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    Mid Year Reviews

    By Erik Schonsett
    Feb 20, '07 8:43 AM EST

    We just found out that our mid-year reviews are on the 14th and 15th of next month. Just 3 weeks to produce. Here are 2 videos of the latest piece. I'm not quite sure what it is yet, but i think it is the beginnings of a language shredder.

    The RIBA is coming to evaluate the school later this week so there is an exhibition being put together that highlights the work of all of the units. I'll take some photos when its done so you can get a flavor of what else goes on over here. Pretty amazing work.


    • Becker

      is that thing useful??

      if all else fails in life, make that into a cats toy, my cat would love it.

      Feb 20, 07 11:49 pm  · 

      we just had the NAAB here. went pretty good apparently. I havent scrutinized your work Erik, but I guess since its deffinetly not standard mode of representation ( architectural at least), it would be great if u give us a quick description. Are u interested in semantics?

      Feb 21, 07 4:33 pm  · 

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