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liberty bell

Take that bottom of the page and run with it, SuperTweetleBeatleBattledud!

Aaaaah, another Friday afternoon deadline met, time to hit the bar....

but only the figurative bar, as I have a lot of catching up work to do visavis this week's computer breakdown. So I'll put on one of vado's mix cd's and get organized (vado is a model of superb organization, as his mix d's reflect).

This thread is the bestest.

Mar 10, 06 1:41 pm

Damnit, I'm suppose to teach sketchUp in 10 minutes to a princapal and some lead designers and I don'thave the laptop at my desk one knows if anyone got it prepared!!! I should have just brought my own in...

Mar 10, 06 1:51 pm
liberty bell

I noticed on the KPF thread, e, that you think the drivers in Seattle are all too nice - that even the damn cabbies "here" don't use their horns.

It's funny: you, e, struck me as a Pacific Northwest guy - but it sounds like you come from somewhere else (as 85% of PacNW-erners do).

Just trying not to hijack the poor hopeful intern's KPF thread...

Mar 10, 06 3:21 pm

yes lb, i do come from elsewhere. i was born and raised in the other washington. dc that is. i moved to san francisco in 94 and seattle in 01. i should have been born in seattle though. i love the weather and my garden.

the other thing that annoys me about seattle drivers are that they drive 10 miles below the speed limit. seriously. the speed limit says 25 and they drive 15. come on people, i've got things to do damn it.

Mar 10, 06 3:43 pm
brian buchalski

i've noticed that many of my comments are becoming dumber/lame lately. i think this is because of a problem with my brain...i've been spacing out a lot lately, sometimes blanking out and i'm nervous that maybe because i'm getting old i'll have one of those massive strokes and then be unable to add any commentary (maybe a good thing).

still, if i suddenly die, i'd like to figure out a way to let everybody know what happened since i do care about many of you and, presumably, some of you care about me too. i guess the question then is how do i prove that i'm really dead...instead of just being quiet?

also, does anybody know if it's kosher to google google? or would this risk creating some kind of feed back loop that could destroy the entire inter-net? kinda of like holding a microphone too close to a speaker. i really am too afraid to try this.

and yes, i did check (preview) this before i mess myself

Mar 10, 06 3:51 pm

Well, checking back in after the class I just tought. Someone took our conference room we signed out, and someone else took our projector, and the tech's forgot to load the software I needed...but eventually I got everything together.

Still, some blank faces when I got to the end of teaching...sigh, and I thought I dumbed the class down this time.

Mar 10, 06 4:19 pm

puddles, this is a very good point. I've thought about this before. Fortunately I followed a two-step process to make sure that I have a back-up in case I get kidnapped by aliens and am no longer able to post.

1) Recruit. I preach the gospel of archinect to everyone who will listen. I do this by saying really intelligent things so that people say, "how did you find this?" and I say, "on that web site I told you about". Refering to it, but not by name, promotes intrigue. I've gotten several friends to look at links here and have managed to get one, solid regular user buddy.

2) Get someone from Archinect to move in next door to you. Not as easy as 1 but the tag-team is undeniably effective.

Mar 10, 06 4:19 pm
brian buchalski

good advice wonderk, i'll have to try something like that. thanks.

Mar 10, 06 4:27 pm

THAT'S ME! WonderK, I didn't know me moving next door was all a deliciously evil plot to get me on archinect! Well played my nemis.

Mar 10, 06 5:48 pm

5 bucks say that we will have a union of the Super and Wonder clans after not too long.

Mar 10, 06 5:57 pm

puddles rocks..

Mar 10, 06 8:49 pm

SuperBeatledud, what's a nemis? Does it rhyme with "penis"? Or am I just frustrated? Darling I love you but your language confuses me.

melquiades, I will go out on a limb and say that the only thing standing in the way of a *complete* union of the Super and Wonder clans is, perhaps, a shortage of tequila.....

Mar 10, 06 8:53 pm

i was wondering where garpike was and he showed up in a sketch book.

Mar 10, 06 8:54 pm

To further puddles' comment about posts becoming lamer, is it possible that the whole Archinect community is experiencing spring fever? Threads have been either quiet or dull lately. And many of the high-count members have gone into hiding or hibernation.

Mar 10, 06 8:54 pm
liberty bell

Speaking of high-count members, garpike, I realized this afternoon that I am post count number 4, behind the supreme Javier, vado, and e. While I love being in such awesome company I'm also a little embarassed to be number FOUR! I figured I was at least in double digits!

Well I'll be in Kentucky all weekend and then heading out for a week in Phoenix next week anyway so I'm sure everyone else will catch up. WonderK, I expect you will be at 1,000 by the time I get back, ahead of whoever it is you are competing with (I can't remember...). Also vado's computer is down so don't expect to see him soon. (sad face)

As for discussion being lighter, I'm actually surprised that when we started finally getting helpful with sheri's boutique hotel post more people didn't pile on - I think discussing what experience people are after in a boutique hotel is actually a pretty interesting discussion.

Mar 10, 06 10:56 pm
liberty bell

And yeah, e, the first time I set foot in Portland as an adult (I lived there age 2-5 too) it immediately felt like home. I often wonder why I don't still live there!

But it's funny to hear a little east coast frustration in your comments on slow drivers - after ten years in Philly i've adopted an east coast sense of time - I often find myself here in the midwest walk-running places and wondering why my local companions aren't keeping up come ON people!!!

Mar 10, 06 11:00 pm

three reasons my posts are "light"

i've been staring at cad files of big box retail and department stores for 4 months, been informed it will be 4 more,
I've found I can put Sailor Jerry's in chai tea and it tastes really really good,
and frugal joes beer is 4 bucks for a 6 pack (and also good).

alright, i'm out to get a little practice in before tomorrow night's pub crawl.

Mar 10, 06 11:07 pm
Ms Beary

I've been really sick lately. Haven't even been up to archinecting, that's pretty bad. I can't even get up the energy to contribute. :(

Mar 10, 06 11:15 pm

well...i guess i've just had a lot less to say...i mean, i want to contribute a bit more, but I find myself typing some nonsense in this little box and just deleting it...sigh...

Mar 10, 06 11:48 pm

awww, feel better strawbeary.

And I must vent my extreme frustration at the thread that's currently ranking/seeding the best architecture schools. USC isn't even included in the West bracket, while gems like Boulder are. WTF?! I'm really, really tired of people thinking that they know so much about "THE SCHOOLS", when they haven't attended more than one or two. I feel like I know something about the very few schools I applied to, and something about the reputation of the schools that are very close to mine, because the professors are whores in LA and switch schools frequently and also frequently make comparisons. But I would certainly never think that I know about what are the best schools in each of three broad regions. That's just stupid to think you know that much about them, because there's some great school out there that you've never heard of because it's not bloody trendy right now, and I for one am really tired of USC being that school. Can anyone tell me why that is?


Mar 10, 06 11:49 pm

oh, as far as the E:C ratio, keep in mind some of us have kept / still keep school blogs (which adds to entries), and also post news and/or links (which also add to entries)...

Mar 10, 06 11:50 pm

over 9000 views to the grad schools thread...some kinda-pathic...

Mar 10, 06 11:54 pm

I love how ridiculous threads seem to call for ridiculous, non-relevant responses via the usual suspects.

Mar 11, 06 12:00 am

^I did mean -pathic and not pathetic...

Mar 11, 06 12:23 am

rationalist, I agree that the best d-schools thread is silly, for a number of reasons, including the one you mentioned. Can't tell you why, but don't sweat it. You know how great your education was, just like I know how great mine was. No use in debating the merits of each relative to the other (at least not in that manner)...

Mar 11, 06 12:26 am

I think I've been posting on behalf of all of you. Mainly because I am engaged in a contest and I lose a lot not contributing to the grad school thread (even though I read it, wow).

Mar 11, 06 2:24 am
job job

kinda-pathic is a great word. I just skimmed that thread - it's like witnessing a car wreck unfold. all sympathies for them

Orhan, I would go ballistic over losing the weissenhof siedlung chairs - that's terrible.
btw my plans for this year's Milan Fair are falling apart (so v e r y upset....)

Mar 11, 06 1:27 pm

reading the grad school admissions thread makes me think I needs to gets me some "connections" for when I apply in a couple years.

is anybody out there a prestigious alum of a famous school (sci-arc, Princeton, Columbia, GSD, UVA, UC, Penn, Berkley...)?

would you like to be my friend? I'm very nice...

Mar 11, 06 1:44 pm

snowi, the cane weave was beautifully aged and intact, and the chrome had a lot of depth to it. they had a nice known history too.
i did a soft triangle travertine table to go with them as well, in my 80's home/studio
you said it..but at the end it is mind and health over material.

Mar 11, 06 2:52 pm

orhan, did you design/build those furniture pieces here? if so where did you get the table legs? are they aluminum? thanks!

Mar 11, 06 4:05 pm

lb, #4?! Wow. How did you find you "rankings"?

Mar 11, 06 4:30 pm

upper right hand corner. click on members. tabs:

List Alphabetically
By Join Date
By Most Entries
By Most Comments
Reverse Order

Mar 11, 06 4:38 pm

ether yes.
light boxes are plexiglas and tube aluminum, modular with manufactured dismountable plastic connectors. (all catalog material)

tables are pipe alum,plywood, holleander connectors and casters. (all catalog material)

Mar 11, 06 6:34 pm
liberty bell

Strawbeary, feel better, it seems the winter illnesses are striking late this year.

rationalist, I totally agree re: school rankings. I've just recently skimmed the "grad acceptance' thread and it is sooooo stressful! I wish people oculd worry less about the "rank" of their school and be focused instead on making the experience a personally enriching one. Which takes effert whether your school is well-repected or not.

Orhan, your work is consistently great. And consistenty consistent, which I really respect. Those retired professors you work for are fortunate to have you.

kinda-pathic is my new favorite word. I think I'm grandly kinda-pathic.

Mar 11, 06 8:30 pm

agree with lb, orhan.

very nice work.

Mar 11, 06 8:56 pm

thanks for the support my friends..

i took this picture for archinect friends
structural framework study for Biomorphic Biosphere,1967. last night glen had a talk in sci arc library and very few sci arc students showed up.i would have like to see some of the faculty as well. like the ps1 dude.. exhibition is going to be up for a month.

Mar 11, 06 9:09 pm

wow, i'm surprised that kinda-pathic took off...I feel complimented, first the ever-so-critical snowi, then the illustrious liberty bell.

my day is officially made.

Mar 11, 06 11:13 pm


Mar 11, 06 11:16 pm
liberty bell

Wow, Orhan, I had been wanting to see the "My Father the Genius" movie, thanks for the link! I had forgotten the name of it or the film company. Cool photograph too.

garpike, thanks for saying I'm "illustrious", especially after I wrote that getting a good education takes "effert" on the part of the student. Nice spelling there, ya knucklehead!

Mar 12, 06 6:32 am
sporadic supernova

right .... thought i should mention it here as well ...

guys i'm hooked ..

Mar 12, 06 6:40 am

double congrats to sporadic super-engaged...

and lb, your illustrious-ness, that was me, not our double fish friend, the garpike. good effert, though.

Mar 12, 06 10:43 am

just in case if you've missed them here is a 'bump' for 'sundance short films.
shorts are good..

Mar 12, 06 8:59 pm
Ms Beary

Thanks for the sick-strawbeary sympathies. I found myself in the emergency room Friday night after posting that. I was doing pretty bad to say the least. I'm home again, feeling better now. The meds feel good. :)

How bout that justin hui kid? Something makes me think he is searching for one particular answer, and ignoring the discussions that insue - in every thread he poses a question that is, not just the recent one.

Mar 13, 06 12:32 am
A Center for Ants?

give justin hui a break. he's just a typical 18 year old w/ ambition. remember when you were 18, just about to graduate from HS and thought you finally had it all figured out?

it'll be fun to see the education of justin hui as it occurs over the next few years as documented on archinect.

Mar 13, 06 1:45 am

No, I get the same impression. But (potentially offensive but rather true racial comment follows, do not read if easily offended), a lot of the asian kids I knew in school were like that. Not JUST asians, but it seemed unusually prevelant among them - the sense that there was a single RIGHT answer if they just asked the question enough times, or in a more correct and specific way.

Maybe he just needs a little validation of his choices, or maybe he just doesn't get the subjective and fluid nature of architecture yet. Hopefully it's just the second, which can be educated out of him. If it's the first, it's here to stay...

Mar 13, 06 2:16 am

i am impressed with justin's determination to go down the archi-path, right outta highschool.

i was nowhere close to having my shit that together. took courses to get into med school but wanted to be an artist, so after high school i became a COOK (well, lack of funds to pay for school had a lot to do with that decision, but was not the main thing by far)... no regrets, but life might have been easier (and probably more boring, hence the lack of regrets) if i had half the clue justin does.

so i tend to agree with the center for ants?. give the lad some room.

rationalist, while i am not offended i am perplexed by the generalisation about asians. neither my japanese wife nor my friends here in tokyo suffer from anything like what you describe. the super WASP, mister Bush on the other hand sees things pretty black and whitish, AND ignores so much of reality it do be scary...

glad to hear you are well strawbeary. sounds awful.

Mar 13, 06 3:06 am

i often 'get' vado. or maybe i think i do. we're the same de-gen

Mar 13, 06 4:19 am
but if you really must
Mar 13, 06 6:00 am

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