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i don't know about the wings - it would scare the neighbours
would you choose: the power of (say wingless) flight, or a tail?

threads that discuss workplaces are mostly depressing. I'd like to see discussions of people ecstatic to the point of pants-staining lunacy - where're those topics?

Feb 24, 06 9:47 am
job job


Feb 24, 06 9:49 am
liberty bell

Snowi, I am ecstatic to the point of pants-staining lunacy re: my professional situation. I love it.

What I don't love? That dimwit bringing up the Cameron Sinclair/Gutter thing here. SuperBeatledud, you are so right: totally inappropriate. And nasty. And the whole thing makes me so angry I want to make the guttersniper suffer severe physical pain.

Feb 24, 06 10:55 am

i love the way gutter thing getting such a cold response in cameron's hometown, archinect.
attempt to defame, what an asshole thing to do to someone.

Feb 24, 06 11:17 am

lb, I am pretty pissed too. And although I agree with Super beatledud and you, I htink it needs to be discussed. First, to show Cmaeron a little support. second, to show that the gutter seems to have a pathological hate towards Cameron.

And although I like Cameron, and he seems like a great guy, it is bigger I think that AFH, because it is linked to Cameron's name, is being hurt. The Gutter already cuased them a project and I am afraid it could get worse for them.

I think is fucking unbelievable, that one anonymous woman could hurt the reputation of a man and his organization that are out there doing a little good, and more importantly encouraging us to get involved too.

Still pissed....

Feb 24, 06 11:20 am

wings vs tail> DISCUSS

tail all the way. I'm assuming that it a fully functional tail, not some vestige of a tail just hanging there dead. O wait, you said wingless flight, tough one.

Really, I've thought about selling people the rights to cut off my pinkies (cause theres some sickos out there that would pay through the nose to cut someones finger off) then using the money to have state of the art prosthettic thumbs attached where the pinkies used to be... But for them to be opposable (and who wants a non-opposable thumb?) you'd need to cut the pinky off way back at the wrist I guess, metacarpal and all. But ooooh, double thumbs.

Maybe thumbs on my feet...

Feb 24, 06 11:23 am
job job

totally, tail all the way - i wouldn't even have to talk!
tail up, alert and ready. tail down, don't even come near me
prehensile one for frisbee games...
endless possibilities, really

thumbs on the feet.... hmmm

for the AFH slander: detractors come from every direction - let the inconsequential ones slide off. It's crappy how it happens, but that's life one the pampas

Feb 24, 06 11:41 am
liberty bell

Orhan, read this article:

about turning dog poo in energy

then get Daisy and Rupi to work!

Feb 24, 06 11:51 am

it is finny lb, i've read the news in a frisco paper the other day and almost put it in news section. thanks for bringing up.
ofcourse D&R have applied to their artist in residence program.

Feb 24, 06 12:35 pm

its unfortunate that i'm so curious why the pornography thread keeps getting bumped, yet each time i try and peek it seems that skunst has posted yet another image that is, indeed, pornographic and quite unsuitable to be seen on my monitor whilst at work.

Feb 24, 06 3:43 pm

I am posting this here just because I respect SuperBeatledue’s desire to let the gutter thread die,
but yes Francklee, I am reading some of those mindless threads as those you mentioned but personally I was only intrigued by the Hottest Arch-ladies one. Some of the other are like WonderK has mentioned somewhere “not really holding my interest”

Feb 24, 06 4:38 pm

could someone give me the background behind the gutter thing? What is the gutter? Who publishes it? What have they written in the past that's got y'all so pissed off?

Really, as I said in the thread, I think that once you get to a certain level you've got to understand that people will try and pull some shit on you and be prepared to deal with that. But from you guys' comments it seems like there's something I don't know here...

Feb 24, 06 5:37 pm

This is the best thread ever, and let me tell you why:

My coworkers' grandma died (sad, I know) so I got hit with the brunt of what is normally 3 people's work today, and haven't been paying attention at all. So I stop in and rather than waste my time looking through a bunch of stuff I just come to this thread, and you guys catch me up. I had no idea that somebody was badmouthing Cameron again. What a turd.

Also I didn't know about the Nigeria thing but found out about it from oh so many problems, just an FYI....

And I have to admit the kitten du jour thread is just too damn cute.

and now I'm going home to work on my competition. yay for Fridays. :o\

Feb 24, 06 5:41 pm


Feb 24, 06 6:20 pm

btw, abra got 27 th episode of his road movie
abracadabra, faia on line today. the guy is a total 'architecture sucks' type without shame. i like the way his fountainlad character give 'calatrava the mid eastern architect' his diploma in episode 26. when is he gonna stop meng?? chit..

Feb 24, 06 6:29 pm
vado retro

diabase-after an aia sponsored lecture on branding(identity not bodies) my lovely companian,her exboss and i went to a scottish pub and your honey(see above pic)was on the walls of the men's room with sean connery from james bond movies. the beer was veddy good. float on...

Feb 24, 06 6:47 pm
vado retro

vado lyrics here you care. why arent there any comments about my kitty? are you all trying to make me cry or what ya'll???

Feb 26, 06 10:02 am

The 'kitten du jour' is cute?
For the third time I tried to look at it and again it crashes my it just me or do other people have the same problem?

Feb 26, 06 10:47 am

Within this thread
on 2005.08.06 it was written:

I heard the Vatican is thinking about buying all the Dubai island reenactments and then build churches on them. It's the only way that they can think of to make the Middle East more Catholic again.

which is an uncanny inversion of what this subsequent thread
is about.


"I sometimes get ideas after I read a novel."

Feb 26, 06 12:39 pm

Just to let some know, our wonderful observers here at archinect permanently removed the gutter thread last Friday...good to know that this site has tastes.

Feb 27, 06 2:32 pm

be it ever so humble...

Feb 27, 06 2:40 pm
brian buchalski

wow...this thread is very special. strangely, my life has been surprisingly "real" lately and i haven't been able to keep up with all the happenings here...but after reaing this whole thing i feel kind of caught up. thanks all.

Feb 27, 06 4:07 pm

Vado, i read your lyrics...some of us care

Feb 27, 06 5:41 pm

Is it just me, or has posting on archinect been slow for the past couple days?

Feb 28, 06 1:11 pm

do you mean the speed of the site pages loading or the speed of responses?

In either case, yes.

Feb 28, 06 1:15 pm


Feb 28, 06 1:36 pm

Well, for everyone except for SuperBeatledud, it's been slow......some of us actually have work to do though. Unlike him. Note: this is not a jab, he really doesn't have work to do.

Feb 28, 06 1:50 pm

along these of the few things that I dislike about my new job is that i have less time to spend on archinect.

back to work...

Feb 28, 06 2:38 pm
liberty bell

Here's an opinion: I think the are american architects better? thread is just stupid. It's almost like starting a thread called "I think I'm smarter, more attractive, and funnier than you - do you agree?"

Feb 28, 06 4:23 pm
liberty bell

Maybe I should start a thread called "I've got 20 minutes to kill before I have to pick up my son at school and I just downed a cappuccino so I'm gonna post like crazy and try to save SuperBeatledud from boredom - discuss".

Feb 28, 06 4:26 pm
el jeffe

cappuccino or latte - DISCUSS.

Feb 28, 06 5:01 pm

Flat white, double shot, 1 sugar.

I have a great idea for a thread, but I need to get to 1000 posts before I can re-submit. Its going to be complicated, time consuming, but phun.

Feb 28, 06 5:03 pm

Ouchy! Just read the aluminum thread.

Feb 28, 06 5:28 pm

What's with all the shameless self-promotion lately. You've got this thread, the PiMP management, which just utterly hacks me off when people show up and drop adverts on the forum...... and there's the thread, which just seems a little too happy about that site.....and there's also the one about the snowboard design, which I guess is OK but they seem to be having picture linking issues so I can't even vote for anything.

And then SuperBeatledud goes and puts his web site on my "favorite web site NAMES" thread. I'm going to have to spank him when he returns to Cincy.

Feb 28, 06 5:42 pm

garpike, my friend...the correct terminology is residentially-handicapped.

Feb 28, 06 5:48 pm

we have to keep things pc nowadays so everyone is on the level.

Feb 28, 06 5:51 pm

Oh I have said/typed nothing. I am a fly on the wall who says "ouchy" from time to time.

Feb 28, 06 5:59 pm
liberty bell

Note to self: never be the 100th poster to a thread, because then you have to read your comment again and again and again every time you hit "go to bottom" then the last page number. Ouchy!

But at least it reminds me every time that WonderK got mystery flowers for V-Day!

Feb 28, 06 6:03 pm

my mistake that was John Prolly.

Feb 28, 06 6:56 pm
R.C. Barn

Has everyone visted my Earth Day thread? It's a very important thread! I need help coming up with ideas to make my firm recognize that their own personal practices and habits are just as important as making a building LEED. Come on, I know there are plenty of clever and smart archinects out there that just have a plethora of ideas.

Mar 1, 06 3:21 pm


I hate when you haven't seen a thread, but then it seems a little active, so you read it and its a STUPID AD FOR DUST MASKS

although if a hot girl is buying me vodka, I don't really care what she does for a job....

Mar 1, 06 6:32 pm

and while I'm here---

has anyone actually registered in order to see any of the snowboard designs mentioned here or here ?

Mar 1, 06 6:39 pm
vado retro

who else thinks they look stupid in a hard hat???discuss...

Mar 1, 06 7:16 pm
vado retro

i sense taht i like buildings that taste good. i really really like thai buildings and indian buildings they taste good really good really...

Mar 1, 06 7:19 pm
liberty bell

diabase, how did your wedding reading go?

Mar 1, 06 9:41 pm
Ms Beary

i hate wearing hard hats.

Mar 1, 06 9:51 pm

Ah yes. Number 900. I am trying to keep up with ACFA. And the near bottom of a page. Double trouble.

Carry on then.

Mar 1, 06 9:58 pm
vado retro

lb, i was wrong. i thought i commented on your brilliance, beauty and inceredibly sophisiticated sense of humor. i did actually, but retracted the submission to keep you grounded in the reality that its ten thirty pm and you r drawing rather than nuzzling. by the way you are all those things and more.

Mar 1, 06 10:32 pm

'i dig rock n' roll music'

Mar 2, 06 12:16 am

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