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It's Monday morning, and like many other Mondays, I have popped online to see......a bunch of posts that e909 made in the middle of the night. Some of which don't really make any sense. But hey, that's cool, it's good to have routine in my life....


Mar 13, 06 8:31 am


Mar 13, 06 9:48 am
liberty bell

AP so sorry that I mistook your comment as garpike's. My archinect "efferts" this weekend were quite inhibited by the lethal combination of no sleep and strong alcohol.

I'm close to recovered now, as I was able to behave last night - though WonderK and SuperHeavy would have been grand companions for misbehaving! Great to see you guys. Cincy seems like a very cool town.

I too am looking forward to "the education of a young architect" starring justin_hui as presented by archinect.

e909, your opacity continues to fascinate.

Mar 13, 06 10:13 am

"SuperBeatledud, what's a nemis?" -WonderK

WonderK, spelling error, I meant to type nemes, which is an opponent or foe.

"only thing standing in the way of a *complete* union of the Super and Wonder clans is, perhaps, a shortage of tequila....." -WonderK

And hopefully that shortage will stay that way...and what do we mean by union?

"frugal joes beer is 4 bucks for a 6 pack (and also good)." -SuperHeavy

This statement is beyond truth! I love this beer!

Mar 13, 06 10:27 am

SuperBeatledud, I love you and your language! But you are still wrong!......

I believe the word you are looking for is NEMESIS.

I agree, it was delightful to meet the illustrious lb, finally. For all of you who have not had the pleasure, she is truly a class act. And you know, we try to represent. The only reason that Cincy is this cool is because I have such great company to share it with.

Mar 13, 06 11:00 am

Nemesis, yes, but I'm sure I've heard it used before as just nemes...I don't know.

Oh, and just to keep you up to date, WonderK and I have decided to move in together starting in September. This will ofcourse be the official date of creation of the Archinect Fraternity, Cincinnati chapter.

Mar 13, 06 11:15 am

God help us both.

Mar 13, 06 11:20 am

jump, I don't know. Maybe it's just an odd coincidence, that's just been my experience. This is all in college, mind you. So maybe it should be modified to: many asians who choose to come to a very competitive school of architecture seem to think this way?

Mar 13, 06 11:49 am

Thanks for the info Orhan!

How is everyone today? I'm trying for a fresh start this week. I need it.

Mar 13, 06 1:04 pm

i'm a little slow today. i had 87 beers yesterday.

Mar 13, 06 1:19 pm
A Center for Ants?

it SHOULD be, "many asians who go to a competitive school think as such".

oh being asian american.

Mar 13, 06 1:38 pm

i wish i could still drink 87 beers. at the time, i at least felt like i was accomplishing something.

Mar 13, 06 1:41 pm

view from my mom's living room. she spends alot of time there. there are shops and cafes on street level and activity goes on all they and night. this street scape goes on the same wrapping the entire bay of izmir over 25-30 miles.the water is on the other side of wall of apartments on the left, with a board walk and ferry station which connects different parts of the city with public transportation over the and across the bay.

she reads her newspaper and smaokes her cigarettes here. we don't try to get her quit smoking. she is 85 yo. knock on wood.

sidewalk variation

she would be really bored in america. i had a culture shock when i moved from this kind of urban environment to semi suburban usa when i first arrived in 1975. american cities came a long way since the 70's. that time there were only few places where you could find a espresso or a sidewalk cafe in , yes, los angeles..

just some thoughts when i got this picture this morning from my sister who took it a couple weeks ago. secong pic is from wikipedia on izmir. a little homesick this morning.

Mar 13, 06 2:01 pm

So there are so many threads, and so many posts on some of them, it's a little intimidating to check a thread that has 20+ posts that you haven't visited in a while or at all. So what is your inclination to check such threads, even if they are new?

1. Thread topic.
2. # of views to # of posts ratio.
3. A person that most recently posted (i.e. What crazy thing did puddles say or OMG SuperHeavy finally posted something, or lb, god I love to read her comments).
4. Completely random decision.
5. Whatever is on the top 1 or top 5 threads.

Mar 13, 06 4:39 pm

do you think the people who, as their first ever archinect post, pose some sort of question that is so obviously a thesis topic, actually believe we're all going to drop whatever we're doing to respond, jumping in with loads of information garnered from thousands of collective years experience?

And I love it how, when the original poster isn't content to let the post quietly sink to archinects briny deep, they self bump until frustratingly deeming us all too stupid to 'get' their train depot/community center/brick shit house.

can't wait to see how it goes in 2 years when i've finally hit upon sublime inspiration for my train depot/community center/brick shit house thesis project and I decide to let you jackals in on it.

Mar 13, 06 4:49 pm

Funny, I just posted on this thread, and then I saw SuperHeavy post, and I was like, "OMG, let's see what SuperHeavy has to say?" Here Here buddy, I'm with you on that rant.

Mar 13, 06 5:00 pm

I'm so predictable.

Mar 13, 06 5:07 pm


Mar 13, 06 5:15 pm

Also, I require assistance in this thread.

Mar 13, 06 5:16 pm

SuperBeatledud, I was refering to your choices above for why people look at threads. Chalk me up to #3.....

Also, somebody thinks you should change your name back. Not me. I'm just saying.

Carry on then, everyone.

Mar 13, 06 5:18 pm

Damnit WonderK, stop trying to control me...

Mar 13, 06 5:30 pm

I apologize to everyone who has had to endure the last several posts to get caught up on their threads for the day. I really do need help on that one thread though. BAT, we'll call it.

Mar 13, 06 5:38 pm

tequila or no tequila you guys sound like an old married couple

Mar 13, 06 5:45 pm
A Center for Ants?

if i link to it will they come?

Mar 13, 06 5:45 pm

Oh, for the love of god, lets not bring that thread back...

Mar 13, 06 6:01 pm

oh gods, no!

Mar 13, 06 6:07 pm

DAMN YOU ACFA! I fell for it.

Mar 13, 06 6:33 pm

Time to fess up-
My name is southpole and I’m an archinet-holic!!!
(archinectors: Hello Southpole)
It has been 4 day since my last post…..
Really people, I have more work than I can do in a 24 hour day , Exam to study for, a week old baby son and yet, I still find myself looking at the thread and reading several of then and resisting the urge to post….
I worked all weekend on this deadline for today, as soonest as the project was out the door I couldn’t wait to sit down and see what you people were up to.
Is this normal behavior? I need counseling?
I could not resist the urge to this onethis one

Mar 13, 06 6:35 pm

'kay everybody: DON'T follow ACFA's link. REALLY! We mean it! don't do it.


Mar 13, 06 6:35 pm
A Center for Ants?

i am really intrigued about per's phantom of the archinect gig as "vindpust".

Mar 13, 06 6:40 pm
A Center for Ants?

i offer my most sincere apologies. posting a link to that thread, despite the appropriateness within this thread's topic, and the playful nature of the post, it was horribly inappropriate and callous.

i will accept censuring or any other appropriate disciplinary actions taken by the members of archinect. i am truly sorry.

Mar 13, 06 6:46 pm

hmmm lurking for quite some time so i feel i should post something.

i'm supporting SuperHeavy's post 100%. i can't stand those 'will you do my homework' threads. ugh.

Mar 13, 06 7:00 pm
liberty bell

southpole, congrats on the birth of your boy!

And yes your behavior is perfectly normal. I too am an archinectaholic.

I'm headed out to a 4-day vacation in Phoenix and wondering how long I'll be able to resist the urge to "just check in"...and then spend the next hour ranting or laughing!

Mar 13, 06 10:13 pm

Oh no! liberty bell withdrawal. Good thing we have Thread Central to keep us in group therapy.

Or should I say GrOuP tHeRaPy.

Mar 13, 06 10:35 pm
liberty bell

WonderK you truly are a sUPerheRo. YoU crAcK mE Up!

And jeez by the time I'm back you WILL be at 1,000 look at your numbers!

Mar 13, 06 10:37 pm

Not if I get there first!

Mar 13, 06 10:59 pm

Yeah, I'm in a sprint to the finish right now. If I were applying to grad school I'd be there already.

Mar 13, 06 11:47 pm

WonderK, I checked out that thread, and just couldn't figure out the question. Were we all just supposed to proclaim the brilliance of the idea? Or aDopT A nEW stYlE oF tYpInG?

another justin hui curiosity: he now wants architecture to make his life meaningful. Do other people feel like this? Am I the only one that thinks this might be dangerous to expect that much of a profession? Minor introspection: I went into architecture partly because I felt it was the most meaningful artistic career, and it felt shallow to just make pretty things that nobody really needed. Am I searching for that same meaning? If so, no wonder I'm unhappy!

Mar 14, 06 1:16 am

Why should we search for a meaning at all?

Mar 14, 06 1:23 am


meaning is too tricky to go looking for it, especially in architecture.

let meaning come to you, grasshopper.

Mar 14, 06 2:34 am

mhmm, Fear I see
Hatred you have...

Mar 14, 06 9:45 am

rationalist, I couldn't figure out the question either so I decided to take it in a new direction.

justin hui wants a lot of things, I think. He'll figure it out.

Mar 14, 06 10:11 am

Here's another n00b supicious thread

Thinking's total entries are the same as total comments, that being 3 each. The really interesting part though is that he created his account March I'm writing this at 10:17 AM EST time (although granted he lives in London).

Mar 14, 06 10:19 am

thinking has posted what seems to be a genuine question that has led to honest debate, i don't think he's looking for someone to do his homework for him.

Mar 14, 06 12:05 pm

why is this so sloooow today, don't they understand some of us have addiction problems?

and while you may be right on the fact that it's a legite question, whats with 3 posts (all being your first) in less than a day? Whatever, I don't mean to sound like an archinect nazi.

Mar 14, 06 12:28 pm

I don't think that the value of one thoughts and/or questions should be based on how much time is spent here. I have seen forums go the 'elitist old-timer' route and barring extreme circumstances it never makes them a better place. It turns from an open exchange of ideas into a club where the cool kids sit around reassuring each other how cool they are.

Mar 14, 06 1:23 pm

a la High Fidelity

--"You Guys are unbelievable"


--"You just sit around here shitting on the people that you think know less than you"


--"Which is everyone"


Mar 14, 06 1:54 pm

bEATLe- I'm actually doing rather well at letting go of some of my hatred, thanks. Certainly none for justin hui. I don't even know him. But fear, yes. Fear that I went the wrong way, that I was wayyyyy stupid to decide on a career when I was fifteen years old (early h.s. graduate).... a good amount of fear, hopefully not unreasonable.

Us grasshoppers don't do well sitting still to let ANYTHING come to us. We like to hop!

Mar 14, 06 1:55 pm

Oh hell yes, I own the bottom of this page too!!!

proceed to page 5...

Mar 14, 06 2:06 pm
Mar 14, 06 2:16 pm

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