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This was a good idea you had here abra.

Mar 21, 06 11:19 pm
liberty bell

diabase I'm glad you brought back the architecture as signal thread. I hope on that and the metaphysical function threads I'm not coming off as antagonistic! I love when I'm working late and your meta-meta topics get going...keeps me feeling curious despite the mundane work I'm trying to get done.

But I'm going to bed now, sorry! It's late at night here in the middle of America. Have a good day at work.

Mar 22, 06 1:19 am

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes.

Just for the record, I, SL, was born 20 March 1956. My brother, OL, was born 10 January 1953, but he was in a near fatal auto accident 20 March 1980, taken to the same hospital where I was born and had a lobotomy perfomed on him that afternoon.

As far as archinect is concerned quondam, Rita Novel and Wolfhilde von Schlittenfahrt are the same person.

Mar 22, 06 8:46 am

Happy birthday, quondam! Mine is tomorrow.

Also, wow, I had no idea they still performed lobotomies in 1980. I'm sorry.

Mar 22, 06 9:27 am
brian buchalski

anybody know who won the princeton vs. gsd

i'm too afraid to look.

Mar 22, 06 9:31 am


Mar 22, 06 9:34 am


Mar 22, 06 9:37 am


Mar 22, 06 9:40 am


mine is tomorrow also.

Mar 22, 06 9:55 am
job job

happy birthday quondam, myriam, fro9k
hope you spent/spend it with good people

crap i realized while fabricating your horoscopes, that quondam is year of the dog (see that? my brain? amazing)

from (it's more for the WVonS sign):

You need a bit more spice in your life. Why not treat your partner tonight by slipping into your finest home-made banana skin underpants and mooing like a cow for 4 hours solid.

Mar 22, 06 10:13 am

Spent birthday morning delivering my mother to her doctor appointment--very apropos.

Bought some soft pretzels with my brother.

Visited the Liberty Bell Pavilion.

Late afternoon got a phone call from old friend; someone slipped some Ecstasy into their bottled water at the disco.

Enjoyed watching Under the Tuscan Sun.

Mar 22, 06 11:32 am

btw, quondam, you should come to this lecture:
David Adjaye, Making Public Buildings, April 3 at 6 p.m, Annenberg Center's Zellerbach Theatre.
He is also a museum guy.

Happy belated birthday!

Mar 22, 06 2:31 pm

Dear Friends,

Since I have already brought Christ to, I thought I'd go a step further and now bring Christ to Thread Central!

It's obvious that those of you who post here on Thread Central are the most influential and respected members of this forum and hence my generous offer to let you aid me with this important mission.

You and me,
and Jesus.
That makes three!

With Love!


Mar 22, 06 2:45 pm

pardon me for being so contrarian lately, but F you.

Mar 22, 06 2:49 pm
Mar 22, 06 2:58 pm

a Per Correll siting on the Laser Cam/CNC thread...always with the lattice talk like f-ing Rain Man, "definitely lattice...def definitely 3d lattice..."

Mar 22, 06 3:34 pm

lb, glad you like. Most of what yesterdays posts were about was an outlet, stream of concsiousness etc. thought that I would 'bring back the biff' and put my money where my mouth is re: architectural topics/fascinations./personalities. Its all about intersecting, like Mircea Eliade says:

It follows that every construction or fabrication has the cosmogony as paradigmatic model . The creation of the world becomes the archetype of every creative human gesture, whatever its plane of reference may be. We have already seen that settling in a territory reiterates the cosmogony. Now that the cosmogonic value of the Center has become clear, we can still better understand why every human establishment repeats the creation of the world from a central point (the navel). Just as the universe unfolds from a center and stretches out toward the four cardinal points, the village comes into existence around an intersection.


Mar 22, 06 4:01 pm

When driving in the city you should expect ____________ just about everywhere.

A Gusting winds
B Wild animal crossings
C Pedestrians and bicyclists
D Slow moving farm equipment
E Toll booths

Mar 22, 06 8:09 pm

A Gusting winds

[img] width=400[img]

Mar 22, 06 10:39 pm
Mar 22, 06 10:39 pm

what kind of blow dryer would it take to do that?!

maybe one of those helmets that sucks the hair up into it instead of blowing air down.

sorry, this has nothing to do with anything but i'm overtired and seeing this picture i felt compelled to post it in several places.

Mar 22, 06 10:41 pm


Mar 22, 06 10:47 pm


I even "Tr[ied} Google" to no avail.

that's just crazy.

Mar 22, 06 10:47 pm
liberty bell

Holy crap I just realized I surpassed 2,000 comments without even noticing!

Nothing left now but a battle to 3K with vado, I guess.

Mar 23, 06 11:06 am

don't forget about me, my friend. at the rate both of us are going lately, you should surpass me by the end of next week.

Mar 23, 06 11:38 am
liberty bell

Well e I figured we could have a gourmet beer-drinking battle, more fun than posting!

Kidding. I'm a lightweight.

Yeah, you've been fairly quiet lately. I need to work on getting deep into my second millenium.

Mar 23, 06 11:43 am

oh, that does sound more fun. i like the way you think. hmm, we don't have to do the heavy belgians. maybe some light fruity lambics?

Mar 23, 06 12:03 pm

ah, and here are some pics from a few weeks ago of the 4th annual hard liver barleywine fest. the list is of the beers we sampled on sunday. 87 of em. below the list are pics of the barleywine judging on saturday. hair of the dog doggie claws 2004 was best in show. there are also pics of the backroom tasting of the 87 beers.

Mar 23, 06 12:08 pm
liberty bell

That bottle looks so......dirty.

Sorry, no more flirting, I have a meeting to go to!

Mar 23, 06 12:08 pm

ah yes, but it's oh so good on the inside.

Mar 23, 06 12:17 pm

Just thought I'd let y'all know that I'm not dead, just going to Denver for a long weekend. I'll post a couple pics when I get back.


p.s.- dude, Pierre Koenig used to have hair almost like that. Except his was pure white, so it was even slightly more shocking.

Mar 23, 06 12:19 pm

have a great trip rationalist. looking forward to the pics.

Mar 23, 06 12:25 pm
Mar 23, 06 12:54 pm
Ms Beary

rationalist, it is really cold here now, but should warm up over the weekend hopefully.

Mar 23, 06 2:41 pm

It’s refreshing to see that archinectors are not just paper architects- and enjoy getting dirty and walking around muddy job sites.
I always wondered if a design is not built, should it be considered a completed work of architecture.
My point being is that things are fluid during the construction phase and things change sometimes for the better, project that don’t get built never go through those changes.

Abra’s dog is appearing in my dreams; every time I visit Thread Central I get that look from daisy- can’t wait fro those page numbers to be at the to of the page.

Mar 23, 06 5:53 pm

its over the ocean and its over the land ladies and gents meet the super detail that takes care of everything...

Mar 23, 06 7:28 pm

Happy Birthday, fro9k! March Birthdays! Woo hoo!

Mar 23, 06 7:40 pm

march birthdays indeed. mine is this saturday.

Mar 23, 06 7:44 pm

Woo hoo! Mine was te 10th!

Mar 23, 06 7:54 pm
vado retro

i got mud on my 165 dollar bacco buccis yesterday at the jobsite and got my car all muddy wahhhhhhhhhhhhhh...

Mar 23, 06 8:29 pm
vado retro

phil spector and the wall of hair

Mar 23, 06 8:30 pm

gee, i tried to change the subject but no chance. lets keep being born mainly in march. happy birthday and double happiness to all, like the chinese say. today marks my exact .5 birthday... like.. umm septembers R us.

Mar 23, 06 8:34 pm

If quondam were here, Orhan, he would have something to say about the images above....

but the one on the's dead, ya?

Mar 23, 06 10:46 pm


Mar 23, 06 10:47 pm

Question 8 of 15 (chapter 11 of 12 @ I Drive Safely . com

Inexperienced motorcyclists can be identified by:

A Jerky starts and stops
B Colorful headgear
C Long, flowing beards
D Greenpeace decals
E Full leather attire

Mar 23, 06 10:48 pm

mine is tuesday.

Mar 24, 06 12:39 am

i think this is as good a place as any to announce that the midwest is doing pretty well with archinect meetups: over the last couple of weeks, wonderk, superheavy, superbeatledud, liberty bell, and i have all met each other in either lexington or cincinnati. we talked about you guys.

Mar 24, 06 12:48 am
jpeg du jour

is here for the long haul. that kinda-pathic grad acceptances thread will be filed away in a few weeks, but jpeg du jour, along with Thread Central, of course, will persevere.

Staying Power. your girl loves it. your client loves it. it's good.

Marlin says, via juxtaposition, 'thumbs up, forties down.'
diabase reaches 1000.
lb hits 2k.
3/4 of archinect is a year older this month, at least it seems.
DS+R hits ctrl+c, ctrl+v (for abra).
a tree falls in the forest, but no one seems to hear it.

Mar 24, 06 1:11 am

good to hear, Steven.

virtual communities becoming. hope to share a piece of that one day.

Mar 24, 06 1:12 am

We did indeed talk about you guys. Good to meet you Steven. Thanks to LB for setting that up.

PS. My birthday is in October. LIBRAS! :oP

PPS. Happy birthday all fish and rams.

Mar 24, 06 8:45 am

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