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    So, it's been a while...

    By Erik Schonsett
    May 30, '07 9:21 PM EST

    I know. It's been a long time since I've posted anything. After a short time traveling (it's so easy when you're based in London) it's time to get back to work. Over the past month and a half I've had the oppertunity to be in Paris, Venice, Rome, Carlo Scarpa's Brion Cemetary, Barcelona,
    the thearer muse Dali, Bilbao, andColwyn Bay Wales. I'm actually up in Colwyn Bay right now. My group is up here working out of my teacher's house. This is my 16th or 17th day up here...I really do loose count. We're working on clarifying our projects and writing our research reports. The M. Arch course has two components: a design project and a research report. The reoprt frames what you are doing, whay you are doing it and how you plan to do it. Well, the report is due to be turned in on June 11th, so time is ticking.

    Here are a few images from my work over the past few days and some from my trps...

    Here's a breif snip of my report text that frames what I'm working on...

    The project is an exploration into the spatial qualities of the constructions made through the imagination. It looks at the idea of motion text and its connection with language as a vehicle through which the reader begins to construct spatial experiences. It focuses on the spatial scripting of the hidden qualities of literature and its relationship to the motion of text through language. Specifically, it explores the constructions along the pataphysical path between the physical and the imagined. This is done by looking at the anatomy of the body of Architecture as experienced in the construction of the journey between two worlds and the threshold that separates them.

    Jarry's Knititng Factory: Stitching Together the Lost Layers of Literature

    Literature Split

    Banana Shoes for Climbing the Slippery Lion of Language



    Brion Family Cemetary



    Theater Muse' Dali


    Colwyn Bay


    • I'm loving those pics great that you've appeared from no where and blessed us with this. What's the last image of?

      May 30, 07 10:11 pm  · 
      Erik Schonsett

      the lat image is of the dining room of my teacher, phil watson. the chairs are made from old ox carts.

      May 30, 07 10:23 pm  · 

      erik, i love the project, beautiful stuff. i am jealous.

      May 31, 07 4:35 am  · 
      vado retro

      great pics. taking advantage of those 25 dollar ryan air tix? my exgirlfriend/future wife is at cambridge and has hopped the plane to go to italy for a DAY! and then fly back. hooray for proximity!

      Jun 2, 07 8:35 am  · 

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