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it's like abra, it's like that.


I'm trying to decide whether I buy myself a car. It's a beautiful red Alfa Romeo 155 V6. Its not a question of love, but one of folly.

Feb 13, 06 5:57 pm

designed and built by myself 1985
door on right original, door on left added, as is everything inbetween

the current highlight...

...that makes it really worth the trip. And speaking of trip, even garpike is invited.

so now you know exactly where I am everytime I visit archinect

Feb 13, 06 6:14 pm
Heather Ring

so then, this is really referencing the what's your view? thread ...

Feb 13, 06 7:22 pm

thats a great twentyfourer.
nowdays a lot of furniture places like dwr and ikea among them use that design. you can also buy unfinished 18x18 cubes like 10 bucks and paint and gang um up. it is really my favorite design because you dont need book ends,. gives you a choice for comprehensible catolouging, no worries for structural stability and bowing of the shelves and great for tall books.

now going back to 24" bookshelf thread.
get bunch of those boxes and get 6" ht adj 1" dia stainless steel cabinet legs from ikea like $7 for 4 or something and you have 24" tall bookshelves that are actually 6" above ground a nice horizontal element all from off the shelve material cheap. and use nice enamel paint of your choice and make sure it is bone dry (do it at least 2 coats after the primer). but you don't know about this thread do you?
here is a picture of my plexiglass light cab with similar height and 8' long.

Feb 13, 06 7:26 pm

thats right heather, i remember javier posted a picture of a dirt road taking you through the gate's of some ancient like ruin dropping you off at an uncrowded beach like one would be experiencing on an off season beach down in baja or the time a lot of people got upset for being on your facedness of an environment gap the picture evoked.
i still wonder if that was a stock photo he downloaded from internet or his mom got that place where he goes to work.he is not working for an office, he can work anywhere. maybe he was born in that washed out fixer.

i really wished for lb that she has a better studio/desk. looks like she blocked the window to stop the cold air coming into the basement with a weird cat.
your place looks like a joy. i really think cemeteries are the great remaining public parks that contain so many things to look, contemplate, imagine, laugh and feel sad, like special kind of museum.
so what kind a music is usually played in your office?if any.

Feb 13, 06 7:57 pm
liberty bell

abra, thanks so much for your concern about my office space! It has its problems for sure but it has its benefits too. And that's just my daytime office of course - here is a pic of my after-hours office AKA my house where I go to work after getting my toddler to bed! The reason I post this pic today is my husband surprised me for Valentine's by finally installing our penny-round tile backsplash today while I was at work wahoo!!

Which also refers to another thread which should show up again tomorrow, the archinect valentine's discussion started by our much-adored and long lost johndevlin. +q., did you get that groovy vacuum cleaner for the wife yet?

Feb 13, 06 9:29 pm
Heather Ring

No music, just the maddening sound of the pet bird singing incessantly to himself in the mirror. So, yes - music - to drown it out - via headphones.

Feb 13, 06 10:40 pm

this is my pick to be the next 1000 comment thread.

Feb 13, 06 10:49 pm

do i know some italian architect? maybe.. do i want to hook you up? noo.. why?
because you sound like a selfish person who want to take more than if ever give. sounded like "you" needed "some" italian architect contact to solve "some" of "your" immigration issues?
speculating but, i might be right on this one.
i remember senior editor mason white was asked one day "which posts he finds interesting?"
he said, he finds the posts no one responded interesting. well he is right. they are sometimes very telling about the wisdom of general contributers of the forum.
would i call my friend luciano say "hey luci there is this guy lukas71 looking for "some " italian architect and you kind a fit his description. i know you are real busy but he wants you to meet him.., no luc i don't know him. all he wants is some italian architect. you are italian, so? yep he is from internet..

Feb 14, 06 12:02 am
liberty bell

The haiku thread was
a personal fave of mine.
Goofy poetry.

Feb 14, 06 12:20 am

haiku by liberty bell;

neverending work
install, nail, paint, but still my
kitchen eludes me

*kitchen and living rm looking good..

Feb 14, 06 12:28 am

andreas huyssen gave a lecture here friday - ruins and nostalgia ala piranesi
i thought of you rita

Feb 14, 06 1:16 am

Gosh ether, does this mean you're also getting nostalgic? ;-)

from Indianapolis with love

Feb 14, 06 9:05 am

last night a had a dream about the jesus you have next to rem on your bookshelf. I dreamt i was watching a documentary on him. In my dream he was a South Korean business man that turned to God because he saw the materialism of his ways and wanted to change. he then proceeded to grow a beard and hair ala jesus. I forgot where I had seen that image until i opened this thread, scary...

yeap already bought the vaccum, but I also took my wife out to dinner, and bought other special goodies.

abra: my threads often go unanswered, does that mean that archinecters have more sens than to talk to moi?-that actually sounds more along the lines for this thread link

Feb 14, 06 10:02 am
liberty bell

Thanks for the link to artblog, quondam! Roberta is great and I honestly think artblog is the best art-related blog out there. Always smart and considered, a little NYC plus lots of the rest of the blogosphere. And of course proper attention to the Philly art scene which is young and exciting. I haven't bought a single piece of art since moving to Indy whereas in Philly I was buying at least 2x/year if not more - Spector Gallery and alter Space 1026 were my crack.

I posted the same pic from the hotrod/sculpture article on the hotrod architecture thread too - definitely my all-time favorite thread. Pixelwhore, you started a great discussion there!

Feb 14, 06 10:11 am

hey rita, the jesus next to rem on your bookshelf is peter o'toole and at the end of the movie he turns into jack the ripper, watch out, rem
sorry for the spoiler

Feb 14, 06 10:34 am

q+, go rent The Ruling Class! Not folded, but completely twisted! And adding scary to scary, for some reason I thought of you and Adaptation soon after I woke up this morning.

lb, As soon as I saw the images at the top of the blog I thought of you, and then I saw Brian's name. "Ah, now I get it."

Feb 14, 06 10:39 am
liberty bell

diabase started a thread recently about stats regarding how hard you work.

Now he's asked a similar question on this thread.

diabase, stop worrying about it: you are totally justified in buying yourself that alfa romeo. At the very least Charlie will be thrilled.

Feb 14, 06 10:54 am

ckl, I certainly hope you don't think that I didn't know "the jesus next to rem on your bookshelf is peter o'toole."

Plus, I find it interesting whenever I'm still referred to as Rita. It seems to confirm my belief that people deal in the virtual whenever they care to not deal with the reality.

Feb 14, 06 11:05 am

oh, this is a reenactment of the previous photo
anyway, I like the pairing - and the transformative potential with 'mutations' on top - if jesus becomes jack the ripper, what would rem do or become

the virtual is as real as you are rita

Feb 14, 06 11:23 am

I love watching Antiques Roadshow because it excites me everytime they say provenance.

Feb 14, 06 11:31 am
liberty bell

The iconography thread is like a more architectural version of the Separated at Birth? thread.

Very funny. That is all.

Feb 14, 06 12:08 pm

How many times has that Longaberger Basket building shown up in the forum? At least 10, right?

Also, I think SuperHeavy and Superglue should have a rumble.

Feb 14, 06 12:31 pm

or at least see if Superglue could hold fast as SuperHeavy
hung from an I-beam from his/her construction helmet

Feb 14, 06 1:02 pm

Hey Liberty,

Thanks for looking out for me.

You are right, I am trying to find out how productive I am, because I have the sneaking suspicion [like a lot of people here] that my productive input does not equal the financial output... the subject of many a thread here...

Feb 14, 06 3:07 pm

Subject: egoscrapers
Date: 2001.12.13

Try first watching The Ruling Class and then watch The Belly of an Architect. The former very entertainingly depicts the double theater of freedom and control, while the latter architecturally (and somewhat boringly) depicts the double theater of delusion and grandeur (or is that what The Ruling Class depicts, and vice versa?).
Be on the look-out for the Electromagnetic Messiah is The Ruling Class--he’s a pure joy. And then, in The Belly of an Architect, spy how Boullee is nakedly reduced to the "phallacy" of it all.

Allen’s Deconstructing Harry is likewise great double theater, as is the sad 'reality' of The Legend of Rita. Now it’s time to watch Mary, Queen of Scots. Or should it next be Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown?

--Stephen Lauf, A Quondam Banquet of Virtual Sachlichkeit: Part II, p. 302.

pp. 178-9

A rare treasure on any bookshelf.

Feb 14, 06 3:13 pm
vado retro

wk are you trying hard enough???

Feb 14, 06 7:35 pm

Uh oh. This is a reference to something. I can't place it. I'm sorry it's been a relatively rough evening.

Feb 14, 06 10:46 pm

that would be super,

super duper.

Feb 15, 06 12:12 am

Taken the time to research each one of theses acronyms.......(One hours of my boss’s money)

Knowing how to pronounce NCARB next time one runs into a hot female architect….. Priceless

Feb 15, 06 10:56 am

hey lb, is that your dog who won the show?

Feb 15, 06 10:58 am
liberty bell

Thanks for the news abra, but nope that's not my Gus.

Here we are going from one super-duper idea to another!

I still think bossman is the queen.

Feb 15, 06 12:44 pm

So, where do we talk about this thread?

Feb 15, 06 3:36 pm

you can talk about Thread Central right here but only on wednesdays.

well lb, Gus is a winner anyway, right?
super steven takes the t-shirt on that thread, imho..

Feb 15, 06 3:43 pm
liberty bell

Our school bloggers are not feeling challenged enough: Cris is bored, Hasselhoff is bored.

Maybe they should work on one another's projects.

Feb 15, 06 4:36 pm

lb - you have a dog named Gus? me too! check him out........

Feb 15, 06 4:58 pm

oh & I thought that 'what's your view' thread would be a much bigger player, I fight the urge to update it every morning.

Feb 15, 06 5:05 pm
vado retro

there is decidely too little buzz about me lately...have i jumped the shark???

Feb 15, 06 9:46 pm

fro9k, that is the most beautiful pup ever.
do you ski to work?

Feb 15, 06 10:04 pm

weds- yep, he's a soulful one. you should see him when he's dry!

& ski to work? no, but on a good day I snowboard instead of work.....

Feb 15, 06 10:59 pm
liberty bell

Here you go fro9k: My Gus, my Angus (and we really didn't plan to make their names so similar, it just worked out that way).

Your Gus is wonderful. What a real dog!

Feb 15, 06 11:01 pm
vado retro

what about vado dammit???

Feb 15, 06 11:38 pm
vado retro

snowboard = chew toy...

Feb 15, 06 11:40 pm

rupert 'rupi', asla

Feb 15, 06 11:59 pm

I don't have a dog. :o(

I do have a cat though. Her name is Hootie. This was not my choice as I received her when she was 11 years old. She's fancy.

Also, I do have flowers too. Someone sent them to me for Valentine's Day. I don't know who. It's a mystery!

Feb 16, 06 12:13 am

i have a gus too! a 2 1/2 year old golden retriever that thinks he's still 3 months old.

Feb 16, 06 12:27 am

Lulu Ann:

She may not be a dog, but that doesn't mean she isn't a bitch!

Feb 16, 06 1:39 am

I want to know if our fellow archinector Helsinki has Architecture in them:


Feb 16, 06 10:05 am

daisy mae, faia

Feb 16, 06 10:12 am
liberty bell

Did anyone see the feature on the Daily Show last night about Myspace? It was hilarious. I like the new young guy whose name I can't recall.

OK I know that post isn't really Thread Central appropriate and I will get back to more apporpriate posts alter in the day after tackling my mountain of work.

WonderK I want to hear about your flowers.

Feb 16, 06 10:12 am

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