to drop the fiction and go back to the real world.

Well, sure, but wasn't a-school full of characters who were invested in making a statement, and thus walking schemas?  Getting to know them often confirmed the schemas, and rarely refuted them.

Nov 20, 13 1:24 pm

Well, sure, but wasn't a-school full of characters who were invested in making a statement, and thus walking schemas?  Getting to know them often confirmed the schemas, and rarely refuted them.

Yep, sounds exactly like astrology to me.

Nov 20, 13 4:11 pm
Sarah Hamilton
I make back-stories up all the time, especially when at bars. I even assigned something similar to my advanced animation students. They had to go and observe strangers in a public place, and make inferences about their social status, age, ect based on how they walked and interacted with others. The kids thought it was stalkerish, but realized it was easier than they thought, and helpful for them.
Nov 20, 13 10:16 pm

Anybody check currency movements?  I don't think we're still up to speed against the Euro, with it taking $1.35 to buy 1 Euro.  However, we're moving in the right direction versus the Canadian, with $1 getting us $1.06 CDN.  It had dipped to .98 in the recent past.  I remember when $1 got us $1.51 CDN (around 1999).  Many South American tourist venues show their prices in U.S. dollars, which is crafty of them.

As for the British pound, I couldn't give a shit since the royals are annoying and all the pomposity emanating from that overpriced, pretentious, and drizzly isle is trying.

Nov 21, 13 7:23 pm

everyone fantasizes about me when i walk down the street. As it happens I don't need to fantasize back ;-)

dunno about psychology. I get the concept, but when it comes to work it's a bit dangerous. Like those guys who read a book about the signs that indicate a girl is into a guy and then starts making unwanted advances cuz those "tells" are not always telling the true story.  If you are talking EQ, sure that's all great and good. I think you guys are talking about something less savoury bad perhaps.

Nov 22, 13 7:54 am

I'm not. I dislike assumption, but I use empathy and such to gauge where things are emotionally. I'm not playing doctor and I'm certainly not out to fleece anyone.

Nov 22, 13 8:46 am

My world is so ridiculous I don't have to make up a back story.

Derwood Hodgegrass is the typical client here in Vulgaria.

Nov 22, 13 9:28 am

wow miles.  that link can sure make a good day go bad.  why haven't the proletariat violently overthrown the bourgeois in this country?  what's wrong with us?

Nov 22, 13 9:35 am
Non Sequitur

Thanks Miles, my friday is now ruined because of that article.

Nov 22, 13 9:56 am

Wait - that article is a joke, yes? But there *is* a resort in Dubai that has chilled tubing under the sand to make the beach more comfy for its guests.

You guys, Hella Jongerius is absolutely the best designer working on the planet right now.  Her Maharam fabric, Repeat (shown below on the couch) is my favorite textile ever in the history of the world.

Nov 22, 13 10:09 am

Cool, perfect timing actually, because I've figured out how to electrify salt water in front of Billionaire residences from my Ski-Doo.

Nov 22, 13 10:24 am

LOL, beta!

I just dropped $362 on keeping my registration current. Sorry, children, guess you won't be getting any Christmas presents this year!

Nov 22, 13 11:05 am

so - one of the heavy-hitters in the 2014 Massachusetts gubernatorial race is saying the state needs to "seriously explore" single payer healthcare.


I don't know if this guy will win, but because of his credentials it will definitely set the tone for the upcoming race.  Should be interesting.

Nov 22, 13 12:47 pm

In normal circumstances a strong currency is desirable but these are not normal times.  A weaker currency drastically helps exports.  Currency wars have been raging for seveal years now and it is a race to the bottom.

With respect to dollar/euro, it's actually been quite amusing to watch the news cycles over the past few years.  The Fed announces more qe then the dollar drops, then leaks start saying that the Greece or Spain is flaring up and suddenly the euro starts to drop.  Probably due for another round of euro-crisis any minute now as german exporters (for example, adidas) are getting pissed.  Funny thing is that the euro politicians have boxed themselves into a corner because they keep insisting euro-crisis is over (its not) but they stil need a drastically weaker currency. And since the dollar is still reserve currency with unlimited ability to print it's still in best shape to win race to the bottm.

Nov 22, 13 1:27 pm


Well, were sort of doubly screwed, as Americans.

The Euro/dollar launched at parity.  When a Euro cost $1.60, a vacation to Europe make a real dent.  Now, it's a little easier to take.  When a hotel is priced at 78 Euros, the value the Europeans are placing on that hotel room is theoretically $78, in their funds.  With the current exchange, that room costs us $105 per night, and $108 with the credit card fees. Over 2 to 3 weeks, it adds up.

With the Canadian, they also have an implicit pricing scheme.  The quick way to check the values is to see the prices they assign to the same automobiles, since we have our cars in common.  Years back, I was looking at a particular car model.  In the U.S., the base price, before options, was $22,000 U.S.  In Canada, it was $28,000 CDN.  That tells me the implied value between the currencies is that $1 US dollar ought to buy $1.27 CDN.  You can even see it in how they price a Metro ticket.  At $1.05, we are way below that. 

Sure, it helps exports.  That goes without saying.

Nov 22, 13 1:39 pm

Today, America is mourning 50 years since President JFK died.  I don't look at the footage, having seen it before, but it is pretty much etched in most people's minds.  What a dynasty and media circuses that created with Jackie and her remarriage to Onassis, JFK Jr. and his movie star girlfriends, and Carolyn, though the latter appears to have led a more conventional and less scrutinized life.  One can only theorize how a full term or two of JFK in the White House would have played out.  Those, too, were turbulent and convoluted times, with Communism 90 miles south of Key West FL while the feel good Eisenhower era also kept rolling simultaneously.  Still, I think things are worse today, unless you consider the internet, social media, and feel good liberalism and anarchy to be improvements in our quality of life. *ducking tomatoes*

Nov 22, 13 1:47 pm

moar feel good american news.  catch this story of a man arrested 100 times in florida.  including for trespessing in the store he works at?

Nov 22, 13 1:55 pm

Don't forget to add thta Gerge hw Bu$h killed JKF.  Also, Georg W Bu$h killed Jfk jr.  That's what got him the election in 2000.  Jon jon had been privately investigating the assasination for years.  His magazine wasn't named "Georgre" after Washington but rather after Bush and it was a signal that he was coming after him.  Plan was to use the magazine as a platform to tell america the truth and eventually launch his own bid for presidency.  Didn't work.  What was the quote from tv show?  "when you play the gam of thrones, you win or you die."

Nov 22, 13 2:13 pm

Do you guys think this is really Patrick Schumaker posting? I think it is.

Must be, I can smell it from here.

Nov 22, 13 4:58 pm

does tammuz read thread central?  that might put a bit of fear in him miles.

Nov 22, 13 7:01 pm

I think fear is one of tammy's driving forces.

Nov 22, 13 8:14 pm

Turkey with blood of Indian cranberry sauce with a side of mashed Indian potatoes and some stolen Indian corn.....mmmmm

Nov 23, 13 1:56 am
Tinbeary There there

Will, you might be interested in Theory of Mind. What it means is that we all have maps in our brains of other people's neural systems. You are already automatically mapping the intentions and motivations of a waitress for instance, when she reaches down for your water glass you know she is just bussing your table (she isn't going to drink your water). Awareness of this innate ability will perhaps allow you use it better, it is really quite useful.

P.S. I hate it when sales people read pop psychology books and try to label me with a certain personality type and then give me their sales pitch based on who they think I am or when douchebags read self-help books and think they are now god. That is not good psychology, but I'm not willing to just throw the baby out with the bathwater because of these poor applications. 

Nov 23, 13 7:54 am

This video made the the rounds at work this last week. Thought there would be some women and parents that will appreciate it here.

Nov 23, 13 11:58 am

Life is too complex, isn't it? curtkram, you're doing such amazing work over on that traditional thread. I love your tone - how overly-logical you're being. It's a beautiful thing to watch.  I've disengaged from it because it really is the new Hi All You Fancy Graphics Lovers!

What does it say about our world that the huge debate used to be about a radically new approach to making things and now it's about whether we should build everything like the Greeks did?! It says we have a world full of scared people, I think.  God knows I'm scared.   The Textastrophe thing has me absolutely furious to a level I know is unhealthy for my blood pressure. It's one step away from Hunter Moore.  Why does our society let people become successful via such horrid acts? 

So I'm interested in the Parametricism thread now because if Schumacher is actually interested in talking to us I think we should be paying attention AND being respectful until he proves directly he doesn't deserve it.  Then again, maybe we should go ahead and attack him and Zaha for the way they seem to calmly accept truly - truly - horrid abuse of other humans?

Like Louis CK said there's no end to what humans can achieve if we don't give a fuck about other people.

Steven Ward, I do envy your ability to consistently stay on a positive, considered level of involvement with people here.  Of course you haven't been posting much lately….

Nov 23, 13 12:52 pm

what is textastrophe?  i googled it, and it looks someone who makes prank calls with texts instead of voice?  some are quite funny, and they seem harmless.  they're obvious enough that after about 5 texts people should know they're being pranked, and while it might cost the person $0.50, i doubt that is really going to cause much harm.

Nov 23, 13 1:23 pm

I think fear is one of tammy's driving forces.

I'm not so sure.  I think he's mostly about his soapbox, or various soapboxes.  We've all got ours.  Mine is hipsters, granolas, packaged liberals, and artsy-fartsy a-schools ... and practitioners who look more like eccentrics than credible professionals when boarding the "forward section" of the aircraft, since they can afford to fly up front with the savings they might amass from those willing to work for them at less than market rates, if that is indeed the case, to hopefully catch some of that stardust.

Nov 23, 13 4:12 pm

observant....what is your take on me....?

Nov 23, 13 4:20 pm

I see the mice spinning the

Nov 23, 13 4:26 pm

observant....what is your take on me....?

Well, since you asked, I'll tell you.  I had a different read of you earlier on and then read some posts I found confusing.

You seemed like a salt-of-the earth New Englander who had tried living in other places, had done a few different things, is mostly practical, has or had a crusty old-school Irish grandpa,  is married to a Carioca (a person from Rio de Janeiro, for those who don't know), and therefore a "water off a duck's back" kind of guy.

Then, you got irked at the ethnic stuff I alluded to in some of my posts because I think the differences are humorous, quite acceptable in major urban areas, and more so in the past, if not hateful, and I got the finger shaken at me, for which I was taken aback.  I am not a fan of the melting pot mentality.  Sorry.  Check out my recent posts on the Rio de Janeiro blog for a member's posts on his travels, and you will see that I am less obtuse than what some might think. I get out there and mix with the locals, and can get down and dirty.  Making observations and evaluating social phenomenon is part of traveling.  They do it all the time in "Lonely Planet" books and no one calls them on it, but maybe because, after looking at the photos of the authors, they are kind of granola, so maybe they get a "pass" whereas I wouldn't.

Thorough enough, s-d-d?

Nov 23, 13 4:38 pm

How about a Salt of the Earth lived in a lot of places.  Fortunate enough to have danced with  the  elite, and shared meals with the less fortunate.  Value mankind more than  religion.  However  i have the comfort of both lines of families going back to soldiers for American Independence.  Oh bye the way I live in New England but I'm not from New England.  I have lived in Cities of millions and I have lived on a ranch with 40,000 acres set among the Lakota People.  I would say my Irish Grandfather was not crusty, but an man well ahead of his time when it comes to ranching.  He taught his sons to understand the grass lands, and they their sons.  I was just not in the mix, so pursued Architecture and never looked back. I have never met an ethnic smile  I didn't like.  I have no time for people who do nothing but have their head in the sky and do nothing.  I believe in mankind and do all I can do for mankind no matter who they are or where they have been.

Nov 23, 13 7:34 pm

ob, while you're being remotely judgmental, where do I fall in your perception of the virtual world?

Nov 23, 13 8:24 pm
I think it's appalling t
Nov 23, 13 8:25 pm
Oops iphone posting + wine fail.

I think it's appalling to "punk" people in almost any situation. I think it's especially appalling to try to justify the abuse and condemn those people as deserving of being harassed because they committed the apparently unacceptable mistake of posting their phone number in public - as if that's a sin in this society?! And I'm especially angry that mr textastrophe thinks it's fine to abuse and make fun of a person whose life us so lacking in options that they offer to !clean peoples houses for money! as a way to survive. How exactly is someone supposed to improve their lot in life, or feel compelled to try to do so, if they live in a world where entitled shits with an internet connection - like myself - make fun of their efforts?

If someone did this to me I would want them to be dead. There's so much stress and meanness in the world already: why do we think it's acceptable - and funny! - to be awful to people who haven't anything at all wrong?!
Nov 23, 13 8:37 pm

As my friend Tenzin, a Buddhist monk, said: "if you are a good person we wish you long life and good health ... but if you're not we hope you die soon because there is enough trouble in the world already. 

Nov 23, 13 9:22 pm

I have no time for people who do nothing but have their head in the sky and do nothing.  I believe in mankind and do all I can do for mankind no matter who they are or where they have been.

Well, I don't understand this part.  You can live and let live, without having to be a bleeding heart toward anyone and everyone.  I don't make an effort to become involved with people when I travel.  Sometimes it happens that I strike up a friendship in a foreign land, and sometimes it doesn't.  In a way, I sort of understand a little more, though.  if you were a native New Englander, you would be attuned to the old boy Irish-Italian political machines in the area, and the Portuguese entrenchment in RI and MA, while upper New England is a different bird, be it in ethnicity, religion, increased stoicism, and level of liberalism.  One is just making a comment about social realities.  It's cumbersome and unrealistic to roll out the welcome wagon for every single person out there to prove to yourself that you are a good person.  I'm not biting on that one.

ob, while you're being remotely judgmental, where do I fall in your perception of the virtual world?

Remotely judgmental?  Funny!  Let's see.  As long as you've been posting on here, you don't have a read on most of the people? 

You're someone who can do Massapequa or Montauk, sort of like a chameleon.  You grew up in a professional household, so you know the ropes around people with money, with class or without class, and then, with the in-your-faceness of the Island, you know the score on everyone there.  Also, since you've been exposed to the craziness of the generation before and the selfishness and conformity of the generation after, you understand both.  I think you can play PC and play nice, but I think you've got some pretty concrete ideas about the human condition, mostly in the U.S., and about who's full of shit and who isn't.

I'd love to see some Myers-Briggs readouts on most of the regulars here.  This ain't the horoscope.  It's applied psychology and has been statistically tested.  I doubt there are many ##TJ types on here, the last 2 of which are Thinking and Judging, and more ##FP types, which mean Feeling and Perceiving.  The rule of thumb is that TJs and FPs aren't well suited to each other and don't make good collaborators.

Nov 23, 13 9:36 pm

Ob I'm next  I'm next.  

Nov 23, 13 9:42 pm

Level-headed and practical, but I don't have a good read.  We've never tangled.  It's easier to remember and analyze those you've tangled with.

Nov 23, 13 9:47 pm
We've tangled before, what do you have for me?
Nov 23, 13 9:51 pm

observant...but  I helped save 600 turkey on people who might not have had turkey for thanksgiving...Hoping I'm not a bad guy for that. 

Nov 23, 13 9:56 pm

We've tangled before, what do you have for me?

I remember someone wet behind the ears trying to tell someone more world-weary the score from their viewpoint of naievete, political correctness, and "saving the world."

observant...but  I helped save 600 turkey on people who might not have had turkey for thanksgiving...Hoping I'm not a bad guy for that.

I'm not talking about that.  I'm talking about the political correctness that extends into loving everybody, as in becoming enmeshed with them.  As someone I know said "God loves you, doesn't mean I have to."

Take the on-line Myers Briggs, and then we'll talk.

Nov 23, 13 10:33 pm

Here's the test, with its 72 questions.  It will give you your Jungian profile.  You can then look further into it, possibly on this same site, or on another site by typing in the result acronym.  It also gives career aptitudes on various sites.  Find out if you should have been an architect, or be studying it.

Nov 23, 13 11:02 pm

looks a lot like astrology to me.

similar profile can be found here: - only a couple questions about your birthday to fill in.

Nov 23, 13 11:22 pm

curt, if a person goes into a college advising situation, they give this test within a battery of tests.  No college, except maybe some experimental new age college, would give you an astrology test.  I think they'd have to answer to that.  On the other hand, legitimate colleges don't have to answer to the validity of the advising type tests they give.

So, whacha got?

Nov 23, 13 11:46 pm
Tinbeary There there

I am an INFP (compassionate, outside-the-box-thinker), grew up with an ESTJ (maintainer-of-the-status-quo) brother. I'm a stop and smell the roses person and my brother is wondering who put those damn roses right there, know what I mean? Childhood was hell. Married to an ENFP (warm, friendly and flexible). The FP parts matter, and so does the NF for compatibility.

Nov 24, 13 7:12 am
Tinbeary There there

Curt, you can call it astropsychology if you want. Don't forget to check your moon sign!

Nov 24, 13 7:20 am
Sarah Hamilton
I picture Snook as Kris Kristoferson.

And on that texting thing, I must've read it backwards. I thought the kid was an idiot, and we were supposed to be laughing at him. I didn't realize the joke was supposed to be on the cleaning lady.

My turn, Observant!
Nov 24, 13 8:17 am

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