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Sep '06 - May '07

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    NYC, Zaha, and trains...O my!

    By Erik Schonsett
    Sep 18, '06 2:39 AM EST
    Well, I have two more days in NYC. After having a four hour delay, I finally got out of Long Beach California and into NYC on Friday night.

    Two friends of mine and I went to see the Zaha show at the Guggenheim this morning. It was pretty remarkable. I'm not too much a fan of her work (I like her older work much better than he new stuff), but the amount of work there was amazing. I thought that the best part was the hand renderings and paintings. They were simply remarkable. They also had several video interviews running through out the exhibition. The part was in an interview with the BBC. Zaha was in the office with the interviewer and camera crew. She was fixing the chairs at a large conference table when she suddenly stopped. She looked furious. All of the sudden she said whoever changed these chairs has 5 minutes left working in this office. It looks like a fantastic place to work!

    I'm staying with a friend from SCI_Arc. He lives at 125th and Broadway. I should have thought that something was strange when he asked me if I had earplugs. The subway line that runs up Broadway comes above ground 1 block south of his building. And when trains go by it�s so loud in the apartment that you can't even talk to someone else let alone sleep.

    Here are some highlights of NYC so far:

    An attempt at butifying a construction site...I did say ATTEMPT... gotta love contractors.

    The train as it comes out of the ground at my friends apartment. Taken from the fire escape.

    I'll post again next weekend after I settle down a bit in London to let you know how things are going.

    New York
    18 Sept. 2006

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    • Chili Davis

      "Sweet" contruction group. That's great. I think I'll call my firm the "Sweet" architecture group. That'd be sweet.

      Sep 18, 06 8:07 am  · 

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