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liberty bell

I'm listening to Cracker right now which reminds me of this astronaut-related thread which was one of my favorites. The thread was started by heterarchy, who I miss, and vado was at his most charming.

Feb 16, 06 10:21 am

there is a serious discussion going on here. i wonder if michiel van raaij is all black suiter? i think quandom has it under control. i was thinking about leaving a note there for 'helsinki' that wonder k has a question for him here.super discussion

Feb 16, 06 12:52 pm
vado retro

iconography is the study and interpretation of images in art. a birdnest aint an icon nor is a picanic basket...

Feb 16, 06 9:46 pm
liberty bell

Today garpike surpassed 1,000 posts, as announced in this thread. Seems just yesterday he was at 666.

Oh, how quickly they grow up...

Feb 16, 06 9:56 pm
liberty bell
This shipping container thread

really chaps my ass. What is this guy thinking, that we're all gonna support his glorious goal of building himself a house without using an architect? We're going to abandon our licenses and start hawking used truck beds?!

It's nice of some people trying to help him out/engage him in a decent discussion of the realities of living in a metal box but he doesn't seem willing to listen to any critique. So he's just looking to crow about how smart he is and how useless we all are?! F*ck him. Worse than another per.

And I have absolutely no fear that he will read my nasty comment here, which is why I am making a nasty comment which I usually refrain from doing.

Feb 16, 06 10:28 pm
vado retro

i'm designin a house made out of thread. wont need no architects or shipcontainers niether. it will be made outta used sweaters from the goodwill...

this pile is gonna be the media room!!!

Feb 16, 06 10:57 pm

lb, you are totally right. garpike has been posting like a madman the past month. An absolute madman, I say!!!

Regarding the shipping container thread, there are some interesting things you can do with them.....but I can't say I'd advocate doing them all over, or even on their own. Modular and pre-fab housing is an interesting concept but there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

Feb 16, 06 11:58 pm

Also, for those of you keeping score at home, you could probably come up with a pretty good caricature of me using my recent posts on both of these threads:


what about valentine's day?

Feb 17, 06 12:16 am


Feb 17, 06 2:14 am

i just read the olympics are racist post in its entirety, and have to say it is my least favorite current thread. Yeah, I'm never going to be an olympian either, but it's not because I'm some victim of the world's injustices...

I can't decide if the amount of discussion it is generating makes it better or worse.

Feb 17, 06 11:46 am

i just dropped a post there indicating i am a futbol fan (soccer in america) and every other sport is just a morning push up. silly but so am i..

Feb 17, 06 12:46 pm

its raining in los angeles. we are okay. daisy doesn't like the noise when rain drops hit the skylight. i do. my friend david lamelas is in town. he is a well known artist. i am gonna pick him up sunday, he wants to see my project and i want him to go ahead with his summer house design in argentina, that i am doing in exchange of an art work, supposingly. he is tight with money. his work shows all over the world but it is not really sellable. his films are great. he shot 'gun' in one of my projects years ago.

no, it is not a shipping container silly.

Feb 17, 06 8:01 pm
vado retro

i wish people on this thread would read some freaking architectural history...haruumf

Feb 18, 06 10:15 am
vado retro

i meant site. everyone on this thread is fab...

Feb 18, 06 10:15 am

Let the guy go live in a glorified beer can....

Feb 18, 06 11:51 am

I think this is the best place to mention that there will soon be a thread here at architect about the forthcoming 10th anniversary of a certain architectural website. The thread will complement an exhibition at said website, all leading up to the anniversary event in about nine months from now.

"Is 1996 really already 10 years ago?"


Guess how I spent my forties.

Feb 18, 06 2:33 pm

Yup, the shipping container thread is just the other side of the Fancy Graphics Lovers thread. Someone claims to have found THE answer to everything architectural, posts about it with bad grammar, and then gets upset when people claim it isn't the answer. Flame war ensues.

Feb 18, 06 3:22 pm
vado retro

the answer my friend is livin in a can
the answer is livin in a can...

Feb 18, 06 4:08 pm
vado retro

hey quondum congrats on making it this long...regarding your arch cult post...have never seen two for the road, but anytime i see audrey i think of my exg-frenz' sister who looks just like that waif. anyway you should the ottopoia house again i liked that one. everyone did. as billy squire sez "everybody loves you"...

Feb 18, 06 4:21 pm

dear quondam,
the best virtual museum website on the net.

Feb 18, 06 4:47 pm

I think I'm winning.

For now.

Feb 18, 06 9:17 pm

someone mentioned the daily show...

i myself think its become the same old shit over and over and over sad....

Feb 18, 06 10:54 pm
liberty bell

I think it's curious that these two threads are up at the same time:

cute animals


tortured animals


Also, vado may be starting some kind of uprising with his rumors of archinect rankings...

Oh. Unless there's something going on I don't know about? Crap.

Feb 20, 06 5:02 pm
vado retro

in my ranking, you are number one lb. number ONE!!!

Feb 20, 06 6:30 pm
liberty bell

As discussed around the holidays, when el jeffe and I and a few others were working our butts off while other archinecter's got paid to post, I've been working on a cafe design recently.

It's actually a cafe stand inside a hospital, the first of three. I'm proud to say it opened this morning:

You can't tell but the materials are quite lux: wenge panels, glass tile, Caesarstone, and some cool graphics yet to be installed.

So it may not look like much but god it feels good to finish something! I admit it: I feel virile, if it's OK for a woman to feel that way. Yay.

Feb 21, 06 4:50 pm

very nice lb, it does look lux - refined, elegant, simple. Now all you have to do is teach your fellow Americans how to make decent coffee......;)

Feb 21, 06 5:47 pm

congratulations i know why you were fretting over the cab details and i know from early experience how complicated the wet cabinetry/bar can get. if i ever walk into hubbards & cravens, i'll say "the architect is a friend of mine and you supposed to keep the counter clean, double espresso please".
ooo yea...

Feb 21, 06 5:50 pm

congrats, I dig the lamps (were they part of your project?)...

Feb 21, 06 7:21 pm

lb, I love wenge!

Feb 21, 06 7:25 pm

lb, the cabinets look awesome - congrats! I wish my late-christmas-night working would be so fruitful, but im sorry to say, the flooring looks bit overdone, no? did you do the flooring too?

Feb 21, 06 7:43 pm
liberty bell

Thanks guys - it is terrifying to post your own work!

Thise cool big light fixtures are hand screen printed ink on silk shades and are by Galbraith and Paul, a small textiles and lighting company in Philadelphia who I have worked with for several years now. I cannot praise them enough: they bent over backwards to get the lights to me in a very short time, and the owner Ephraim Paul said "If I say they will arrive by the 16th, they will" and sure enough he totally followed through. And their prices are very reasonable.

Flooring was NOT ME of course, it was existing - we built cabinetry in an existing space, basically. You could argue that we should have worked better with the floor tiel, but instead we chose to arrogantly ignore it. I'm a diva, sometimes.

Feb 21, 06 8:04 pm

lb, I wish I had something to post!

Speaking of alternative careers, I wish I was making stuff - like those Galbraith and Paul folks.

Feb 21, 06 8:08 pm

they do make nice lights

Feb 21, 06 8:30 pm
liberty bell

Orhan, is that your house? Everything you post is so cool, in the true meaning of that word, like cool and collected and unpretentious.

I do think it's funny that in the what would you do to get something back? thread I claimed printmakers are thugs. Then I turn around here and say how wonderful Galbraith and Paul are - oops!

Feb 21, 06 9:17 pm

thanks lb. thats my clients house and she knew about g&p but was sweet enough to ask me if they were going to be alright with everything else. needlessly, i said go for it. how could i not. the stuff they make is even more beautiful in real life as you'd know.

Feb 21, 06 9:28 pm
vado retro

lb it looks awesome. i heard on my police scanner that some hot girl was climbing over counters down there??? any truth to that rumor??? hey i could go there and use my gift card!!!woohoo!!!

Feb 22, 06 12:11 am

lb, nice work up there. Good stuff. I don't have anything new to share or else I would.

I'm sorry for my lack of enthusiasm but I'm kicking it low-key this week. None of the current threads are really holding my interest. Good thing we have this one.

Feb 22, 06 11:51 am
job job

hey abra, i particularly like the threads where the title and entry post work in couplets: johnson-coolhouse>CRUCIFY FRANK!

i also enjoy the threads where a person makes a random comment, then demands profound reports: prouve-quote>DISCUSS!

we can consider them the 'magnesium>IGNITE!' phenomenon

ps do you ever wish you had gills so that you can breathe underwater?

Feb 23, 06 7:43 am

yea gills. like as in..;

if you had GILLS > DISCUSS


who HAS > balls DISCUSSION


Manny Moe and Jack > who is your daddy, DISCUSS again

Feb 23, 06 1:07 pm
job job


Feb 23, 06 1:24 pm
sporadic supernova

Going to Turkey tommorow morn for a well deserved two week break..
see ya guys then ..

for those who dont know why I'm going ....

I'll be back ( arnold style!!)

Feb 23, 06 3:07 pm

have a great time extrasupernova.

Feb 23, 06 3:41 pm

nice, I've always wanted to go to Turkey......... I'll be surprised if I get 30 miles from where I'm sitting right now in the next month

Feb 23, 06 4:05 pm

I'd love to go to Turkey as well.

per sporadic supernova's upcoming adventure, I would like to start a thread entitled "Best places to pop the question" but I am too chicken. Also I feel it would be a little weird considering I am nowhere near having the question popped on me. However I would contribute.

Feb 23, 06 4:38 pm
el jeffe

whaaa......forgot to set my alarm clock and....hey it's the 23rd???
nice work LB! It was worth it.

WonderK - definitely not Pomodoro's.

Feb 23, 06 4:52 pm

How come the thread lightly titled "Oh so many problems..." is about very serious issues, and the thread titled "A Very Serious Issue" is somewhat not as serious as I expected such an alarm to be?

Feb 23, 06 9:05 pm
liberty bell

Very good question, garpike!

I'd rather have wings than gills.

Feb 23, 06 10:38 pm

Woops, I need this man.

Feb 23, 06 10:40 pm

Or this woman.

Feb 23, 06 10:41 pm

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