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Houston has something called a "development ordinance" which basically is the same thing as a zoning document, plus they have minimum parking requirements, minimum lot sizes, their own building code, allowed uses (in relationship to neighboring uses), and all these deed restrictions... I know that Houstonians like to pretend they have no zoning, but they do.

Jan 17, 13 11:13 am
Sarah Hamilton

I think Texas is a playground for the republicans/1%, but I don't know if this is new, or I'm just aware now.  There are parts of Texas that I love.  I love the individual/hard working spirit.  I love the commonsense attitude   I love the "work with what ya got" mind set that used to prevail.  The Texas I love, and celebrate every March is the Texas down South, or out West, where ranching prevails, but is quickly disappearing.

I don't know if the new Texas is due to the influx of "foreigners," or just modernization.  Maybe it's just evolution.

Certainly, the old Texas had conservative values, and was based heavily in Christian ideals, but over all, it was a mindset of 'to each their own.'  My grandfather certainly wouldn't approve gay marriage, but if you were to mention it, he'd say "Bah!" wave his hand, and shake his head.  He might not think it's right, but it was none of his business.

When I look around at the next generation of Texans, I feel a bit discouraged, but I don't know that it's any better anywhere else.


Then there are times that I wonder how I can get myself invited to those secret business lunches Perry holds with investors.  How can I get in on those under-the-table deals?

Jan 17, 13 12:36 pm

This is cool, but what is the budget supposed to be for these things?! Even if the wood scraps are free, this looks expensive.

Love it, though.

Jan 17, 13 5:28 pm

yeah..i've been to a couple of these things and the budget has not appeared to be this elaborate... all the money seems to be in the steel frame.. cause i guess the scraps are free and the labor will be free...but what is the actual use, or does it meet the intended use?  there are pools under it?  does it work as a shading device (i guess there are tarps hanging in the steel armature)?  compared to some of the other ones that have been made this one seems to cover the least amount of area.

Jan 17, 13 5:38 pm

the bizarro speak of new republicans is amazing , with guys like perry cutting education funding while saying he's investing in it and all that nonsense.  the rhetoric is conservative, but the action is feudal, with severe fascist undertones. it's all become very alien, at least to me...

from the outside it don't look like its the foreigners, just greed and power and folks somehow voting against their own interests (out of fear?) so the powerful get more powerful and fuck around with gerrymandering and all that buggery. so it won't change anytime soon, even if you vote the other way.

maybe its good for canada, cuz we used to have a brain drain and now smart folk would have to think a wee bit about the downside of moving south.  our economy is more stable, we have free healthcare and know enough to stay out of people's bedrooms at least.

Jan 17, 13 7:05 pm
Sarah Hamilton
Yeah, but you have snow, polar bears, wolves, snow, and I once read a rolling stone article about generations of missing boys due to chemical polution.
Jan 17, 13 9:17 pm

If Sarah H ever had another kid I'd imagine her husband making this.

Jan 17, 13 11:41 pm

I only came here to see Donna's job status update. Why art thou Donna?

Jan 17, 13 11:50 pm

Rusty, she's all good.

Jan 18, 13 1:13 am
vado retro

speaking of bizaropublican speech and thought. as many of you know i live in the bible belt delta and i deal with "normal" folks on a day to day basis. the primary thing i hear is people who have latched onto mitt's comment about the 47% and how they believe he was right and that these "people" are the real problem and why the country's broke etc. of course, i just shine it off as i have no intention of talking politics while i'm working. but, god. what i don't get is that these people think that i'd be at all sympathetic or agreeable to their stupid ass backward view of the world. i guess its' because i'm a middle aged white dude. but, it's incredible to me that people will start saying what they say to me. i mean i don't go into businesses and start bitching about the fucktard republicans and how they have slashed and burned their way through the american dream, do i? well, maybe i do. or maybe i should start.

Jan 18, 13 9:21 am
Sarah Hamilton

Manta, I saw that, and totally rolled my eyes.

Just the same, Husband probably would do something like that.  Abram turns five next month and gets his first shifter cart.  He's excited; actually, they're both excited.  

Jan 18, 13 9:30 am

vado, my SO's family is from the deep south.  Everytime we go down there, someone will randomly start talking to us about how this n***** muslim president is taking this country straight to hell.  This is in a nice, upper-middle class community, too.  These people have nicer houses and stuff than I grew up with.  But I am not joking about the kinds of comments like these that people just naturally sprinkle their conversation with, as though it's a totally normal part of life.  And I think the same thing, what on earth makes you think I remotely agree with you?  Curiously, I am the only bible-believer we ever meet and I am also the only socialist.  Ha.  So much for the "bible belt".

Jan 18, 13 11:13 am

I was in Texas once and I saw a truck driving around with a bumper sticker on the back that said "Texas is bigger than France."  

What on earth possesses someone to actually put a bumper sticker on their car that says that?  Does anyone give a shit which country is bigger than whichever other? China is bigger than the US, maybe I should have printed that up and slapped it on his bumper.  This was, btw, the SOLE bumper sticker this guy had, so it was that much of a statement that he just had to make it.  That fool is that proud of his ignorance and bigotry.

If I lived in the South I would have trouble not running around starting up arguments with everyone. I'd probably get the shit kicked out of me by day 2.

Jan 18, 13 11:17 am
vado retro

my bumper sticker is bigger than your bumper sticker.

Jan 18, 13 11:59 am

It's kind of anti-climatic, but in a good way: Nothing about my job changes for the time being.  Except I am more explicitly the PM for a big reinstallation project so I feel like my workload has suddenly tripled.

All is good.

That PS1 installation just looks dull to me.

Jan 18, 13 12:10 pm

i must like dull. actually, i know i do. i'm thinking i'll like its texture and shadow. form: whatever.

seems like it could be more economical *and* have more impact on the overall space, though, if it were made up of lower forms that took up more real estate. 

Jan 18, 13 12:31 pm

totally agree SW.  It makes no sense that it's 4 stories tall...provides no more shade..isn't occupiable...spends most of the budget where people can't use it...and probably makes the attachment to the ground infinitely more difficult since it's so top heavy.

Jan 18, 13 1:52 pm

new england is pretty good - gay marriage, universal healthcare (vermont even has single payer), best public education in the country, least religious... only problem are the turkeys.  Thanksgiving is really just an elaborate scheme to rid our region of this vile scourge - they keep coming back though - terrorizing whole neighborhoods with their incessant gobbling.  Obama clearly doesn't care about the turkey's threat to our national security, though.  ban semi-automatic weapons and I'm not sure we can continue protect the rest of the country from this great evil.

Jan 18, 13 5:19 pm

As you all know I 'm from High Plains Shit Kicker country so I always catch of good wiff, in conversations with  family and old high school  friends.  Now I live in a liberal state but seemed to be surrounded by the same attitude, but most of these people are worried about their taxes going up....go figure.

Jan 18, 13 5:35 pm
snook_dude shattering no...but you could be doing this as an intern with no pay....sigh!

Jan 18, 13 5:43 pm

I'm really hoping that out of self respect no students enter the building satire competition. Take time out of your studies to enter this international competition to get the chance to give your work away for free, pay to travel to also work for free, for a period of two weeks that you won't even be able to count for IDP. At best you are getting some networking and a line on your resume. Is the winner really winning?

Jan 19, 13 2:58 am

glad to hear that donna.  i think.

sarah you described all the good parts about canada!  except the lost boys.  not sure what that is about.

fucktard is such a cool word, especially when vado uses it.

Jan 19, 13 4:01 am

Toaster turkeys are the least of our problem here in Connecticut.  This those Damn Canadian Geese who drop their shit bombs everywhere.  I think they are really are some sort of drone from the North,  cause they used to just fly over, now it seems with global warming they just stay  here all winter.  Boy oh Boy , can  a flock of them mess up a guys Golf Game. It is the closest thing to an invasion this country has ever seen. They can be seen on a regular basis flying  in stealth patterns mocking our , "Blue Angels."

Jan 19, 13 8:40 am

Are toaster turkeys anything like an eggo waffle?

Jan 19, 13 10:33 am

snook we get a bunch of those near where i work.  sometimes they push into the parking lot and try to prevent people from getting into the building.  every spring 2 of those damn things make 4 more.  and they're protected.  if you run one over, you get in trouble.  if you try to hunt them, you get in trouble.  that's backwards policy.  they need to cull the population somehow, maybe feed hungry people while they're at it.  it's arithmetic.

Jan 19, 13 10:51 am
Sarah Hamilton
Will, you'll have to search for chemical plants dumping waste into rivers.

And we all know that Vado could say anything, and it would sound righteous.

Brian, I also read that as toaster-turkeys. Funny what lack of punctuation can do.

And Snook, it seems that Canadian Geese could make your golf game infinitely more fun. Fore!!!

Jan 19, 13 10:54 am
Sarah Hamilton
Oh, and I am terified of wolves. I blame children's books, but terified. Used to hate going to sleep at my grandparents place because the wolves outside might jump through the window at any moment. And coyotes are in the same category in my book, except that they look mangy during the day, and sound like a pickup full of teenage boys at night.
Jan 19, 13 10:57 am

Yes, I also read toaster-turkeys. I see stuffing one down into the slot being challenging but a good calorie burner before the big meal.

Jan 19, 13 10:59 am

I rode my bike along a river today, little green canadian goose turds everywhere. I can see why they're more of a problem than the docile toaster turkey

Jan 19, 13 6:52 pm
Sarah Hamilton
Brian, that is perfect!!
Jan 19, 13 9:17 pm

i thought toaster turkeys were some new breed i missed while living abroad.  like reality tv shows.

@ sarah, if you mean the recent tests that showed all canadian kids have toxic chemicals in their bodies i suspect that is universal nowadays.  were all pretty much fucktards when it comes to the shit we allow to be dumped into the air and water.  depressing how many hits came up when i did the search from your words.  funny matamoros used to be famous for that kinda nonsense, and now its just the price we choose to pay to have modern stuff.  mildly insane we are.

Jan 19, 13 10:29 pm

Sarah, I can't take the credit. It's the first result; "toaster turkey" google image search.

Jan 19, 13 10:38 pm

oh god - they have toaster turkeys in CT?  they've gone terminator.

Jan 19, 13 10:44 pm

Do you ever read thread central BACKWARDS back up to where you last left off? Toaster turkey, ahhh, there it is.

Jan 20, 13 8:33 am

there is no there i do....

high all, looking forward to long weekend (ie off tomorrow for MLK Day)  and hopefully working at urban farm project and getting a massage!

did some grilling last night with friends.

anyone else have the day off? I know one of my friends who works for a small boutique firm doesn't but i figure the bigger/more corporate firms might?

Jan 20, 13 10:18 am

"High" all.  Hehe.

I do not have tomorrow off.

Jan 20, 13 10:36 am
Sarah Hamilton
Will, this is close to the article I read:

Funny that it is so deeply embedded in my idea of Canada.
Jan 20, 13 10:55 am

I am off for MLK. High Donna! Tee hee.

Jan 20, 13 11:04 am

Just a quick sidebar on Will's 'poisoned Canadian children'  comment.

We the Architects have a tremendous say in living environments. This needs to be one of our primary concerns. Just taking a stand by saying 'no PVC or vinyl in any of my projects' will actually cut cancer rates down the line. 

The list of materials we should never use is kind of huge. 

Jan 20, 13 12:47 pm

i would like to know more about pvc poisoning.  that's the same stuff we make sewer pipes out of, and they're running domestic water through it now, right?  it's also used in underground conduit for electrical sometimes, right?  i have grand plans of using pvc pipe in my garden next year as part of a weed control strategy (sort of like raised beds, but not wood because it rots).  it would be kind of sad if i died because pvc leaked into my tomatoes.  if it leeches into groundwater, it seems we're already pretty screwed.

or is it the manufacturing that causes problems?

Jan 20, 13 1:23 pm

yeah thats funny not sure why i didn't catch that..

also i was just reading (apparently old news though) about Perkins+Will Precautionary List, of chemicals/materials to avoid.

Are there other free/open-sourced resources like this? Obviously lots/most firms have materials/libraries/catalogs.

Meaning why was it such a big deal when they did it? Is it just hype or actually something new/different in the industry?

Jan 20, 13 3:01 pm

thanks sarah.  the native canadians get short stick all the time.  it's bollocks. we have otherwise wrecked things in rest of the continent too.  just listened to science program yesterday (quirks and quarks if you dig canadian content) talking about the pollution coming from the new shale oil works.  oil people are saying the contaminants in the lakes are natural.  they coulda been, but scientists worked out a way to show when the pollution started rising and it turns out its  coincident with production of shale oil in the late 60's. 

so anyway, canadian government is now working to shut down climate science, pollution monitoring, etc in canada because they don't like the results.  such crazy-ass bullshit i don't understand how or why harper's party keeps getting re-elected.

agree with rusty about materials.  cradle to cradle makes most sense.  perkins and will are doing cool stuff with that sort of thing. rusty, how easy is it to actually stick to that kind of list?  i guess you are the guy who sorts it all out in the end at your office, do you get pushback or is there a real shift going on?

Jan 20, 13 7:30 pm
Sarah Hamilton
What?! Canadian govt shutting up climate science? Seems they should be using global warming to their advantage, think of all that realestate in Yellow Knife! Keep it up, and you'll be giving up that socialized medicine, too!
Jan 20, 13 8:01 pm
i love how black the home screen is in archinect's iphone app.

everyone should go on architizer and vote for donna's / visiondivision's 'chop stick' for best of '12!

out too late last night = time for bed.
Jan 20, 13 8:20 pm

everydayintern I finally went over and read about the competition.  I'm confused by what exactly it is and whether is complete satire or not. But I do love a good section drawing!

Jan 21, 13 7:01 am

yeah sarah, you'd think george bush took over up north after finishing off things for ya in the states. anti-science like its nobody's business.  env protection must be stopped because its bad for business and all that. it's infuriating. 

global warming is global weirding in practice. probably just get a lot more floods instead of better growing season.  anyway, land up north ain't exactly the best for farming even if it stops being frozen. 

Jan 21, 13 8:31 am

curtkram, I wouldn't use PVC in my garden. It will degrade in the sun too you know.

Jan 21, 13 8:56 am

so, do you think abs or pe or something else would be a good option?  wouldn't they have the same problems with degradation?  do you know if the cost is comparable?

i was talking to a contractor the other day who said pvc sanitation pipes, even if covered with some sort of fireproofing, are no longer allowed in commercial plenums.  that means cast iron is the only option.  i honestly don't think there is a viable alternative to pvc for sanitation, considering cast iron costs too much and i don't think commercial codes allow pe or abs.  i could be wrong, as this is more or less new to me and i haven't looked into it too much.  if there are any experts i would like to know more.

Jan 21, 13 9:10 am

curtkram, I'm no expert, but harder plastics like those are probably ok.

Jan 21, 13 2:30 pm

The list of materials we should never use is kind of huge. 


yeah - i make sure none of the carpets I spec contain urethra formaldehyde.

Jan 21, 13 10:33 pm

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