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Wow, that is freaky, but +q, I do have a goatee myself...And that's right we know each other, SuperHeavy, SuperBeatledud, and WonderK are all an urban family.

Oh, and I beat SuperHeavy at the 300 mark...THE WAR TO 500 IS ON!

Mar 16, 06 1:33 pm

Yeah myriam, would it blow your mind to know that I took that picture of the two Supers?

PS. Is the site slow AGAIN? Such a downer. What to do....oh, yeah, work. Whoops.

Mar 16, 06 2:21 pm

i have no intention of racing to any post count (who needs to say so little with so much?), and my Super moniker is integral to my design, not a tacked on detail.


Mar 16, 06 2:48 pm

Well WonderK, I do seem to remember that someone is your neighbor... SH, I'm guessing? My mind is getting less freaked now that the puzzle pieces are falling in place! :D

I don't have myspace so I couldn't see half the pictures posted in that archinect picture thread. So it's still a little fuzzy to me who everyone is (not to mention genders!)...

I have a feeling my comment counter MUST be broken, though!! I really haven't posted that many comments, and SBD is behind me with a longer time on archinect. Yikes! Who wants to race ME, bitches?!

Mar 16, 06 4:19 pm

I'll race...

WonderK and I are neighbors, SuperHeavy and WonderK are co-workers, and all of us are part of the urban family...Clear?

Mar 16, 06 4:31 pm

ha ha despite being an architect I'm actually really averse to competition. So I'll give it my best shot but I'll probably forget eventually and slack off, as is my californian wont.

And, got it, thanks!

Mar 16, 06 4:33 pm

myriam, this may help:

Archinect's presence on MySpace

This has a lot of us on there.

Mar 16, 06 5:23 pm

intriguing! Jimmy looks cool, who the heck is he? All these avatars have my little head spinning. I'm myriam everywhere, nothing more, nothing less.

Guess I'm gonna have to get myself a myspace account to see the whole group. Argh. Let's see how many years I can hold out.

Mar 16, 06 5:33 pm

has it made its way to friendster yet?

Mar 16, 06 7:55 pm

You guys can race to see who catches up to me first. I used to post a TON, but have slowed down a lot lately...

Mar 16, 06 11:05 pm

friendster used to be cool, then it started to go down hill right around the creation of MySpace and Facebook......CRAP!

Mar 17, 06 10:32 am

3 things i want to know;
where is vado?
what to see in grocery store?
which schools allow roman bathouse projects?
oh 1 more,
what you guys think of american inventors?

Mar 17, 06 11:05 am

yesterday i saw when they told that 12 year old kid his invention sucked, i couldnt watch after that.....

Mar 17, 06 11:15 am

I heard they booted windows on mac.

Mar 17, 06 11:27 am
brian buchalski

i'm still alive

Mar 17, 06 1:19 pm

I started legitimately laughing out loud last night at the chance recollection of the "aquacolumn" bad crit story. It should pass from school to school into bad critique folklore.

Mar 17, 06 1:37 pm

aquacolumn???? repeat here for all of our enjoyment!

Mar 17, 06 1:51 pm
brian buchalski

all the belly-aching about grad schools & who's better reminded me of this gem from bossman, the anti-best school thread

Mar 17, 06 1:53 pm


it was posted by curtclay, 01/12/06 10:09, in the 'worst crits' thread - which just so happens to be up on page 1 today.

Mar 17, 06 2:27 pm

The anti-best school thread had me almost longing for the days when everyone posted as "your name". That was the best non-sequiter nonsense spouting I've read in a long time. Hilarious.

At least every thread isn't about SCI-Arc anymore.

Mar 17, 06 2:40 pm

HA HA HA HA HA I had forgotten the wonders of the AQUACOLUMN!! Ha ha ha ha! I just got tears in my eyes again reading that. Thanks for the reminder, SH!

Mar 17, 06 4:48 pm

Ugh. Jobs can make Archinect out of reach.

Mar 17, 06 9:02 pm

what about preparing the posts before the office tiyme meeeng? this ain't no bingo...huh.

Mar 17, 06 9:29 pm

you gonna post on weekends?

Mar 17, 06 9:35 pm

garpike, I'm right there with you. Notice my post count has been stagnant for quite some time now? If I'd kept up the rate of posting I used to have, I would have beat BOTH WonderK and ACFA to 1000... but sadly, I work in a place where people pass behind me all the time, so I've had to ween myself off archinect. *tear* I miss it. I was totally shocked to hear all this stuff about Pixelwhore's new job and a few other things and realize, "wow, have I been THAT out of the loop?!"

Thread Central is a godsend.

Mar 17, 06 10:02 pm

i heard a deep rumor that post modernism in architecture is coming back and stanley tigerman has written a revised and strong manifesto for it. if you guys have anything to verify please post a picture. non fat please. i am trying to lose some post cigarette quitting apetite. thanks in advance.

Mar 17, 06 10:48 pm
vado retro

some people say i been workin a lot
some people say i been havin computer problems
some people say i was incapitated while doin pete townsend air guitar windmills...all these are true
but the main reason i been away is to let ya all catch up.
vado retro post #2411

Mar 17, 06 10:53 pm

very gracious of you. domo arigato mr vado.

Mar 18, 06 8:10 am

PoMo's back? I was hoping that the 70's return was going to be limited to bell bottoms.

Does this mean they are going to repair Piazza D'Italia in NO?

Mar 18, 06 6:17 pm

PoMo is alive and [not so] well in Jacksonville...

sorry if that qualifies as "fat" mr. abra

Mar 18, 06 6:20 pm

malone college nursing facility

Mar 18, 06 6:44 pm

I just signed up for MySpace (yeah, I know I'm a little late to the party), so if you've got a friend request from someone you can't place, that's probably me with my new tongue barbell hanging out in my picture.

Mar 18, 06 7:30 pm

you don't like FAT in particular?

not a great fan of their work, but the attitude is perfect. quirky and they don't take themsleves too seriously...

Mar 18, 06 10:00 pm

there is a lot to like about FAT from what i've seen from their work. i like the attidute they work with, and thats a big likey. is above 2 pm FAT? btw, non fat thing was just a rhyme type of goof on my part.

Mar 18, 06 10:14 pm

there is a lot to like about FAT, so far as what i've seen from their work.

*my english getting worst and painfully emberassing. getting sloppy.

Mar 18, 06 10:19 pm

I think when your comments reach the year you were born, you should get an archinect mug!

Mar 19, 06 2:26 am

abra: i like your english. It's the new cool.

Mar 19, 06 6:21 am

whos gonna race abra to 2000? are there any competitors out there for this?

Mar 19, 06 7:29 am
vado retro

to me quantity isz qualitay.
post #2422

Mar 19, 06 9:59 am

impressive numbers vado.

yes above pic is from FAT, a proposal for public housing apparently. love it.

wasn't sure if the reference was on purpose or not ABRA as FAT is the new face of POMO and it sorta fits into your comment.

FAT seems to be in the news a lot lately. this suggests a return to form for POMO?

Mar 19, 06 10:51 am

here are some real estate jewels from homes section of los angeles times;

*stunning architectural (many times)
*major price reduction. grt op to remodel or buid your dream home $3,475,000
*architectural with no detail left to chance.
*updated mid-century walls of glass! WOW factor.
*malibu. so much house for so little money $ 2,995,000.
*museum quality mid-cent modern. designed by marco dimaccio.
*character spanish.
*what a surprise inside!
*soho meets so cal. mediterrannian villa. (imagine bleecker st with medit villas...)
*architectural done, done, done!
*beginner fixer-upper $1,295,000.

enjoy and eat your nails...

Mar 19, 06 11:41 am

I've visited FAT's web site several times and don't find myself intrigued at all. perhaps it's the style of their home page. in any case, that picture above is certainly worth talking about. I'd be really interested to see a cheeky project get built and the british have always seemed like top candidates.

Mar 19, 06 11:42 am

FANTASTIC! I love those. My favorite is character's so versatile.

CRIT - "So what were you thinking when you designed your project?"

ME - "Well, I was going for a sort of character Puerto Rican."


Mar 19, 06 11:56 am

THE OTHER CRIT- What a surprise INSIDE!!

Mar 19, 06 12:07 pm

ME- YEP... Done, done, done!

Mar 19, 06 12:08 pm

"want a cigarette?"

Mar 19, 06 12:12 pm

still no smoking for me but check this out;

solanesol is extracted from tobacco. with solenesol as its primary material, co-enzyme Q is useful in the treatment of heart diseases, cancers and ulcers.

Mar 19, 06 10:39 pm
liberty bell

YAY!!!! for abra!!! My new year resolutions pretty much crashed and burned - so glad to hear yours is sticking YAY!!!

Mar 19, 06 11:03 pm
Mar 19, 06 11:12 pm

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