this year, i resolve to...

quit obsessively checking every 30 minutes to see if a new project is posted. 

count to 10 every time a political thread is created. and then leave the room. and then the country. france. france sounds good in october and november, right?

make use of the 12 for a buck leads i bought over christmas. 2H rules!

make at least 1 model a week. size, quality, etc. doesn't matter.

quit starting pointless threads documenting unattainable goals... (doh!)


happy new years ya'll.

Jan 1, 12 9:03 am

Figure out this whole RSS or reader alert thing or whatever it is to make sure I always know when a new MalPractice blog entry is posted so I don't miss a single one.

Read Calvin and Hobbes every day.

Jan 1, 12 10:49 am

Move to Key Largo.

Jan 1, 12 2:47 pm

Montego! baby why don't we go?

Jan 1, 12 3:40 pm

fend off all drinking way to much bourbon...

Jan 1, 12 5:17 pm

ok, i also resolve to buy donna an ice cream cone. any flavor(s), as many scoops as she'd like...


Jan 1, 12 8:04 pm

to be alive when 2013 rolls around. 

Jan 1, 12 8:27 pm
Tinbeary There there

floss everyday, because in 2011 I learned that dentists are muy expensive.

Jan 1, 12 8:42 pm

ain't that the truth.  started using fluoride as often as possible in 2011 for same reason.

Jan 2, 12 9:25 am

i resolve to be more badder than all you mofos.

Jan 2, 12 9:36 pm

I think I'll resolve to watch Wonders of the Universe regularly - and not only because that host is a hottie.

Jan 2, 12 9:39 pm

embrace uncertainty

Jan 3, 12 12:27 am
Living in Gin

To continue my progress on my M.Arch. degree and IDP hours.

To become LEED certified.

To learn how to let go of the past, and begin laying the foundations for my professional and personal life after grad school.

Jan 3, 12 12:33 am

To accept reality.

Jan 3, 12 12:39 am

-Lose 25 lbs to look like a human being again.

-Start the dreaded licensure process (after bitching about it forever here on archinect) - because it seems that is the only way to get higher in the pecking order.

-Start thinking about buying a place, however small, to not having to pay rent (and pay mortgage instead)


Jan 3, 12 1:55 am

Bicycling daily metric half centuries (31 miles). Up to 24-26 miles daily rides comfortably now.


Also, finding a new line of work because what I do has been officially outlawed as of this year. I have to become a CPA now (which involves about 20 hours of more school plus exams) or find a new jobs. So much for the entrepreneurial spirit!


Also, do another riding-for-charity thing like I did last month. I did a little pledge drive that who ever sent me an e-mail or text message, I would ride and donate $0.10 a mile plus $10 for every pound of muscle gained. Ended up racking up over 200 miles on bike ridden for charity plus put on 4 pounds of lean body mass and lost 2 pounds of fat. So, I raised around $86. Have yet to figure out who to give it too but I really want to give it to Pew Charitable Trust. Have to figure that out.


Get back to writing, rendering and ranting.

Jan 3, 12 2:46 am

Get back to living and past this economic downturn

Start a side/complementary photography business and make at least a penny with it (I have high expectations!)

Continue to establish networks

Do daily/semi-daily yoga (back pain can come from doing nothing, even when you exercise/stretch daily)

Post something super positive on Archinect

Jan 3, 12 7:51 am

hey, I think I have snookered my for keeping resolution Number One~

Jan 3, 12 9:35 am
Tinbeary There there

I am going to learn software coding and expand my entreprenuerial endeavor by writing apps.

Jan 3, 12 9:51 am

trace - i'm with you on your first and last comments. and i think your post fulfills the latter. congrats! one down, four to go!

Jan 3, 12 5:03 pm

OK, my news year's resolution is to not get angry when someone pulls a bonehead move on the freeway.....serenity now, serenity now.


Jan 3, 12 6:15 pm

Graduate with my masters and leave the warm cocoon of academia for the cold and cruel real world.  

Jan 3, 12 9:12 pm

lits4formz - you won't like my latest blog post then...

Jan 4, 12 8:25 am

That's precisely why I leave for China tomorrow for a 26 day trek through the country where I'll be interviewing with 7 companies (confirmed) and another 5 (maybe/probable) portfolio reviews/office sit downs. Every senior in architecture should take a "networking vacation" before the start of their last semester.


Goodbye American Capitalism! Hello Communist Capitalism!

Jan 4, 12 10:27 am

Ah Lits, please keep us informed, I am curious to what you find in your travels, perhaps another thread?  Good luck, that's definitely metamorphosing out of the cocoon I would say.

there is no here, I have begun using google apps inventor to create android apps, it is on the cloud, and it's really impressive:

Jan 4, 12 10:41 am
Tinbeary There there

Keith, thanks, I'm troubleshooting installing that now in fact. Do you have a tablet to run apps on? I got an ASUS transformer prime for Christmas. It rocks.

Jan 4, 12 2:50 pm

there is no, Excellent, of course I am in an interstitial space yet again.  I have an android phone and an IPad.  Let's keep in touch, I've got some app ideas baking right now....

Jan 4, 12 3:09 pm
Tinbeary There there

Keith, I have tons of ideas too. Totally willing to share with you and others as I learn to app write if you are interested. I swtiched careers, not in architecture anymore, but I hang out here often enough that you can usually find me here.

Jan 4, 12 5:03 pm

become an Architect... ; ]

Jan 4, 12 6:50 pm

Walk without a limp. (and not swear at my physical therapist).

Lose 20 lbs.

Enter a housing design competition.

Eat more fruit. 

Jan 9, 12 6:37 pm

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