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i think the emphasis here was less on the old timer elitist thing and more on the type of posts where you wish you'd thought of the 'try google' username. those, or the: talk about my thesis topic please.

sometimes it's more about the way things are asked. there have been some good discussion on people's thesis but they've framed the question in a way that allows this.

Mar 14, 06 2:30 pm

ok, that was a respond to a post on the last page... my internet connection is misbehaving

Mar 14, 06 2:42 pm
A Center for Ants?

it's more of social issue. if you're new somewhere, the proper thing to do is to figure out quietly where you fit in and make appropriate comments. you don't just go barging in guns blazing and expect everyone to meet your expectations.

you wouldn't just go walk into a firm and ask "so... how do i get a job here?". proper decorum and etiquette exist in these forums as much as in the non-digital realm.

Mar 14, 06 5:46 pm

i agree with all of that, I'm just saying that it's a fine line we could cross without realizing, so I thought I'd bring it up early rather than after it's too late.

Kinda like steering a boat.

Believe me, it's not that I LIKE the 'do my homework for me' threads. (or the 'where's the hippest grad school' or 'why don't we get paid more' threads while we're at it...)

It seems like 'Thread Central' is becoming a force to be reckoned with, look at the quick work on the gAs sTAtion thReaD.

Mar 14, 06 6:59 pm

voted 5 for all german design pics.
i wonder if the designers used pencil or mouse while producing those ideas.

Mar 14, 06 7:51 pm

OK, since Thread Central is kinda like group therapy, I have this gripe:

I have seen many of galford's posts. Not all, but many. I have come to the conclusion that galford's offerings are like guano on the otherwise glorious structure that is archinect. I'm not doing this to start a fight. I'm not trying to be mean. But he takes people down right and left like it's his job, and that bothers me. Because it's in this really aggressive, rather haughty way. For reference please visit the oil-congress thread or page 6 of the grad school thread.

Ok, glad I got that off my chest.

Mar 14, 06 8:01 pm

my 2 cents on the "thesis / do my homework" threads...

I appreciate fro9k's remarks on the "elitist" tendencies that could potentially develop. Although I haven't participated significantly in any other web forum, I can see how that sort of behavior could result...and I agree that it would be unfortunate.

I enjoy when an obviously retarded thread gets hammered by unrelated's funny...maybe it's a fine way to communicate to the original poster that there topic isn't worthy of discussion...but I can't say that I feel the same way when a valid and potentially interesting topic is raised.

When a newbie makes a request without bringing much to the table, sure, that can be annoying, for lack of a better word. In the past I've seen archinecters call these newcomers out quickly, but without too nasty of a tone...simply stating that they are exhibiting poor forum etiquette etc...even occassionally offering some assitance...(not sure, but I believe I've seen Stephen Ward take a derivative of this approach, with his mature and helpful tone)...

Mar 14, 06 8:55 pm
A Center for Ants?

raji, who has not made many comments as of late also was one who never really contributed but made smart-ass remarks.

Mar 14, 06 9:00 pm

At least galford has a good E:C ratio.

Mar 14, 06 9:16 pm

Oh it's totally on. We're gonna end this thing tonight, ACFA.

sprint to the finish.

Mar 14, 06 9:21 pm
A Center for Ants?

oh my god. it IS on.

and yes, i do applaud steven ward's amazing patience. it certainly makes him seem wise beyond his years.

Mar 14, 06 9:57 pm

my money is on the lady who is oh so wonderous, but i know ACFA will make it a good and honorable fight. good luck to the both of you.

Mar 14, 06 10:26 pm

Thanks, e!

That was too easy. I should say something profound here. Or at least informative.

Eh I got nothing. I'm sorry. You'll have a vacation from my incessant banter in about 8 posts.....

Mar 14, 06 10:45 pm
A Center for Ants?

oh my god i can only watch the counter go up and up and up for wonderk.

last round and up against the ropes against a most formidable opponent

Mar 14, 06 10:55 pm

adso, in the next few days, I will have the perfect e.c ratio of 50:1000, or 1:20, or 20%.

No ones gonna beat that, although i guess someone could go for the golden ratio 1:1.68, but who's gonna bother? - not all of us are numerically pedantic. Actually, give me some time and I might go for it: 100:1680.

wonderk, if you like surveys, go to my member profile and click on the dna link at the bottom, and do your own.


Mar 14, 06 11:03 pm

.....and I'm spent.

Good race ACFA. You had me worried there at the end. I'm even missing the Daily Show for this.

God bless you all. I'm on vacation....until at least lunch tomorrow.


Mar 14, 06 11:04 pm

Oh No!
I just realised that the link to Charles McBride Ryan I posted counts as an entry. Damnation and Hell! I am numerically imperfect!

Mar 14, 06 11:05 pm
A Center for Ants?

oh dammit!

Mar 14, 06 11:05 pm

damnit, my booky isn't going to like me when I can't pay up..

Mar 14, 06 11:07 pm

I will have to wait till 51:1020. Untidy, but elegant.

Mar 14, 06 11:07 pm

I think it looks better, I like 51:1020 better than 50:1000...

Mar 14, 06 11:08 pm

agreed, 51:1020

speaking of money's on SuperBeatledud to take a third consecutive page bottom in this thread...any takers?

Mar 14, 06 11:16 pm
A Center for Ants?

maybe i should make mine 40:1000?

Mar 14, 06 11:16 pm

Yeah, I think you guys are right. And interestingly, my post above was/is exactly 51 comments away from the goal. I love synchronicities, no matter how insignificant.

Anyway, the link to Charles McBride Ryan was worth it, definitely go check them out. A good example of the architectural climate of Melbourne, or at least the eclectic part.

Mar 14, 06 11:23 pm

i know this has been posted before but i don't remember how to resize a picture to w = 400.

no i don't remember the threads its been in and yes i searched the archives

thankfully we have thread central so i don't have to start a new thread for this.

Mar 14, 06 11:36 pm

so, uh. i figured it out. disregard that last post.

unless you would like to make jokes at my expense. in which case, by all means.

Mar 14, 06 11:40 pm

After your image link, as in the bit that says [img]http://www.nnnnnnnnn.jpg
leave a space and then type width=400[/img]
or whatever, from memory, the maximum size is 416.

Mar 14, 06 11:42 pm

So congrats on WonderK and her 1,000...just wish lb was here to see it, she will be missed...

ACFA, 40:1000 would certainly be more glamorous than just coming in second to WonderK.

AP, I'll take you up on that bet, actually with all this late night talk and comments racing, who thinks we'll fill up a fifth page tommorow? Maybe by noon? I suppose everyone went through slow Archinect withdrawl today.

Mar 15, 06 12:31 am

okay, i just got caught up on this whole thing. whew! anyway puddles mentioned something way back about how would (s)he let people know when (s)he died?! the weird thing is, i've got this friend in chicago who for the last five years has worked as a night-time web maintainer for this website that like, sends emails out to people when someone dies. Like, "Hi, you're reading this because I have died." It's so odd. We've all wondered what the hell kind of job/company that was for YEARS and who the heck would ever need that kind of service. And now, finally, I know! PUDDLES!

I feel somewhat more complete now. I've always wondered where that dude's paycheck came from.

Mar 15, 06 12:57 am

whoa dude, I just realized I've only been on here for like a month and I already have 332 comments! Damn. That concerns me.

Mar 15, 06 1:18 am

Is it me or are there less threads on the main discussion page now?

Mar 15, 06 3:31 pm

Oh man I am getting so sick of the "which school is best?" threads. I know it's a frustrating topic with little information available to the hapless applicant. But, give it a break already!

Mar 15, 06 4:19 pm

myriam, haven't you been around longer than a month? is time really moving that slowly for me?

Mar 15, 06 5:28 pm

hmmm yes there are [less threads]. like 80%

Mar 15, 06 5:29 pm

diabase, I noticed that too.

SuperBeatledud, thanks. I decided to take a break as last night's furious 15 minutes of posting wiped me out.....of course when I was ready to come back, less than 12 hours later (ahem, can you say "addicted"?) the site was SUPER slow again! Thank god it's working now.

I think I need to enroll in AA - Archinectors Anonymous.....wait I guess I already am. Hmmmm.

Mar 15, 06 5:35 pm

congrats wonderous lady. damn, if only i had placed some bets.

Mar 15, 06 5:38 pm

does anyone else correctly pronounce the typo'd "...popped the question" thread and wonder at each read what would constitute 'poping' a question.

My guess it would involve Latin mumbling.

Mar 15, 06 5:46 pm

Oh, I guess it's five months exactly today. Wow! Beware the Ides of March, everyone.

Haven't you all been on here for years, though?

Mar 15, 06 5:47 pm

or does it just seem that way...

ha ha ha, SuperHeavy, I keep on doing that every time I see the title, and then I go, "GEEZ!" and auto-correct myself with the proper "popped".

Mar 15, 06 5:48 pm

wow Im too excited to do way too much today, but things in Archinect are pretty slow.

So... let's see, Congrats WonderK, drink an extra guiness on St Patty's (I already began exercising my guiness holding posture for a week now)

AP, for the sake of market palce competition, maybe we should encourage someone to have a duel forthat last post like Wonder and ACFA just did. Itll be fun to see SBD battle someone, Il nominate Super Heavy.

Mar 15, 06 6:33 pm

//////////////////////////////hybrid thread alert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

its a combination of 'what's the best school' and 'CrAzy tyPing Style'


can't figure out the code though.... maybe 'What Would Others Do?'

Mar 15, 06 8:48 pm

oh and i'm going for a 3:333 E/C ratio because 3 is the magic number, even when there are 4 of them

Mar 15, 06 8:50 pm
A Center for Ants?

i'm surprised as architects, no one's mentioned the GOLDEN RATIO!

Mar 15, 06 8:52 pm

nice idea money's on SBD...

only 56 posts to, 55.

Mar 15, 06 9:11 pm

Thanks e and don't have to worry about me and Guinness, I started practicing last weekend.....

As for encouraging another duel, SH and Beatledud are already on their way to matching post counts.....if they accomplish that AND go for that last post on the page, will the universe implode? Or will it just look like this?....

tee hee

Mar 16, 06 1:10 am

If you haven't check out this thread you should, it's a huge announcement for us SketchUp fans...

Mar 16, 06 11:19 am

I think a race to 300 between SH and I would lack the competition and urgency as previous races. It's just too close to any build up...I'd propose a race between the two of us to 500....

Mar 16, 06 11:28 am

Whoa, I had no idea the two Supers knew each other!

Mar 16, 06 12:38 pm

well i dont have to post my pic,

I basically look like the bald Super, plus a goatee. uncanny....

Mar 16, 06 12:43 pm

even the same glasses

could i sue for copyright infringement?

Mar 16, 06 12:48 pm

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