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I don't know you guys feel about Russell Brand, but I thought this interview that's making the rounds was rather exciting. I'm not willing to suggest that he's the right person to be relaying the message, but I found myself nodding quite intensely at times.

Oct 25, 13 10:23 am

^ Excellent.

Oct 25, 13 10:50 am

OK that interview was hilarious.  And yes, pretty much everything Brand says is true. Except that I *do* vote, and advocate for voting, because there is such thing as lesser of two evils.

I guess my first move needs to be to cancel my PayPal account, because that PayPal founder guy is a little libertarian conservative prick.

Oct 25, 13 10:57 am

I vote with my wallet every day. Repeatedly. Preferably locally and organically.

I used to vote *against* they guy I thought was worse. That never seemed to pan out because either the guy I voted against won (I didn't vote "for" anyone) or the guy who got my vote turned out to be as much of or an even bigger crook / stooge / asshole than the politician he replaced (i.e. Obama). Now I either vote FOR someone (actually for the ideals they represent, like Jill Stein) or I write in candidates (like Adolf Schicklgruber or Mickey Mouse).

Oct 25, 13 11:13 am

I was reading just earlier this week about a place where it was common to not vote at all if you were dissatisfied with the candidates and then they would redo the elections with new candidates. You didn't have to pick between the lessor of two evils, you could vote none of the above. Maybe it was fictional. I can't remember where I saw it.

Oct 25, 13 11:47 am

lesser, not lessor.

Oct 25, 13 11:54 am

Donna, the world really is a good place. Focus on reality and lay off the bad news machine, it's just designed to scare you. 

Oct 25, 13 12:10 pm
Sarah Hamilton
Holy crap!! Was anybody else stunned by Russsel's vocabulary?!! I'm impressed.
Oct 25, 13 1:08 pm

I know, Sarah!  I had to go look up lachrymose; I about swooned when he said it and while I thought I knew what it meant I had to go look it up to make sure. I've listened to it about four times just for the pleasure of hearing his command of language.

He's like the shit-covered peasant screaming "Now we see the violence inherent in the system!" in Holy Grail.

Oct 25, 13 1:18 pm

I find him utterly pleasant, and the way he politely tells people off is very attractive.


Here's another one.

Oct 25, 13 1:39 pm
Sarah Hamilton

Nice, Donna.  That is a perfect reference.  I bet he'd even appreciate it.

Honestly, half the words I couldn't understand because of his accent, so I missed lachrymose.  I'm gonna have to look that up!

What a great word!!!  I'm adding it to my graphic design word list!

Oct 25, 13 1:40 pm

Love Russell. Here's the problem with not voting, or voting for a non competing candidate; your vote buys not a candidate, but an opportunity to compell your candidate to do what you voted them into office for. Hold them accountable. If you sit on the sidelines, and just vote, you've done nothing, you've done the bare minimum, and you're as responsible as the candidate. Voting is not changing the system, but real participation is, and after all isn't that the reason we give to people about the reason to join the aia?

Oct 26, 13 9:41 am

George Carlin on politics

George Carlin on voting

And an illuminating chart on the cost of elections.

The average house incumbent must raise $13,000 every week to run their next campaign. The average senator must raise close to $30,000 every week to run their next campaign.

We have the very best government that money can buy.

Oct 26, 13 10:42 am

Sarah, I saw a video on social learning that I thought was pretty good, thought you might like it too. It starts out a little slow, gets better. Also a good watch for teachers, parents and anyone interested in the neuroscience of experiences and relationships and how these impact learning and brain development.

The brain is the social organ of the body

Oct 27, 13 8:21 am

that was kind of terribad tint.  can you sum it up in a couple sentences?  that gentleman is not good at public speaking.  he repeated the same stuff over and over, so if he wanted to make a point about the sydney opera house, he had to say "sydney opera house" about 30 times when 3 would have clearly communicated his idea.  also going to a nudist camp when he was 25 does not add to his credibility.  a funny throw away comment would have been fine, but as with everything else, he had to repeat it over and over.

Oct 27, 13 10:42 am
vado retro

watched this amazing film about a chess team from brooklyn...

Oct 27, 13 11:13 am

curt, I guess you have to have more background to appreciate what he says. I'll try to sum it up in a few sentences when I have a second.

Oct 27, 13 1:59 pm

Nice Video to hear stories like that.  Those kids are learning a lot more than Chess.  Years ago I worked as an intern in an open classroom grade school.  It was a new school, with new supplies, new furniture.  One day we were poking around in the gym and found  stashed away in a closet,  twenty chess boards still in the original unopened boxes. We snatched them and took them up to our class room and  started to  teach kids how to play chess.  One of my friends working with me was a serious  chess player,  it was part of the private school education.   day to day program playing chess was considered a normal activity.  He did amazing things with the kids, they were like sponges.  Like i said  the kids are learning  a lot more than chess.

Oct 27, 13 7:30 pm

night all,

Was in Jacksonville this weekend for a fab TedX event. went to a cool house party with cover band afterwards. it was great to get out of town and out of routines for a day.

Donna re: your discussion about flood insurance rates et al earlier, came across this article and thought of you Cost of Flood Insurance Rises, Along With Worries

that video with Brand is excellent. did you know he is a TMer or some such (yoga, meditation guru etc too)...

Oct 27, 13 10:29 pm

Yeah, it's hard to get excited about the size of Zaha's stadium when I'm about to lose my house.


curtkram is "terribad" a new word?

Oct 28, 13 8:08 am

i thought 'terribad' was in common usage.  sometimes, 'bad' just needs to be in there.

Oct 28, 13 9:25 am

What is more expensive...home heating fuel oil or  health insurance.  Guess I will have to go with the home heating fuel oil.....Yikes it hurts to fill the tank.

Oct 28, 13 4:29 pm

curt, as promised, a few lines.

First, about the lecturer, he is a professor of psychiatry at UCLA, on the faculty of the center for Culture, Brain and Development, and founder of the Mindsight Institute. He is an interpersonal neurobiologist, a field of study he has founded. He studies the neurological basis of behavior, relationships, the mind and the brain. I put a video of him speaking about some of what he studies because it relates to social learning, which we were talking about.

So now I will explain what Dan and his work helps us understand about social learning. We receive all information through our senses and we interpret it in our nervous system. This information comes to us through energy, sounds and light for instance. With our bodies, we receive this information and we interpret it. When we acquire information and integrate it and can use it, we are learning. The brain (nervous system) is the mechanism of this energy flow, the mind is the regulator.

He says our brains are the social organ of the body, what does that mean? It means our brains connect with each other and are made to process and integrate energy from others and learn from their experiences. He said we have maps of other people's nervous systems. In other words, when we see someone do something, our mind also experiences it as if we were doing it ourselves. That is the rudiments of social learning. Our brains work that way.

Oct 29, 13 9:33 am

so, i finally read (all 5 pages) of that Why won't you design what we (the public) want? thread. Can't believe that it is still going....

though i did love this quote from Will on the first page "Just for the record, molding is not a detail it's decoration". seems such a deadpan putdown :P

Morning all!

Oct 29, 13 10:02 am

sarah, can you take that background in how we learn and apply it towards something like teaching an internet poster to stop being prejudiced against people because of their culture, hair, and clothes?  or teaching people that rant about traditional architecture something (not sure what you would teach them, just saying, that's a thing that's going on)?

i guess all we have here is words, and if the receiver of said words chooses not to try to understand them, there isn't much that can be done.  i'm not sure how other aspects of body language or environment would help, for example, teach a tea partier to pay attention to the real world either.  interesting thought though.

Oct 29, 13 12:40 pm

curtkram, your work on that thread is admirable.  You must be exhausted.

today I'm having to deal with objects I think should never have been created and should never in the future be created: particle board cabinets with woodgrain plastic laminate.  We're moving a bunch of them from an old project into the ballroom for a Museum "garage sale".  I'm very grumpy about it because I know they won't sell and then we'll have to move them a second time, to a dumpster.  IMO we should avoid the interim event and just chuck them right now - and part of why I despise this kind of cabinetry so much is it's landfill fodder from the day it's created. So even though I hate the thought of dumping it, it's inevitable.

Tomorrow night I'm going to a lecture by Rachel Armstrong, anyone know anything about her?

Oct 29, 13 1:07 pm


Rachel Armstrong is a interesting lady for more info see here and here

Oct 29, 13 1:14 pm
Sarah Hamilton

Curt, you'd have to ask Tint.  I'm not that skilled.

I do think a lot of the miscommunication on forums is derived from the lack of inflection and body-language cues.  It would amazing if we could develope typefaces and such to fix this.  Isn't that supposed to be what all those emoji things are used for in Japan, and then misused here in the states?  I feel like I read that somewhere.

On another note, I'm making students listen to Jackson Browne, Dire Straits, and some band called "Kings of Convenience" that I'd never heard of until today, and I think I like.  The kids aren't liking it too much, though.  Good thing they all have their own head phones.  It's keeping me mellow.

Oct 29, 13 1:39 pm

my bad.  maybe tint's real name is sarah?  can we start calling her sarah too?

html has "tags."  you define a paragraph with <p>, then end the paragraph with </p>.  the '/' denotes the end.  so, if you feel the need, you can have a <sarcasm> sarcastic comment </sarcasm>

Oct 29, 13 2:49 pm
Sarah Hamilton

Yeah, but not the same.  I did see somewhere on pinterest that a guy typed every other letter in italics to denote sarcasm.  Looked pretty convincing.


lovTeabagers.totally think they'rswell.  


Oct 29, 13 3:35 pm

I didn't read much of that thread, but I agree that much of it is just miscommunication. For example I'm pretty sure what Curt means by "traditional" is not what Suri means by traditional. One of the things we teach is called Picture to Picture. We teach students to make us picture something with their words and then we check it and see if we made the picture they thought. We teach students to see words and images and put them together fluidly. If two people have two different pictures of things and can't see each others pictures, then communication is pretty awkward.

Personally, I sympathize with both sides a bit. My contribution to the fray was on aesthetics, but it got lost in the kerfluffle. To be aesthetically pleasing, the senses must be pleased. Architects do tend to ignore that this pleasure comes mostly from personal experience (we all like what we like because we all have had different experiences), so I sympathize with Suri in that way, I think it is ok to like what you like, and if she likes traditional architecture I don't think that should be a problem with anyone. The second part of aesthetic theory I brought up is authenticity. I think one of my arch professors used to say, "don't embarrass the material" so on the extreme end and example is that we all know (even Suri knows) that formica that is made to look like granite isn't fooling anyone (it doesn't smell like granite, taste like granite, feel like granite), and architects are tuned into that aspect of aesthetics way more than the public, so I sympathize with them too. It is no coincidence that when we say someone has good taste or that we are disgusted by something (gustatory = digestive) or whether or not something is palatable that we are talking about whether or not things appeal to us. I don't think Suri wants granite formica or glued on lintels, or does she? Maybe she does. I didn't read closely, too much brain damage potential there.

Oct 29, 13 5:13 pm
Don't embarrass the material, I like that. Tint I think you used the word "real" and not embarrassing materials reminds me of Michael Benedikt's use of "realness" to describe architecture's qualities that appeal to us.
Oct 29, 13 5:22 pm

And yes, I think that font works well for sarcasm. I don't know what linguists call the swings of vocal tones that sometimes people use with sarcasm (know what I mean?) but I imaging that font looks like that sound.

Oct 29, 13 5:29 pm

Yeah, I did use the word real, which didn't get my point across, it was too ambiguous but I wasn't in the mood to care and I didn't want to get involved. Donna, I always imagine fypon as being naked, super embarrassed, begging for mercy.

Oct 29, 13 5:34 pm

the vocal swing for sarcasm is called inverse pitch obtrusion.

Oct 29, 13 5:41 pm

I know some bankers that live in pretty ugly houses... and no one complains about them.

Oct 30, 13 8:20 pm

I saw Rachel Armstrong lecture tonight.  It was pretty amazing but also pretty dense - I feel like it's going to take me awhile to figure out even 1/4 of it.  See how confused I am here.

Oct 30, 13 9:44 pm

snook - the bankers or the houses?

Oct 30, 13 11:12 pm

Wow, I love this line:

No live organism can continue for long to exist sanely under conditions of absolute reality...

From here. Maybe this is why I'm so angry lately, I've cast out of my life all forms of woo.

Oct 31, 13 8:06 am

Do these forums have moderators or admins that actually participate?

Oct 31, 13 3:42 pm
Sarah Hamilton

Pantone question:  I want to order a color book for my students to be able to reference what colors will actually print as opposed to what is displayed on the computer screen.  There are two options when I search for Pantone color book – 

the matching book

and the formula/ CMYK guides

Which do I get?  I'm having to do NEXT YEARS budget by tomorrow.  Stupid public school.

Oct 31, 13 4:04 pm
Sarah Hamilton

Pete, we pretty much police ourselves.  If a poster isn't playing nice, we ignore him, or if a thread topic is disagreeable, it gets turned into a joke thread.  That said, posts can be flagged if needed.

Why do you ask?

Oct 31, 13 4:09 pm

the people that own the site post on occasion, but i think they try to stay fairly quiet and out of the fray.  there are moderators who actively remove spam.  this is not a kid's site, so there aren't any hard rules about how we're supposed to act like you might find on other forums, but that hasn't typically been a problem since the site attracts older professionals and younger students who anticipate becoming professionals.  there are people on the boards here who are editors and seem to have some sort of higher position than mere poster, but i'm not sure what sort of authority they actually have.  they're all very nice people.

i would get the cmyk one. 

Oct 31, 13 4:21 pm

I'm more of a fan of moderated discussion so snarky jerkwads like myself and people who are trolling get sidelined quickly.


Or maybe I'm just having a bad day. My panties got twisted when I was pulling them on this morning.

Oct 31, 13 4:48 pm

Sarah - I'd go with the latter.  Does the other one do the full set to CMYK - I recall reading somewhere that not all colors are CMYK friendly...

Oct 31, 13 5:07 pm

If you have the extra $100, you might get the monitor calibrator too.

Oct 31, 13 5:11 pm

sneaky, i think we all try to keep this thread clean.  even us jerks.  this is sort of the sanctified ground.

Oct 31, 13 5:39 pm
Many people think I'm a moderator. But I'm not. Pete, the only real moderation I've seen - in many many years on the site - is when people have either outed anonymous posters or posted blatantly racist comments or posted personal attacks/photos of non-anonymous people without consent. It seems to work well.
Oct 31, 13 5:58 pm

Mrs  Snooker has the second on Sarah.  Seems to do just about everything she wants it to do.  She is always pulling it out of her bag when were doing  printing on cloth banners.

I'm Glad the Mc Coy's won the World Series!

Oct 31, 13 6:09 pm

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