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SneakyPete, what color are your panties?

Oct 31, 13 6:13 pm
snooker-doodle-dandy that is an off the wall question....I would have thought you would be more interested in the ascot they were wearing.

Oct 31, 13 6:55 pm
Can panties even wear an ascot?
Oct 31, 13 6:56 pm
Sarah Hamilton
Gruen for the win!
Oct 31, 13 7:28 pm
Sarah Hamilton
Oh, and on the color book, I just wrote down the most expensive one.
Oct 31, 13 7:29 pm

Excellent, gruen!!

Indy and surrounding cities delayed Halloween until tomorrow night due to storms and LOTS of rain.  Fairly windy, but temps in the 60s.

Oct 31, 13 8:15 pm

I should get the assist on that.

Oct 31, 13 8:39 pm

Maybe they were wearing an ascot in the wrong place and they thought their panties were in a bunch..

Oct 31, 13 10:43 pm

My panties barely cover my ascot. 


I'm better today. Thanks for the heads up on how things work.

Nov 1, 13 9:23 am


Nov 1, 13 10:11 am

Did someone order a mop?

Nov 1, 13 10:27 am
Sarah Hamilton

Donna, you are obsessed.

Nov 1, 13 1:03 pm

He looks like my husband.  And yes I'm obsessed.

Nov 1, 13 1:41 pm

You have a good looking husband.

Nov 1, 13 2:12 pm

if I have a choice in the matter, and assuming reincarnation works - I'd like to come back as anyone who gets to hang out with Brad on a regular basis. Perhaps George Clooney.

Nov 1, 13 2:24 pm

Hi David!! Nice to see you here!

Nov 1, 13 4:11 pm
Sarah Hamilton
I haven't met your husband in person, but based on video, yeah , I could see it.

Which reminds me.... PRI is in Indianapolis this year, and my husband was thinking of going. Is yours? Do you even know what I'm talking about?

Oh, and David, who are you? Are you new? I don't seem to recall any Davids......
Nov 1, 13 10:36 pm
Sarah I don't know what PRI is.
Nov 1, 13 11:22 pm
David Cuthbert

Hi Donna, HI Sarah... sometimes you have a move from the veil of your avatar 

Nov 3, 13 8:05 pm

hey David! hope all well?

Thinking about taking Wed off (on short notice) to get some random odds and ends done. also re: PRI (i am guessing?) 

anyone else listening to Sade...

Nov 4, 13 9:15 pm
Sarah Hamilton
David? Veil? Avatar? Huh?

Donna, it's a performance car/ manufacturing trade show. Seems right up your man's alley.
Nov 5, 13 8:25 am

Brian is more into older hotrods than performance racing.  Sarah, are you coming to Indy?

Nov 5, 13 9:05 am
Sarah Hamilton

If my husband had made a decision to go, then I would INSIST that I come, too, but I don't think it's going to happen.  Kinda bummed because you make Indy sound cool, but oh well.

I voted today.  Not for anything exciting, though.  And I left two of the amendments blank.  What do I care what they do in Hidalgo county?

Nov 5, 13 2:35 pm

I voted today. For town supervisor I wrote in 'Sock Puppet #3'.

Leaving the poll, I had a vision of a new voting machine. Put your ballot in and push the lever.

Nov 5, 13 3:53 pm

Do you still live in the Hamptons? (I know that you have in the past due to your Nuke The Hamptons site)

Nov 5, 13 4:17 pm

Still here ... somehow managing to survive despite calling in an artillery strike on my own position. 

Nov 5, 13 4:48 pm

I managed to finally get up there this past summer. The incongruity between the pleasant towns and the absurdly opulent beach homes was depressing.

Nov 5, 13 4:55 pm

The towns aren't that pleasant when overrun with the miserable rich. Happy people don't treat others poorly.

Nov 5, 13 7:27 pm

Miles this was a tweet by someone today:

"voting doesn't change anything," said the guy in Seattle smoking his very legal weed

Nov 5, 13 8:27 pm

Wasn't on the ballot here. Would pass overwhelmingly if it was. Why isn't it?

Thought you were going to make a Nuke the Hamptons comment. 

Nov 5, 13 8:33 pm

I must have walked past that guy on my way to the bus stop. At least it smelled like I did.

Nov 5, 13 8:34 pm

miles, it's because people are voting for the wrong legislatures.

i didn't vote today.  the only thing i know of on the ballot is a tax increase for medical research.  i like medical research and understand it costs money.  on the other hand, i don't really know who the money is going to, and suspect it's quite possible this is just a kick-back deal.  i couldn't pick a side, so i guess i'll just hope for the best.

Nov 5, 13 8:37 pm

Maybe voting isn't as corrupt at the state level but I doubt it. The legislatures are just like congress, funded by corporate lobbyists, directed by national party committees. It's a freaking miracle that grass has been legalized anywhere. Must be because the pols are heads, or maybe dealing. I don't trust any of them. Which sucks for many reasons including the fact that every pol is automatically assumed to be a lying theiving scoundrel out for his own interest and fuck everyone else.  

Nov 5, 13 8:59 pm
politicians in kentucky are there to suck money out of cities, where most of the revenue is generated, and distribute it across the state, then complain about urban conditions, underperformance in urban schools, defund urban programs, and mock urban complaints about lack of resources. statewide voters love these guys!
Nov 6, 13 7:30 am

I voted for additional income tax revenue for schools and to tax the weed. 

Nov 6, 13 8:52 am

"voting doesn't change anything," said the guy in Seattle smoking his very legal weed

Who just voted down the GMO labeling act.

Nov 6, 13 9:36 am

I know, depressing that the GMO labeling lost.  Monsanto has deep, deep pockets. But Oregon is picking it up next.

The legal pot thing came about due to a ballot measure, if I recall.  I don't think every state allows ballot measures, is that right? And ballot measures can be a HUGE problem, as when people are allowed to vote on human rights or utterly stupid untenable things like unworkable budget limits - isn't that why California is practically bankrupt? 

My point is voting on ballot measures is distinctly different from voting for politicians.  They *can* be a more direct method of making popular choice known.

Nov 6, 13 9:43 am

why would someone vote against GMO food labeling?  i guess i could see how maybe they think it would be scary to know what they're actually eating?  the labeling can't really cost that much more, since food is already labeled.  maybe food prices would go up because if people knew what they were eating, they would eat something more expensive instead?

Nov 6, 13 9:44 am
Sarah Hamilton

We didn't have anything fun like that on our ballot.  It was all amendments about taxation for veterans, surviving spouses of veterans killed in action, and then one about allowing a reverse mortgage to be used to purchase a homestead.

This is Texas, we don't get to vote on fuzzy, leftists' agendas.  

Nov 6, 13 10:07 am

allow a reverse mortgage to be used to purchase a homestead

Kind of defeats the purpose of homesteading, doesn't it?

Nov 6, 13 10:13 am

Locally we have a tendency to play demolition by neglect, union busting, tax-free "opportunity zones", sweetheart deals for politician's friends, kids for cash, and various other really awesome political games.

Nov 6, 13 10:31 am
Sarah Hamilton

Pete, how much cash are we talkin'? The way my kid has been acting lately, I just might take you up on that offer.....

Nov 6, 13 10:39 am

Sarah, you forgot about about ad valorem taxes for aircraft parts.  That was a hot button issue:)  Meanwhile, the Tea Party in the Piney Woods defeated our bond issue to replace a 72 year old HS that has not aged well.  I'm guessing we should have made sure everyone knew it would be a traditional design.  Maybe it would have passed then.

Nov 6, 13 10:48 am

sarah what's funny is that most of those that you mentioned were on ballot here in FL last election year. I suppose they are national agendas pushed individually at state level.

if i remember correctly i voted noon most of those. what is particular interesting/problematic with ballot initiative (IMHO) is that they are often worded so you think they are good/or you are voting against but actually is opposite... Probably a whole industry unto itself that crafts them that way.

morning TC!

Nov 6, 13 10:53 am

I've been told the reason people don't want to label GMO's is because then people might think there is something wrong with them. 

Nov 6, 13 10:56 am

My problem with GMOs is potential unintended consequences. That and the fact that we don't have a quantity problem with regards to food, we have a distribution problem.

Nov 6, 13 11:23 am

I've been told the reason people don't want to label GMO's is because then people might think there is something wrong with them.

because there might be something wrong with them?

Nov 6, 13 12:16 pm
Sarah Hamilton

Yeah, I voted NO on the aircraft parts thing.  It sounded like a tax-haven sort of thing.  Jitter, where are you?  What HS?  I grew up in east Texas, so I'm curious is all.

Nov 6, 13 12:27 pm

Oh god Sneaky Pete you're in Philly or thereabouts? I was so glad that scumbag judge went to jail. If there has ever been an ironclad case against private prisons, that's it right there.


Edited to add: very funny re: traditional design, jitter!

Nov 6, 13 12:39 pm

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