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GoDaddy has never had a commercial that wasn't disgusting.  The first one with Danica doing a lesbian-for-the-male-gaze thing was incredibly offensive and they've only gotten worse.  Gross.

Feb 4, 13 9:02 pm

hi TC go Ravens!

 steven i guess that's why you didn't have any reading recommendations?

also @Donna what Manta said! and hi Vado! and Josh feel free to pop in more...

Feb 4, 13 10:30 pm

does anyone on TC use a standing desk or chair/yoga ball? i have been debating switching to one of those for a few years?....

Feb 4, 13 11:29 pm

If you do a standing station, ease into it before going all commando, it's not as easy as it sounds. Get comfortable sneaks, and cushioning under your feet.

Feb 5, 13 6:59 am
Sarah Hamilton
I used a ball when I was pregnant. Felt great on my hips, but killed my back.

And Danica is just an overpaid lot-lizard. And she isn't even that pretty!
Feb 5, 13 8:41 am

beta good to know, thanks.

lot-lizard always reminds me of a hilarious Always Sunny in Philadelphia episode ft Tom Sizemore as guest

Feb 5, 13 8:56 am

Who is "Danica?"

Feb 5, 13 11:33 am

I <3 danica.  she might not be sarah's ideal for beauty, but she isn't unattractive either.  and she's a racecar driver.  i don't think danica has ever derived income from sexual acts with strangers at a truck stop.

danica patrick

Feb 5, 13 12:10 pm
Sarah Hamilton

Strangers, no, but car and team owners, yes.  I have a friend who used to work with her.  I have no issues with women driving cars, or being at the top of their game, but it's terrible for our sex if they get there by going all the way.

Feb 5, 13 12:31 pm

funny, you know why most men don't fuck their way to the top? because, most professions are run by men, and many men are mostly asshats that believe women are not equal and will never give them a chance on a level playing field. now, i'm not suggesting that the only way women can get to the top is by fucking some bloated prick's cheese laden dick, but i am saying that if a man can get away with it, he will fucking make it hard for women to succeed.

this phenomenon is not new, so let's stop...

Feb 5, 13 12:57 pm
Sarah Hamilton

Beta, I go back and forth with the issue, honestly.  Part of me says why shouldn't you use whatever tools are in your bag, but then I get ethical, and start to think that it doesn't mean as much as hard work.  It's all very muddy in my head.

Feb 5, 13 1:09 pm

i understand, but consider this; until women get to make the rules, or when men final start becoming Men - and not clowns - perhaps we could cut women a break when it comes to the jobs they take, the lives they live and the means by which women achieve their goals.

Feb 5, 13 1:37 pm

i did not mean to redirect thread central towards promiscuity's role in women's achievements.  i apologize.  in my youthful naivety and hopefulness i would have assumed danica's rise to fame was due to her abilities as an indycar driver.

Feb 5, 13 3:47 pm

Um, I'm not really willing to cut anyone slack for sleeping their way to the top. In fact, I'd forgive a kid for taking an unpaid internship faster than I'd forgive someone for trading sex - or gifts like Super Bowl box tickets -  for advancement in a professional field.

Feb 5, 13 3:51 pm

I've traded sex for advancement in my marriage - It's gotten me all the way to full partner.

Feb 5, 13 9:40 pm

I also don't understand the draw of motorcar circle racing - if I wanted to see 4 hours of automobile operators circumnavigating the same rather small area I'd plant a chair at a rotary.  Maybe the accidents aren't as spectacular (more like slow motion fender-benders), but you do learn more colorful language.

Feb 5, 13 9:55 pm

Well toaster, that goes without saying.  I don't think sex should be used for bartering in professional relationships. 

Feb 5, 13 10:46 pm

@toast +1 hehehe night all.

Feb 5, 13 11:11 pm

Today I'm wearing a black turtleneck, black pants, black boots and black glasses. 

But then I have a mocha-colored Stevie-Nicks-ish crotcheted long sweater over it all.  Bucking the paradigm.



Or should that be Buckinghamming the paradigm?

Feb 6, 13 9:33 am
vado retro

loving you, isn't the right thing to do...

Feb 6, 13 10:22 am
Sarah Hamilton

Old guys in bars tell me I look like Stevie Nicks.  I take it as a compliment, if the guys are interesting.

Feb 6, 13 12:47 pm
vado retro

i 'm tired of it.

Feb 6, 13 3:54 pm
boycotting the anti-TC, right?
Feb 6, 13 4:50 pm

oops wrong thread

Feb 6, 13 4:53 pm

Actually, we rarely talk about other threads here in TC.  We just talk about water cooler stuff.

Feb 6, 13 8:01 pm
Sarah Hamilton
I used lots of thread making some penants last weekend.
Feb 6, 13 8:02 pm

is this the right thread :p

re: "water cooler stuff" actually TC is probably only(most regular) place i do talk water cooler stuff.

Feb 6, 13 9:42 pm
vado retro

beta, i ate my cookie! Thanks!

Feb 7, 13 8:46 am
vado retro

the other thread central is getting ahead of this one.  not by post count, but by position.

Feb 8, 13 12:07 pm

Let's talk about a thread: I'm enjoying that thread on tablets at the job site just for the opportunity to be a contrary old lady. Perhaps ornery is a better word.

Feb 8, 13 12:55 pm
Sarah Hamilton

I know that the iPad far exceeded paper plans when I was selling windows, and doing walk-throughs, ect.  But I don't think I would like it for overall stuff.  The screen isn't large enough to give you full-picture when looking at the plans.

Feb 8, 13 1:23 pm
I'm waiting for the holographic version that can be any size we want and totally hand gesture based.

Our clients prefer paper and models. iPad is not big enough but good for reference material.
Feb 8, 13 7:45 pm

I have been digging out off and on all day long.  One can only shovel so much snow.  This morning when I took the dogs out to walk the guy plowing out the doctor's parking lot across the street  was so burried in snow  he couldn't plow his way out.  He was out standing on a pipe of snow hand shoveling....then his savior the City Plow came to his assistance and busted open the road so he could get out.  It has been a bit crazy here over the last 24 hours.  They actually shut down all of the Roads in Connecticut.

Feb 9, 13 4:18 pm
Climate change in action. Time to go green. Not that it will stop the freaky weather or anything.

Spending the week in the arms of Japanese healthcare after some surgery. Am very upset that they don't have wireless Internet in my room but glad they do have a system in place so they don't cut up the wrong guy or walk away with parts I'd prefer to hang onto. . And only gonna cost a few hundred bucks apparently. Which is pretty cool. No waiting like in Canada and no mental cruelty like the USA. Somehow these folks are able to mix free market and government policy to make broken bodies better without anyone threatening to take advantage of their 2nd amendment rights.
Feb 9, 13 8:10 pm

Given our recent discussion re: gender and education thought this op-ed The Boys at the Back in NYT an interesting read. The author highlights the results of a recent study which analyzed the gender-gap in educational attainment, specifically and (somewhat counter-factually for me) "The study’s authors analyzed data from more than 5,800 students from kindergarten through fifth grade and found that boys across all racial groups and in all major subject areas received lower grades than their test scores would have predicted" The op-ed suggests that this gender gap in school grades is in at least part attributable to "differences in behavior" and explores possible solutions.

Feb 10, 13 2:36 pm

I saw this very beautiful building today, luminous glass on a grimy grey street. Sorry, I'm on an iPad and can't figure out how to make that a link. Our apartment is very cool, larger than expected! And the city seems great. Only saw a little bit today but will be a serious tourist tomorrow.

Feb 11, 13 2:27 pm

...and our apartment is about two blocks away from this project, by the same architect! I love Archinect, it's so connecting!

Feb 11, 13 2:37 pm
Sarah Hamilton

Donna, I hate you.  Well, maybe not hate.  I want to be you.  I'm part way there, really.  Curly hair, glasses, husband that loves cars, creative son.... Now if I could only figure out the rest.


Anybody else see this?  While I like FLW, his work always seems dated, and a bit drab.  I realize that most of this is due to when it was created, and thus kept that way by preservationists, but I wonder could you make it yours?

Why can't you white wash the outside?  Hang bright teal curtains?  Update the kitchen?  Would it really be so blasphemous?

Feb 11, 13 2:47 pm

I'm more interested in this rehashing of archigram nonsense.

Feb 11, 13 3:42 pm

actually - the only extremely stupid things in this proposal are the interchangeable building units (yes - replace an entire facade every 10-20 years?  that's TOTALLY sustainable), minneapolis-style skyways and disney cable cars, robot butlers, and the underground transit hub which will cost about 40 gazillion dollars in yearly maintenance.  oh, there's a green community center for the community to educate the community about community and sustainable communities.  you know - for the community to have community space where they learn things (about other communities).


meanwhile I can buy an entire house in Detroit for $3.

Feb 11, 13 3:57 pm
I love metabolism and archigram. But it doesn't work. Except by accident. In mega cities

Poor FLW. Somehow I can't imagine curtains in any of his buildings. Would be nice as installation in the Guggenheim.
Feb 11, 13 4:57 pm
Sarah Hamilton

Toast, I haven't looked at the link just yet, but can I name the robot butler Rosie?

Feb 11, 13 5:06 pm
Honestly I am sick of this thread. Archinect forums are withering with very few new posts while the intelligent regulars posting in just one thread. Amazing to me that the people that run this thing haven't closed this thread years ago.
Feb 11, 13 6:39 pm
Sarah Hamilton
Gruen, would you prefer that we create new threads whenever we stay near a cool building, or Vado eats cookies?
Feb 11, 13 6:47 pm
LOL obviously I'm not in charge. But why not post new threads like you used to?
Feb 11, 13 7:07 pm
Sarah Hamilton
I think part of it is that the forum threads got really nasty for a while, an TC has always been safe.

Also, when we do venture out, and create new, fun threads, they die after only a few comments. I started one called "would you rather," and it was dead in days.

Go, create fun threads! I venture out daily, but I can't contribute to the school threads, and I'm no longer in the archibusiness, so I can't add to those, either. Actually, many of the TC regulars are no longer architecting. Now, we're just chinecting.
Feb 11, 13 7:34 pm

@gruen:  ah the forums... it used to be fun before people were outed.  young people tend to be a little more careful on the internets.

Feb 11, 13 10:25 pm
Is that true, toast ? I thought the youth of today were not careful enough. Is that the last generation already ?

Seems like there are more absolutists than before in the regular threads. And none of them as innocently interesting as Per was. Kinda like the new flock of republicans you all are raising in the us of a. :-)

Are most folks at tc not practicing anymore ? Totally snuck up on me, if so.
Feb 11, 13 10:58 pm

Kinda like the new flock of republicans you all are raising in the us of a. :-)

This is funny!  The Republicans will have a hard time reinventing themselves. 

I actually have an incredible fondness for your native Canada, having been to four provinces (with MANY trips to BC and QC), but, with only 35 million people, it manages to be such a cultural mosaic and so complex that I don't try to understand its politics, nor comment on them.  I wish people could see that the USA has as much, if not more, complexity.  Political beliefs here operate on a continuum, and people land in many places along this continuum. (A continuum indicates structure, and I can roll with that.)  Oftentimes, people pick and choose their issues, much the way "cafeteria Catholics" do.  Since I'm a product of immigrants and first-gen, I'm a Democrat.  Some of us don't check all the boxes in accordance with current liberal and popular thought, and might be slightly more conservative, but we are against the USA becoming a nation of "have and have nots," and that includes universal access to health care.

Feb 12, 13 12:33 am

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