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liberty bell

Yeah, WonderK, I actually kinda like being reminded of your mystery flowers whenever I open this thread.

tyvek, you are right. It's good to hear your expereince and I know in my gut you are right! I need to get into the growth mindset and hire someone to deal with all the crap like locating the name of the Wolf-Gordon rep who I swear I just spoke to last week. Delegating is NOT one of my strengths, but I'm going to have to get over it.

Also, I'm responding here to make sure that my gmail is allowing emails from archinect through...I have to spend some time getting all my computer settings back to exactly where I need them!

Mar 8, 06 10:39 am

good luck lb,
my computer broke down not too long ago and had to reformat on the telephone with an indian technician, step by step. big headache but cleans everything. including everything else..!!
yeah, my problem too, doing everything by myself. but in my mind, if i hire anybody, i have to have continious work, insurance and other employee benefits which renders me to one man operation. i am old fashion that way.
but that might change if all the project that are promised to me brake loose and start. i doubt it though..
a very successfull friend asked me to partner with him. he is got very wealthy clients and few employees. i turned the offer down thinking i don't want to deal rich hollywood types and my retired professor clients are the ones i like.
it is weird but i don't want to become a 'firm'. and it is really hard to make less than somebody who just graduated from school after 25 years..
freedom of being on your own is just another word for being broke. for me..

Mar 8, 06 10:58 am

all the personnel working in, mies boutique hotel, should have eames chair tattoo on their ass.
if not, goodbye charlie, go get a job at motel 6.

Mar 8, 06 1:52 pm
brian buchalski

ok, here's a tip for those of you who don't want to scroll through the whole thread, if you look at the address in the web browser, for example:

then if you change the third to last number in the string (in my example the 200), then that can take you directly to where you would like to pick up the thread at.

for example, because i know that there is now 254 posts on this thread, i might type in 250 to skip to the most recent comments. you'll also notice that the 1st, 2nd, 3rd pages etc. correspond to the numbers 0, 100, 200, etc as the pages correspond to 100 posts each.

by the way, i learned this while dealing with per's very lenghty fancy graphics lovers thread.

Mar 8, 06 2:45 pm

lb - your group map photo is so adorable! i assume he is your son?

Mar 8, 06 4:06 pm
liberty bell

Yes Superglue that's my boy and my dog. And a very small dumptruck. just another word for being broke

Yep Orhan that is exactly right. I swing manically back and forth between thinking it is worth it or not! On the one hand I love that I set my own hours and don't answer to anyone but clients, on the other hand some days I don't want to think about paying myself or the fact that I have no retirement plan currently. Some days being a cog in a benevolent corporation seems like the way to go. Then I get deliriously happy like I was last Friday about getting a potential new job and the money seems like not that big a deal in exchange for "freedom".

Anyway. I need to revisit those threads re: how to incorporate beause my accoutant yesterday suggested that an S-corp is a better idea than an LLC. In fact, I think he said an S-corp is a grand idea for us - love that term, garpike!

Mar 8, 06 5:10 pm

nice trick very perceptive of you...

Mar 8, 06 5:38 pm

damn LB, i'm going to steal your grill and your dog.

Mar 8, 06 5:50 pm

$30 CAPPUCCINO?!?!?!?!

Mar 8, 06 5:51 pm
liberty bell

Uh, well, ok, AP - I exaggerated. They were about $10 each, but I remember my friend picking up the tab for three of us and saying "Jeezus, 30 bucks in cappucinos?!?!" so the $30 figure sticks in my head.

Pixel, be aware that if you ever want to get a bull terrier they are fun, smart, demanding, hysterically funny, and possibly the gassiest animal on four legs. (Glad to hear your new job is going well - are you making stuff?!?)

Mar 8, 06 7:43 pm

Pixel!!!! How ya doing? I haven't talked to you in forever... I think you tried to post me a whisky last time I saw you on here, but it never worked. When'd you get a new job?

Mar 8, 06 7:48 pm


reminds me of the old archinect

Mar 8, 06 10:04 pm
liberty bell

I really want to post on the How do you do it? thread the following question: How do I stop time for 72 hours so I can catch up with time lost when my computer crashed?

But I don't want to be the first one to muck up that thread with smartass comments. So I'll do it here instead.

Mar 8, 06 10:27 pm
FOG Lite

Liberty bell-
Of COURSE I have the Bottle Rocket soundtrack! I'm such a dork I even rounded it out with the songs that are in the movie but not on the CD. Cause really, if you don't have the Stones doing 2000 Man, it just doesn't capture the whole movie. (Another bit of inane Wes Anderson trivia, I got to see a pre-release cut of Royal Tennebaums and the final song was Sloop John B. not whatever Van Morrison song he had to settle for in the theatrical release. Much, much better song to go out on.)

Now if anyone knows where i can get a set of those yellow coveralls....

Mar 8, 06 10:43 pm

If I actually posted everything that I typed in this box I would have twice as many comments. quondam would be proud of my self-editing...

Mar 9, 06 12:10 am

...although I s'pose I could've left that out...

Mar 9, 06 12:10 am

lb, altough I've never had a $10 cap, or one that tasted good enough to cost that much...I have had a $5 milk shake that was worth every penny.

Mar 9, 06 12:12 am

Mar 9, 06 12:16 am

Can I have a sip of that? I'd like to know what a five-dollar shake tastes like.

Be my guest.


Goddamn! That's a pretty fuckin' good milk shake.

Mar 9, 06 12:18 am
liberty bell

AP given how slow posting activity has been around here lately I'd say stop self-editing and post away!

I just realized I'm approaching 2,000 posts. As long as I don't overtake vado retro I guess it's OK.

Mar 9, 06 12:21 am

well give-away at work, that is, when my co-workers know I'm reading archinect, is when I randomly laugh out busted a few times this week...

Mar 9, 06 12:33 am

which version of sloop john B? Beach boys? Kingston trio?

That reminds me, I need to add the pet sounds DVD-A to my amazon wishlist.

Mar 9, 06 1:35 am

i really want to start a thread entitled, 'if you were a hotel what kind of hotel would you be'...but having another hotel thread probably isn't
worth the laugh....

but it brings up the it possible to have more entries
than comments?..or have as many entries as comments?

Mar 9, 06 9:40 am
job job

hey abra,

as a visitor who enjoys the news and discussions but is away for days or weeks at a time, is there some way that the overall mood of the forum is easily ascertained?

I'm thinking... like a mood ring > green for chilled, red for self-righteous tyrrany (ie a filter for name-calling), or the screen can start smoking for the e-groping (ie I-haven't-dated-in-10-months-who's-the-closest-archinector-c'mere) posts.

would you rather own the eames lounge chair or corbusier chaise longue? original license - no knock-off

Mar 9, 06 10:24 am

Please, no more hotel threads.

Or Autocad tech support threads.

Mar 9, 06 10:34 am
liberty bell

Well, snowi, after rebuilding my hard drive I now have a button on my Google taskbar called "mood ring". When I put the cursor over it apparently it tells me my mood, for example, today the ring is amber and it says "Nervous, on edge, uncertain" which is actually a pretty accurate assessment. Maybe we need an archinect mood ring icon.

Which reminds me if you are in NYC, there are tons of sidewalk vendors in Chinatown who sell mood ring watches - a tiny watch that fits on a finger, and has a mood ring background. They make a really fun and cute gift for a girl! About ten bucks. I wouldn't use them as a wedding ring or anything, but they are fun.

lars, I am very suspicious of posters who have more entries than comments, that tells me they are taking but not giving.

Mar 9, 06 10:44 am

I don't have a mood ring button on my Google task bar. I'd like one. I like Google. As mentioned on the How do I do it? thread, I think Try Google is an excellent newbie.

Mar 9, 06 11:10 am
job job

amber, then, illustrates the past week (actually, more quizzical and bemused). what satanic hue represents 'fire & brimstone' - that would be the remainder of the month. followed, hopefully, by liquid azure - holidayzzzzz

re: data loss - i have a zen acceptance now, and a network of friends

Mar 9, 06 11:26 am

lb, where did you get the mood ring plugin? Was it from

Mar 9, 06 11:28 am
liberty bell


My goggle taskbar has an icon that means "add buttons", or on the far right is a "settings" tab, which leads to options, which gives buttons you can add. One of them is the mood ring. I'm not sure yet if I think it's funny or a waste of space.

Mar 9, 06 11:36 am
liberty bell

hmm, I've never had text run off a page like that?!

Mar 9, 06 11:37 am

lb, did you not get my joke?

I.E. the republican party tells us how to feel and act based on a set of colors...

Maybe it wasn't funny :-)

Mar 9, 06 11:41 am
liberty bell

Oh, duh - sorry SuperDuperBeatleetc. - I didn't even bother with your link, I wasn't paying attention. God I'm dense. My brain is so full of Dr. Suess rhymes that I can't function as an adult anymore! (Also going on 3 hours sleep today - forgive me).

Yes, a very good joke on the Repubs, which I always enjoy.

Mar 9, 06 11:51 am

snowi, i had two weissenhof (s) with natural cane weave, like this.trusted somebody to store it for me for 3 mounths. came back. my chairs were gone.long time ago. they were knoll made.some friend. it still hurts. i don't like corbu chaise and eames lounge is my least favorite with endless knock offs..

Mar 9, 06 12:27 pm


Visit the thread and voice your support of adding such a feature! Please do so by stating what # motion you are providing, i.e. I sixth this motion, I tenth this motion, etc.

Mar 9, 06 12:51 pm

how long do you think it'll last before that "petition" gets pulled?

Mar 9, 06 1:02 pm

HA! that's hilarious, WonderK emailed me earlier this morning asking the same question.

Mar 9, 06 1:18 pm

I have to say my favorite post of this week so far has been SuperBeatledud's line:

"God dammit puddles, go check yourself before you mess yourself"

I'm dying laughing right now just reading it again. I love that it referenced Online's thread lol, i need some help with a company name. Clever thread interweaving.

Mar 9, 06 3:05 pm
liberty bell

As noted on the we want page numbers at the top of the thread campaign, we will soon get the feature we all want yay! Paul is the coolest, hippest, most-similar-aesthetically-to-Brad-Pitt architect I know.

Thanks Paul - you've got a fan club here.

The only thing that scares me is that Paul promises this development in the next version of Archinect - which means inevitably downtime while the site is rebuilt. I live in fear of that downtime....

Mar 9, 06 6:02 pm


the sniper vs archinect thats like godzilla vs mothra

Mar 9, 06 6:14 pm
liberty bell

I think the best way to defeat sniper is to ignore it.

Mar 9, 06 6:16 pm
Mar 9, 06 6:16 pm

liberty calling a discussion
"we want page numbers at the top of the thread"
reminds me of the people who butter their bread
on the one side vs the other instead

i think she's been reading her son to bed
and got the seuss language and rhythms stuck in her head.

Mar 9, 06 6:52 pm

Yeah, I haven't been around much.

started a new job at the end of January, running the tiny woodshop at a Boston-area college (ooohh - the mystery!). A bit of a change but I think I stumbled upon the right thing at the right time.

haven't had time to build anything yet, our NAAB accredidation review has been keeping me busy, but now thats it over I'll have some time to flesh out some ideas. I gotta get the shop in order first, it needs a lot of work before I can start tinkering around. time in the shop will hopefully lead to some "hotrod" experiments...

Mar 9, 06 9:21 pm
liberty bell

Wish I could produce a rhyme
that would stop time
so I can further refine
these damn drawings that are due in one hour!!!!!!!!

Mar 10, 06 9:05 am

that last line didn't rhyme....

Mar 10, 06 10:18 am

did you guys notice? only the coolest people post here. i know there are some more out there.

and its friday
but not a payday
i told lanlord about the delay

*did you notice the terracing effect of the words? i know you did..

Mar 10, 06 10:55 am

SuperB, thanks for dropping that gentle yet authoritarian advice on the dangers of thread splitting in the Hotel Design Preference thread.

My mood ring is showing cranky lately, I seem to be more peeved than usual with all the threads started by people with a high E:C ratio (Entries to Comments).

Mar 10, 06 10:56 am

The bottom of this page is mine bitch!

Mar 10, 06 11:30 am

Pixelwhore, that's pretty cool. So you're out of the architecture office thing for good, or is it just the right thing for now?

And Orhan, I'd noticed the same thing. This is practically the only place I post anymore, I don't have time for all those threads!

Mar 10, 06 1:20 pm

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