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Mar 21, 06 5:49 pm


Mar 21, 06 5:54 pm

The "accepted to grad schools yet?" thread is like crack. I can't stop looking at it. And it's getting new users every single day. I wonder how many newbies we have for that one thread alone? It's even wilder when you consider how many of them applied to the same schools. I mean, they could start working deals out over there...."hey I'll go to Columbia if you go to the GSD so so-and-so can get into Yale", etc. Crazy.

Mar 21, 06 5:55 pm

i like the way you think WK
but I like that mnroe with money, ie: Ill give you my University of X scholarship for your Y University Fellowship
That thread reminds me of a school yard, I love it. Even this trading idea reminds me of when I traded marbels during recess.

Mar 21, 06 5:59 pm

marbles?!?!?! I never knew. fantastic. I traded baseball cards and match box cars, never marbles. Ha! how old are you anyway? fogey;)

Mar 21, 06 6:05 pm

(by the way, I'm currently trading $25 for a driving school certificate @ I Drive Safely . com, because, uh...while I do drive safely, I also drive quickly.

Mar 21, 06 6:07 pm

i traded baseball cards too. i didn't have many marbles, and still don't.

Mar 21, 06 6:07 pm


Mar 21, 06 6:09 pm

e, did you have a favorite card? or one worth a bit more than the rest?

Mar 21, 06 6:12 pm

i collected a bunch of stuff (stamps, coins, matchbooks, beer cans, etc) but never was willing to trade. i always knew i'd get suckered.

Mar 21, 06 6:14 pm

I was given some stamp books once, as a hand-me-down from a step-grandparent. Never really added to the collection, but I thought they were cool lookin....I guess the only thing I collect now is books.

Mar 21, 06 6:17 pm

seriously you american born and bred kids (I am an implant) never traded marbles?

In my school back in the old country marbles were a huge thing we had an underground economy based on them. I remeber that the tri-color marbles with the Colombian flag were the most 'expensive" could cost you 30 of the smaller mono-colored ones. For a while I even ran my own business I wasnt very succesfull though (and even back then I was inpatient) so I went out of business.

Mar 21, 06 6:23 pm

no colombian-underground economy jokes, please.

Mar 21, 06 6:25 pm

strange - I was marble collecting avid in first grade; fifth grade, there was this whole ordeal with pogs & slammers though I wasn't very much into it. Kindergarthen, I use to also collect the garbage pail kids stickers.

Mar 21, 06 6:26 pm

columbian marble-lord? sorry couldn't resist...

Mar 21, 06 6:26 pm


Mar 21, 06 6:27 pm

somehow i missed out on the marble culture. never even learned to play.

'course later on i also missed out on the black sabbath, rush, triumph, etc rawk culture. i was just completely unaware of it until college. kind of amazing since i grew up in a rural area. i think i was aggressively ignoring my surroundings.

never saw speed racer either.

really, i think i missed a lot of my generations touchstones.

Mar 21, 06 6:31 pm

ap, since i grew up in dc, baltimore was the closest team to me. i had a reggie jackson [i think he only played one year there], jim palmer, eddie murray, and brooks robinson. i seem to only recall the oriole cards. hmm... see, good thing i never got into marble trading. i woulda lost em all. you? cards that is. any stick out?

Mar 21, 06 6:37 pm

Chapter 1 of 12 - FL Driving School - online edition COMPLETE!!!

Mar 21, 06 6:39 pm

AP remeber j's car? man i still feel bad about that, i think i went to class (for the 3rd time) for that one.

Mar 21, 06 6:42 pm

A year or so after beginning my collection, Ken Griffey Jr. started playing pro baseball. I got his rookie card as a birthday or Christmas gift... Other than that, I had a Wade Boggs card from his second year in the league...and I used to like McGwire and Canseco when they played for the Oakland Athletics...( I also played on the Oakland Athletics of my Dade County FLA elementary school )...

Mar 21, 06 6:44 pm

ya, now that you mention it, I do...I can't recall the details though...what did you hit? a tree, a bike rider? stop sign?

Mar 21, 06 6:45 pm

another car.... the bike rider i think was someone else or did they hit a pedestrian? thankfully the dude was alright givin us the right to laugh at the perpetrators.

Mar 21, 06 6:47 pm

e - our age difference is evident from our responses. With the exception of Eddie Murray, none of those guys were playing by the time I was old enough to collect cards...maybe Jim Palmer...

Mar 21, 06 6:56 pm
Fatigue is a condition that can severely affect your reaction time and decision making abilities. Most likely to set in on longer trips, fatigue may be caused by a number of factors, such as boredom, eyestrain, heat, lack of sleep or heavy meals. Physical symptoms to watch for include drowsiness, blurred vision, slow reactions, lack of coordination, and problems judging distance and speed. Emotional indications include irritability and inattentiveness. Here are some steps to prevent fatigue related collisions:

* Get a good night's sleep before any long trip.
* Avoid driving late at night. Because our bodies are programmed to sleep when it is dark, it’s no wonder most fatigue related collisions occur between the hours of 1AM and 6AM.
* Listen to the radio, open your window, or converse with a passenger to help you stay alert.
* You are not in a marathon, so stop regularly for breaks. It’s a good idea to stop every few hours to get out and stretch.
* Avoid alcohol or any medications that could make you drowsy.
* If you are tired, feel ill, have had something to drink or have taken medications that may affect your ability to concentrate or stay awake – don’t drive.

excerpt taken from I Drive Safely . com

Mar 21, 06 6:58 pm

Happy Birthday Quondom!

Mar 21, 06 7:09 pm

we traded garbage pail kids

Mar 21, 06 7:19 pm

nice ap.

Mar 21, 06 7:21 pm

and yes, happy happy quondom.

Mar 21, 06 7:22 pm
Avoiding Collisions with Animals
Animals in roadways can present unique problems for any driver. To prevent a collision with an animal, remember the following points.

* Be cautious and drive slowly when traveling through pasture or farmland or in areas where animals may be present.
* Use extreme caution when driving in areas where horseback riders or horse-drawn vehicles are present. Avoid using your horn, as this may scare the animal and endanger the lives of many people as well as the animal. If directed to do so by the rider or driver of the vehicle, reduce your speed or stop until the road is clear or you can drive around them.
* Observe for clues of wildlife, control your speed, and stay alert, especially at sunrise and near sunset when many animals are the most active.
* Frightened animals can bolt in any direction, so always have an alternative route planned.
* If an animal is in the road ahead of you, do not flash your lights at it. Instead, slow down and honk your horn.
* If you think you may collide with an animal, it is better to brake than to swerve out of the way.
Mar 21, 06 7:44 pm

A question from a chapter quiz:

If you should encounter horses on the road while traveling through rural areas, you should:

A - See if one of them talks, like Mr. Ed
B - Get out of your car and shoo them off the road
C - Honk your horn a number of times to warn them of your approach.
D - Slow your speed and approach them cautiously
E - Follow behind them closely

Mar 21, 06 7:48 pm


Mar 21, 06 7:52 pm

heheheheh...I like B the best.

Mar 21, 06 7:53 pm

i'm partial to e too.

Mar 21, 06 7:55 pm
A Center for Ants?

back to the accepted to grad schools

it's incredible about to hit page 13 already and it started on feb 11. that's... 28-11=17... + today is the 21 = 38 days old... with 1191 posts...
1191/38... carry the 2.... drop the 1...

31+ posts per day... which is sorta insane. at this rate (assuming it'll stop in about 10 days...) it'll be up to 1500 posts by april 1st.

Mar 21, 06 7:55 pm
Mar 21, 06 8:03 pm

If you are traveling on a highway and see an orange sign you may be entering:

A - A school zone
B - Florida
C - The Orange Bowl
D - A construction zone
E - A theme park

Mar 21, 06 8:19 pm

sorry, this is all I have to contribute tonight.

Mar 21, 06 8:19 pm

i used to have thomas schumacher for a modern architectural history course. he used to give multiple choice tests. the twist was that there could be more than one right answer for each question. for every one you circled correctly, you got one point. for every one you circled incorrectly, you were deducted a point. there were a handful of negative scores on every test. it was pretty funny.

Mar 21, 06 8:35 pm

C. It's gotta be C.

Mar 21, 06 8:35 pm

I used to have a teacher that gave multiple choice tests, but instead of A, B, or C, he used all kinds of random letters. If you got 100%, the answers would spell something when strung together. Of course, this WAS the fourth grade...

Mar 21, 06 8:37 pm

don't get too close to the behind of the horses. they kick!

i used to ride horses with my brother in town along the road when i visited me gramma's place (small town, rural canada). i think they made it illegal a few years ago. so sad. so sad.

Mar 21, 06 9:04 pm
Heather Ring

i admit i'm kind of pleased ... a dept. of landscape thread alive and kicking! next stop: landscape school blog!

Mar 21, 06 9:15 pm


Mar 21, 06 9:24 pm

a horse once stepped, i should say stomped, squarely onto my big toe.

He was a beautiful, all white horse that my dad adopted for a few years while I was young, pre-teen. He named the horse Whitey. I think Whitey was pissed about his name, and took it out on my toe for some reason.

(What my dad lacked in creativity, he made up for in generousity...that is, the horse's owner stopped paying the keeper to feed and maintain it, and this particular stable was not financially able to sustain the horse...short version of the story: my dad took over for a few years)...

Mar 21, 06 9:26 pm
liberty bell

e, I'm sure you are not terribly interested in Binghamton, NY, but being a beer afficianado, have you tried Oomegang?

Mar 21, 06 9:42 pm

lb, yes i have. the ommegang ommegeddon that is. here's what they have to say about their beer:

Belgian pale & pilsner malts w/ Styrian Golding for bittering and Saaz for aroma. Ginger predominates the spicing. Fermented in primary with Ommegang's house yeast, followed by secondary with Brettanomyces bruxellensis. Dry-hopped in secondary w/ a blend of hops; Tettnang being the stand-out. The flavor profile is very herbal with an earthy undertone (very fitting for a Belgian-style farmhouse ale). The dry finish and pronounced hop aromas hide the 8% abv very well. Dangerously drinkable for its strength and character.

Mar 21, 06 10:35 pm
liberty bell

Ommegeddon?! That's a new one to me. The original Abbey Ale is my favorite, followed by Rare Vos, followed by Hennepin (for hot weather only).

I find all of them to be dangerously drinkable.

Mar 21, 06 10:54 pm
Mar 21, 06 10:57 pm
Mar 21, 06 10:58 pm

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