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    ode to paul

    By highsmith
    Jun 14, '06 1:59 AM EST

    photos from the voyage.

    inordinate thanks to companion, paul, pictured [that's crazy!]

    other than that, there was that...and i enjoyed that. the tent held strong, even in the most ridiculous conditions [read : the perfect storm]. the firm i'm working for this summer is very busy, which means i got to experience the model deadline by my second day...they also have a very nice/new space so i am pumped.

    culver city is wierd, but the drive from santa monica is actually much quicker than expected. i'm still getting used to those traffic lights at the ends of onramps. is that for real?

    also, my bike.

    in the mean time...


    • Arnaud M.

      Your pictures are stunning! What kind of camera do you use?

      Jun 14, 06 8:08 am

      I use an old Minolta SRT101, circa 1970s + a Rokkor 1:28 f=28mm lens I have added. The great thing about old Minolta bodies is that you can add just about any Minolta lens to it...

      Jun 14, 06 10:12 am


      Jun 14, 06 1:29 pm

      Stunning just about sums it up. I love the ladder picture, as well as the rocks....

      Jun 15, 06 12:33 am

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