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    Back to work...

    By Erik Schonsett
    Nov 22, '06 7:38 PM EST

    So, it's been a while since I posted anything. A lot has been happening in the last three weeks or so. Here's a quick run down of what's been going on...

    We went on out 'official M. Arch trip' about two weeks ago. It was a week in Florence. The trip was amazing! I've never been to Europe before, so it was really great to get out of London and experience the world. A few of us decided to head to Venice for a few days before we met up with the rest of the group in Florence. We got to see the Biennale, which was huge...but unfortunately not as interesting as I would have hoped. The best part about the Florence trip is that travel and hotel were paid for by the school! We were basically on our own to see what interested u. Our teachers were there, but they were spread out all over the city and no one really communicated with each other. You've got to love the Bartlett teavel agency. We had a great time though. A few of us even rented cars and went to see the Chiesa del' Autostrada del Sole by Giovanni Michelucci, which is just outside of Florence. Amazing project. It was designed to commemorate the deaths of all the workers who died in the construction of the Autostrada del Sole, or highway of the sun, which connects Florence to Rome. We also headed down to Sienna and San Gimignano. Amazing time!

    Chiesa del Autostrada del Sole - click here for more

    Florence - click here for more

    Venice - click here for more

    Sienna - click here for more

    San Gimignano- click here for more

    5 day workshop
    So, the weekend after we got back, which was this past weekend, we attended a 5 day workshop on fluid dynamics. It was run by three former Bartlett M. Arch students from 2 years ago and a PHD student at Imperial college. We were shown some of the fluid dynamic experiments that the PHD students were researching. Then we were asked to come up with a project. The projects were not so important. It was really nice to get to talk to the former students. I think that this is where the real learning was. You see, the Bartlett M. Arch course is such a unique animal. We all, at least I, feel a bit lost with what is going on here. It was good to hear from them that this is a normal thing and that things take time to settle in around here. It was also really nice to see everyone else work. This was the first time that we all presented in one large group. Normally, we are split up into 5 smaller groups and rarely do we get to see what everyone else is working on. That is unless you see them working in studio and ask them. I think that the workshop helped us to understand where all of us come from, which is always a good thing. I tried to tie in my work from the workshop with my work in the studio. I came up with designing a pocket watch for the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland that measures reason. He does not know how to use it properly, which is why he is mad. It was a lot to take on in one weekend, actually 2 days after I figured out the concept, but it went well.

    Well, now we have an all M. Arch review/pinup/crit thing this coming Tuesday and wednesday. It will be the first time that we all get to see each other's work for studio at one time. Things are going kind of slow for some, me especially. The Bartlett, and Phil my teacher especially, is more concerned with the ways that we think then what we actually produce. Right now everyone in our group is basically still trying to formulate a project and position it. The work in general is driven by us. Phil never tells us what to do and how to do it. He is our guide. At most times, he is a very confusing guide, but I find that the more I am exposed to this way of thinking, the better I understand it. It just takes time. I've been told that most people do not know what they are going to focus on for their final project until Feb. or March at the earliest. It's just weird...coming from SCI_Arc, I am not used to not producing at a feverish rate. But in the end I know that these projects will be amazing. I just need to learn to be more patient.

    That's enough for now. I'm going to really try to update this thing more regularly than I have been in the past. I'll post some stuff about the crit thing late next week.


    • the silent observer


      It's really interesting to read the experiences of someone who is now in the program...I felt the same way last year at exactly this time. We had just gotten back from Rome and were gearing up to present something at our first pin-up. Most of us were just scratching our heads and hoping for the best. We kept thinking it was just us, that for some reason, our class was stuck in some place that other classes before us had not been. I guess, in the end, that wasn't the case, which is good to know :)

      That's great that they had that charette/workshop for you guys. We didn't get anything like that, sounds like a good way to get you guys into your projects more quickly...

      As for your comments about friend had him as his tutor, and his feelings were much the same...Phil is indeed a confusing guide...but he is an amazing resource if you dig at him...

      Good luck to you. Post picts from the crit! Would love to see where you're headed.

      Nov 22, 06 9:06 pm  · 

      Interesting reading, I occaisionally consider the MArch course there, but it sounds like (as I suspected) you have to be able to drive yourself in some direction. Not sure if I am capable of that fact I can't even drive at all!

      Best of luck though!

      Nov 23, 06 6:48 pm  · 

      Hey eric - could you email me the contact for fluids at IC? thanks

      Nov 24, 06 3:45 am  · 

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