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Sarah Hamilton
Two doors is definitely too much. Maybe they should've gone with a single pocket style door.

Not sure I'd bother closing it, though.
Jan 8, 13 6:45 pm
Sarah Hamilton
Glad we made it to a new page, but now my comment has no context.

James, can you post again? Please?
Jan 8, 13 8:44 pm

prezi is a bit of a pain.  too many constraints.  i've used it in a few lectures but am waiting for the good version to come out that doesn't require me to make my own css code to do basic stuff.  am sure it will come sooner or later.  pdf is more than enough on ipad. when it comes to portfolio i think the work is more important than the way its presented anyway. 

toilet under stairs is not proper content for TC unless it is related to harry potter somehow.  or brad pitt.  garwondler also allowed.

Jan 8, 13 9:28 pm

mantaray, just want to say love the multiple "fool" bombs on the Prentice thread. don't see that word deployed back to back that often nor so forcefully...]

also anyone else like Chicano Batman ?

Jan 8, 13 11:01 pm

Nam, had not heard of Chicano Batman until now. Instantly reminded me of Los Autenticos Decadentes with a Brazilian influence/twist (samba, bossa nova, etc.) ... see Seu Jorge or Stan Getz.

I tend to stay away from threads when they get like the Prentice thread, or any of the Perennial Whole. Too much back and forth with just a few people that has little to do with the original topic. I think Thayer gets off by just arguing nonsense and just looks for threads where there can be cause for a ruckus. 

Jan 8, 13 11:51 pm

I stayed at an apt in NYC with this bathroom. No problem if you amputated your right leg above the knee. At least this one had ventilation so you didn't *gas* yourself out.

Jan 9, 13 12:09 am

@brian - that looks similar the bathroom in my old apartment  - except the toilet was partly under the sink, which was great for reading the paper, but it was a little tricky getting on and off, and you needed to balance yourself at an angle halfway over the tub if you wanted to stand to do your business.


and related to my last post in the "guess my house style" thread - positive externalities.


I don't understand why people seem to think that offering very general ideas for someone's house is somehow "design services."  I think if more home-owners posted pictures of their houses asking for advice we could actually do some good...  maybe it would even be good PR for the profession if we appear to be helpful and we know what we're talking about (plus I think we'll learn something from each other).  people getting all uppity over someone trying to generate ideas for interior decor and landscaping for an average suburban house is really bizarre - if it makes me lose respect for our profession, then how do you think it makes the public feel?

Jan 9, 13 10:30 am


Jan 9, 13 10:33 am

i second steven's agreement with toaster

Jan 9, 13 11:05 am
Sarah Hamilton

Toaster, I've always pictured you as female.  My world is upside down, now.

Jan 9, 13 11:38 am
Sarah Hamilton

OK, this makes me sound like an old codger, but I remember having to go to the city library and pull up the fire maps in order to get building dims and city maps.  And then I'd still have to input it all into ACAD.  Don't students do site visits and research anymore?

Jan 9, 13 11:48 am

That Toilet shot makes me think of Frank Lloyd Wright 's RW Lindholm  Gas Station in Cloquet, Minnesota.  My recollection is the bathrooms are located on the second floor overlooking the  gas pumps with a set of stairs from the outside.  There is a urinal installed in the mens bathroom with a column in front of the urinal. I guess Frank was a man who wanted to put men to the true test of  markmanship.

Jan 9, 13 2:33 pm

Sarah...somehow I don't picture you as an, "Old Codger."  More like a nubile young mother, with a Twist of Texas.

Jan 9, 13 2:39 pm

Good luck getting a student to do anything in any library except check their email.

Jan 9, 13 2:43 pm
Sarah Hamilton

I can get stubborn and old fashioned on many things.  One of these days, I will be shaking my cane at the cars speeding past my house.

Jan 9, 13 2:48 pm
Sarah Hamilton

What were those fire maps even called?  Is Philadelphia the only city that has them?

Jan 9, 13 2:52 pm

Really I just showed how old I am. Should have something like, "Good luck getting a student to do anything in any library except ask where they can plug their phone in and how to connect to the wifi."

Now to be young again, I always had pretty decent luck getting GIS files from city websites and using conversion software to get it into CAD. But why do the work yourself when you can just wait for someone else to do it for you?

Jan 9, 13 3:03 pm

hey Brian those folks are pretty good!

Jan 9, 13 3:04 pm

sarah - I try to stay as gender neutral as possible -  I also tend to picture you as a capybara.


snook remembers the days before standardized measurements and to do a survey you needed an appointment by the king's magistrate and blessing from the local monastery.

Jan 9, 13 3:12 pm
Sarah Hamilton


Jan 9, 13 3:16 pm

sanborn maps.  i'm getting older too :(

i <3 google maps though.  i can draw a better site plan from there compared to a pdf, and far better than a print.

Jan 9, 13 3:18 pm

funny we still have to get site surveys done, and recently had to get a check on true north even.  understanding site is not just necessary to design its a legal nightmare if you don't have it correct.  wouldn't trust GIS for that, and don't use google for anything but directions.  maybe that's a [dense city with a fairly long history] issue?  in usa its really all sorted?

students at our library seem to be actually doing work.  or possibly watching movies.  but they are there. 

crazily enough we have fantastic (and growing) architecture collection in english, and small (probably just me in fact) population of english speakers so its like walking into a private library designed to pamper my tastes.  ridiculously spoiled.

students are possibly checking wikipedia while watching movies in the library.

Jan 9, 13 8:29 pm

site survey?  I usually just submit my "ideas" written on cocktail napkins with a few sexy renderings to the building department.  later I waive my hands around on the building site and presto-change-o!  



Jan 9, 13 10:52 pm

ha ha - "waive"... not an accident, btw... I meant to use that spelling.

Jan 9, 13 11:14 pm
Waiving hands is good trick. Do you give lessons?
Jan 10, 13 1:48 am
vado retro

i was not a twenty under twenty, a thirty under thirty or even a forty under forty. i am,  however over fifty.

Jan 10, 13 6:21 am

i don't know about 'sorted', will, but the various online mapping sites, when used in concert, can be very good until the civil engineer's work is complete.

we never trust only google. we use bing maps, too, and our local gov't's mapping system. when you look at all together, you can determine which is most up-to-date, you can overlay them to work out conflicts, and you can get multiple 3d views. in some cases we've picked up items that the field surveyors missed! 

Jan 10, 13 8:20 am
Sarah Hamilton

Donna, you have to post your story mentioned in the other thread.  I figure this is a safer place, though.

Jan 10, 13 3:32 pm

Not much more to it, Sarah.  It's still a bit of a mystery but I think the bullet went through the shag carpeting into the subfloor - I never found it.  And I didn't tell my parents until about two years ago when I said "Did you ever know…" and they of course were horrified.

I was not a stupid kid; I knew I should not be getting that gun down from my parents' closet high shelf, but I was looking for a pre-teen thrill, I guess.  Kids have undeveloped risk judgement, right?  I easily could have been an accidental gun death statistic.

The new director at my job has started making the changes he thinks will be best for the institution.  I'm still not sure where I will end up in the reshuffling, so things are a bit stressful right now.

Jan 10, 13 10:46 pm

Thanks Nam. Great photographs. Snow, in Istanbul and much of Turkey is a big part of life every winter.

Jan 10, 13 10:51 pm

thats shitty donna.  hope you end up where you need to be.

interesting steven.  for much of our projects the land needs to be surveyed and agreement between neighbours has to be sought regarding the boundaries.  google is not really trustworthy for us at all.  real estate documents aren't always trustworthy either.  i would love to be able to get our site documents from the internets.

Jan 11, 13 12:40 am
may be explaining badly. we'll use internet info in design, *never* for documentation. even if we got accurate GIS from city (which civil engineers use as starting point), wouldn't be allowed. But the info is plenty accurate up until CDs.
Jan 11, 13 6:10 am
donna, after all the thinking and organization-of-life it took for you to make that change, i hope someone who's been in the institution stands up and champions the need for your role. they didn't formulate only as favor to you; there was a perceived need! who else will watch over all of those facilities?!
Jan 11, 13 6:14 am

what steven said, donna!

i get you steven.   its possibly a bit different here because we have to manage shadow plans and solar access rights for neighbors; for tokyo the building envelope is defined by the site (zoning is all performance based rather than prescriptive) which means we can't do prelim design without checking out the site in detail.  quite annoying really.

Jan 11, 13 7:11 am
Sarah Hamilton

Donna, if it doesn't work out, you could always move here.  You already said you love our DMA director.

Jan 11, 13 11:50 am
Sarah Hamilton
TC almost fell off the first page!! Can't let that happen!
Jan 12, 13 7:09 pm

i think i'm having a mid-life crisis. seriously thinking of starting a non-profit and ditching the professional world altogether. 

also planning my 45th birthday party. 

oh, and i think part of my house is falling down. 

Jan 13, 13 6:54 am
Sarah Hamilton
Sounds like you're a sportscar and an affair away from oblivion.

Non profit could be cool, though.
Jan 13, 13 9:09 am

I've been working on something similar, Steven.  Not off the ground yet, and will now be put on hold because I'm making the reverse mid-life crisis... I just landed a job that I'm excited about.  So I'll be a working stiff again!  Staff architect - nice.  It will be nice to have colleagues again.  Is lonely working at one's dining room table.  There - that should scare you off!

Jan 13, 13 2:39 pm

also, SH, haha!  an affair and a sportscar away from oblivion.  nice.

Jan 13, 13 2:40 pm

congrats manta!  glad to to hear the job is yours

Jan 13, 13 4:26 pm
Sarah Hamilton
Manta, didnt you just start looking? Must've been one heck of a portfolio!
Jan 13, 13 5:39 pm

Yay manta! That is truly great news, I'm so happy you're excited about it.


Steven, I'll be on your board if you'd like.

Jan 13, 13 6:42 pm

Steven...think i have been working as a for profit non profit for a long time.....the fence is not greener on the other side....sigh!  I spent part of the Afternoon moving ice glaciers off the back deck of my house....knowing it is January and there is a lot of winter yet to come.

Manta great news! be doing one of those graceful dances across the main stage if changes are in the wind.  I like the Dallas Twist , Sarah brought to the table.

I'm hanging in here with trust that the judicial system works. Maybe one day I will be paid for the work  I did.  Who knows you might even read about it in the New York Times.

In the mean time I'm attempting to save a barrel vaulted diner circuit 1920's. It is the best spice I have on the table for the moment..

Keeping positive about not being sick with the it is on a fricking rampage at the moment.  my moto is "AVOID PEOPLE AT ALL COST!" 

Jan 13, 13 7:25 pm

SH, 45 huh, me too. today, while at church, i seriously fantasized about medical school, or seminary.

Jan 13, 13 11:51 pm
not a sports car kind of mid-life crisis. more of a 'wth have i been doing of value?' mid-life crisis. big difference.

45 party should be fun, though. hired a dj. 45rpms all night! y'all are invited.
Jan 14, 13 6:40 am
vado retro

wow manta that was fast! congratulations! midlife crisis is my middle name.

Jan 14, 13 6:42 am

I just threw a tizzy fit on my son's school's website about the upcoming after school enrichment program "Girls and Science Rock!" which is, clearly, a science program for girls only.  It's funded by a Nina Mason Pulliam Ecolab program.

Really? Do you think they would be wiling to fund a program called "Boys Get Science and Girls Don't! Rock On!" for boys only? Or one called "Asians Are Smart So More Science For Us!"? I'm fearful I'm bringing on the wrath of the PTA with this fight but seriously, if the boys in our school are causing the girls to feel inadequate in Science then is the solution to yank the girls out of the classroom or to address the behavior of the boys? We're an International Baccalaureate program, which takes as its premise that ALL people are valuable.  So why are we treating genders differently?!  I'm steamed.

Jan 14, 13 6:42 am

Steven let me know party date asap! I'll be 46 by then so I can teach you aaalll about it, you youngster!

Jan 14, 13 6:43 am

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