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heather ring was 'on' today.
see news up..

Mar 2, 06 12:53 am

so is that guy that used to start all the creepy sex threads still around? I was just in the "Subtle Pleasant Sensations" thread, and it seemed like something that could turn SOOOO wrong if he were still here.

Mar 2, 06 1:00 am
vado retro

how can something so wrong, feel so right???

Mar 2, 06 6:49 am
liberty bell

If it feels good, vado, do it.

Archinectors: I just went on a big Flickr contact adding spree. If you see a new contact, with a name including a fixture you would see in a kitchen, that's me.

Mar 2, 06 1:51 pm
brian buchalski

i don't know if its just me or not, but i feel like i've felt like shit all week...i think i'm going to take a "hangover day" tomorrow

Mar 2, 06 4:16 pm
liberty bell

puddles if you'r taking a hangover day maybe tonight you should make sure that tomorrow you will be hungover.

I love the subtle pleasures thread. It made me feel good all day.

Mar 2, 06 5:43 pm

The "Subtle Pleasures Thread" is indeed surprising and lovely, in more ways than one.

Did I miss anything else today? I'm on the road.

Mar 2, 06 6:05 pm
vado retro

i am truly and pleasantly surprised that the subtle pleasure thread has remained nice despite my prediction. well done archinectors

Mar 2, 06 8:14 pm

I think this has been myfavorite
thread thus far; honest, full of human experience, a slice of life the details of what it means to be alive. Very touching to see what stirs our emotions while realizing the reality of the world we live in.

Mar 2, 06 8:46 pm

it would be nice if the first rejection and accepted to grad schools yet? threads would magically disappear. you don't even have to click on them to be reminded about how neurotic everyone is, not to mention how this is one of the most passive ways to deal with a major stressor.

Mar 3, 06 10:14 am

This thread was getting dangerously close to the bottom of the page. This must not be allowed to happen.

Mar 4, 06 12:13 am
vado retro

sure i have an ego and love attention. so nice to see that a couple of threads started by me have reappered...of course im too lazy to copy them to here...

Mar 4, 06 9:13 am

It is so cool to hear people trying things other people put in the subtle pleasures thread. We are collectively becoming happier, more appreciative and more aware people. Who dosed the Kool-Aid?

Mar 4, 06 6:47 pm

i re-read what i posted in christian utopia thread. sometimes i keep re reading what i wrote. that was a spontenious post.
wow, you can also confess in 'thread central'.

Mar 4, 06 6:57 pm
liberty bell

I love that the 5-year plan thread has been totally taken over by Bottle Rocket references. Great, great flick - if I have abother boy I think I'll name him Dignan. Man I love Owen Wilson. ALso I think there's a FLW house in that movie.

I love when I sign on in theearly morning and see a string of responses from e909who is the archinecter who most confounds me with obscure linkages all made in the wee hours. Fascinating.

I miss e lately, he's been fairly quiet.

Have a good rest of weekend guys.

Mar 5, 06 8:16 am


Reading went well - ee.cummings 'i carry your heart'. Very well indeed. Trouble is, I have another wedding to go to this weekend where the bride was hoping to have the same poem read out... Both wedding parties are very closely related.

The wedding took place here, a beautiful spot.

After a brief hiatus, I'm off to read the subtle pleasures thread...

Mar 5, 06 3:01 pm

hello lb. i miss you too and everyone else for that matter. i have been quiet. too much work. i had 6 interviews for new work in the last two weeks and then that mean 6 proposals that i must write. 5 of these potential projects are for significant work. i have worked the last 6-7 weekends and that's what i am doing today. gawd, i need to hire someone. worse things to complain about i know.

btw, beautiful place to get married diabase. absolutely fuggin gorgeous. glad to hear your reading went well. somewhere in my spare time i still have work to do for my best friends that i am marrying at the end of the month. 7 of us are off to vegas this tuesday and wednesday for surprise of a bachelor party. my friend has no clue when it's happening or where we are going. he thinks we are going to vancouver since i told him to dig up his passport. ha. in absolute gawdiness, his best man got a suite in the wynn with an adjoining room. the suite is over 200sqft. it has a bar, massage room, 50" flat screen tv, and balcony. i had nothing to do with booking this room. i swear.

Mar 5, 06 3:14 pm
vado retro

who killed the hot women architects thread???

Mar 5, 06 11:39 pm
vado retro

i have two thousand four hundred and two posts. time to get a life...

Mar 5, 06 11:41 pm

not before you make it to 2403, apparently. tee hee.

love you vado. :o)

Mar 6, 06 12:04 am

I'll work for you e!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not til at least May though, I'd be the biggest asshole on earth if I left before this project's done. Whaddaya say?

Mar 6, 06 12:19 am

OK, so this week's award for "Best Archinector Reappearing Act" goes to signum, whose posts I always enjoyed but who has been MIA for a little while now. Welcome back signum!

southpole mentioned on the random career question thread that there might actually be celebrities lurking on this board. Does anyone buy this theory?

Mar 6, 06 4:13 pm

Well, depends what you ean by "celebs" and "lurking". If your terms are a bit loose, then I would say yes there are a few.

Mar 6, 06 4:22 pm

mean, not ean. Damn those misfiring digits.

Mar 6, 06 4:23 pm

damn misfiring digits indeed. i just read my previous post. a 200sqft suite sounds swank huh? i meant to type a 2,000 sqft suite. now that's hot.

sounds good rationalist. not sure how we'll overcome our differences: you in la. me in seattle. you in architecture. me in print/digital/illustration. hmmm.

Mar 6, 06 6:45 pm

I've been thinking of jumping ship on this architecture thing. And I could be easily persuaded to try a new place.

Mar 6, 06 7:35 pm
FOG Lite

liberty bell-
So does this mean that hijacking a thread with movie references doesn't make me anemotionally stunted man-child incapable of genuine communication?

Bob's house is indeed a FLW. One of my favorite bits in the movie is when Anthony pulls Dignan into the kitchen after the "You're out, and you're out, and I'm out" and you can just barely hear Dignan say, "How's an asshole like Bob get such a nice kitchen." There have been several times when I've wanted to say that to clients, but I doubt they would get it.

More useless trivia- Dignan is actually the name of one of the Anderson/ Wilson posse's childhood friends. I think he's in most of Wes Anderson's movies. He's one of the bookstore clerks in Bottle Rocket and the DJ at the end of Rushmore.

And on the Wilson boys- I still have a picture of Owen Wilson on my cell phone talking to Matt Leinart. I was 2 rows behind them at a Dodger game. One of my friends has been calling me every morning because she's on the same coffee schedule as Luke, she's literally run into him a couple times coming out of the bathroom in her Santa Monica coffee shop. ( I see a Drew Barrymore type playing my friend in the movie version...)

I am such a dork...

Mar 7, 06 12:22 am

Not sure if this is the right thread for this but I got a new job! Wooo hoooo!!!

Mar 7, 06 4:35 pm

Congrats garpike. Didn't know you were looking. This thread is all purpose, BTW, so that is fair game.

On a side note, I was really hoping no one would post on that thread about Cindy Sheehan where LaTorpedoRose or whatever his name is made fun of her wardrobe. But the comments have been sufficiently derisive so I guess that's OK.

Also, did you know that *I* am a subtle pleasant sensation? Yes, apparently, according to dammson. That made my day. Kinda funny because while I am a pleasant sensation, I am not terribly subtle about it....

Mar 7, 06 5:10 pm
A Center for Ants?

something like this, WonderK?

Mar 7, 06 5:29 pm

Still ahead...

Mar 7, 06 5:57 pm

yayyyy garpike! How'd blowing off the last one go?

Mar 7, 06 6:06 pm

AW damn! He pulls even with me AND compliments me at the same time! Well played, ACFA. Yes, something like that.

garpike did you really blow off a job? Yes, we have to hear about that now.

Mar 7, 06 6:47 pm
vado retro

i'll have what she's having...

Mar 7, 06 7:13 pm

rationalist and Wonder, Thanks! I didn't really blow off a job, so to speak. Just wasn't the right fit, and with about 30 days under my belt, part time mind you (broken leg and all), it is perfectly fair to leave if "not the right fit".

Time to celebrate by calling the current employer. Woo Crap.

Mar 7, 06 7:31 pm

can we cease to refer to is as 'blowing off a job', there must be a less salacious way to put it.

Mar 7, 06 7:57 pm

It was a mutually felt decision. With medical bills and what not, it makes sense that I go somewhere with a little more pay.

Mar 7, 06 7:59 pm

Salacious? Really? Oh come on. Everybody likes blowing off a job. Tee hee.

Does anyone else really wish we had page numbers at the top of the page as well as the bottom so as to get to the last post quicker? This makes sense, right?

Mar 7, 06 8:05 pm

I've always wished that!

Sorry if I could have chosen a better expression.

Mar 7, 06 8:11 pm

What about a link to the latest post on the front page...

Mar 7, 06 8:13 pm

Somebody send up the Bat signal.....Paul! Javier! anyone?

Mar 7, 06 8:18 pm

Grand. Grand ideas!

How's that for an expression?

Mar 7, 06 8:32 pm

Damn. I had to get out of that Cindy Sheehan thread. Bad vibes.

I better go relax for a bit.

Mar 7, 06 8:50 pm
A Center for Ants?

how about having numbers next to or under the thread title on the main page? then you can just click to the last page and be there instantly!

Mar 7, 06 9:14 pm

that would be awesome. Thread central is such a variable thread, it could be around forever. Eventually, we're going to get to page 25 of this thing, and be REALLY sick of post #100.

Mar 7, 06 9:19 pm
liberty bell

Agreed, rationalist: I am already sick of post #100 and have vowed never to be poster #100 again on a thread.

According to this thread about pc laptops I said I'm overall happy with my hp pavilion. Th last 36 hours have made me rethink that statement. Granted, I did drop the damn thing Sunday night, but it seemed to be working fine until yesterday at noon....

A total hard drive recovery and $700 later I'm ready to switch to mac already!! I missed two deadlines and have a meeting tomorrow morning at 9 for which I am totally unprepared, it's late and my head is killing me, and I'm no longer just broke I'm flat broke.

So that's why I've been silent recently.

-Congrats on the new job garpike!

-FOGlite I think anyone with that much recall re: Bottle Rocket (do you have the soundtrack? It's sooo fun) is totally not a dork but rather exceptionally cool

-diabase, glad the reading went well - and are you back to drinking again now?!

-e, good luck with all the new work

-WonderK I'm certain I will attest to the pleasantness of your sensational company after Sunday night

-and my wonderful vado I know you're feeling ignored lately and I'll go visit your comments on other threads now and try to make up for it

Mar 7, 06 11:40 pm
Sean Taylor


You need to hire somebody. As the AIA practice management articles say, "only do what only you can do." or something like that. It's hard, but learning to delegate propelled my business in a huge way this past year.

Mar 8, 06 12:03 am
Sean Taylor

And to keep a little more on topic.

I find the "how much do I charge" type thread incredibly boring and irratating, yet I cannot help but respond to them. We have tried to make or office a "teaching office" and I cannot help myself, but it is getting a little old responding to the same thing over and over.

Mar 8, 06 12:06 am

lb, I missed you. PS, I know it's irritating seeing your post #100 over and over again, we all think we need a new way of getting here, but it still makes me smile when I see it.

Mar 8, 06 12:44 am
A Center for Ants?

how about how per has gone underground as vindpust? anyone know the whole story? he seems to be quite sensitive regarding the exile of per corell. vindpust is the angry ghost of per that comes back to rattle some chains and disappears into the mist.

liberty- so sorry to hear about your computer fiasco. dropping laptops / failing hard drives are what you do if you can't ruin drawings with drinks or ink these days. my current kill list includes: 1 dropped and totalled laptop, 6 fried keyboards (all drink spills), 2 burned out monitors, and 4 dead hard drives (all in the past 6 years).

Mar 8, 06 3:14 am

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