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    post holiday post

    By highsmith
    Jan 6, '07 10:32 PM EST

    Long time no post. The end of another term is gone, and so is Christmas!

    I'm off to Utah at 5am for a six week wintersession studio with Peter Stempel. V. excited about returning to this part of the country. We will be situated just outside of Mt. Zion National Park. Suggestions for combatting mountain lions welcome.


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    housing studio
    housing studio

    I am going to be better. In the future.


    • precaution against mountain lions or Christian radicals?

      Jan 7, 07 1:43 pm

      if you encounter a mountain lion don't run and and make yourself appear larger by doing:

      Jan 7, 07 2:06 pm

      Ask a Mormon about his underwear. It will change you life, I promise.

      Jan 7, 07 6:30 pm

      Did a wintersemester studio with Stempel a few years back ("Changing grounds" I think it was called) - a really well constructed studio, totally detail and material oriented while keeping an eye on the big picture and context. The crits themselves weren't as impressive as the actual structure of the course, but Peter is the nicest character (eventhough his dog pooped next to my desk - stank like hell - well, the dog "Matilda" was sick so can't blame her. but still...) So, beware the dog & Have fun!

      Jan 9, 07 3:03 am

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