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  • final procrastination period

    By amykwok
    May 13, '05 9:49 PM EST

    yikes - i'm really behind on my posts so i'll try and run you guys up to date on what has been going on here.

    our second project of the semester was a group building project. RISD is taking part in the Solar Decathalon in Washington DC in October...our second project was to build a shade pavilion for the house. We were given two quality materials: furring strips and tyvek. Working in groups of 15 students and each first year studio competed with one another. Here are some images:

    CB's studio:

    detail of tyvek:

    winning shade pavilion:

    sailing away:

    last image brings me to our last project of the semester - designing a boathouse. We on a rowing excursion in the Seekoonk River and are now getting ready for our final crit on Tuesday.

    Meanwhile, I've been spending copious amounts of time with the 3D scanner at Brown for my final Rapid Prototyping project. RISD's Digital Media department just got a ZCorp machine and makes mighty fine prints. Will post more images after finals.

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  • Analogous Modeling

    By amykwok
    Mar 12, '05 12:31 PM EST

    We recently finished our first project, which was to create an analogous model of a detail of a certain building. Each studio was assigned a building and the buildings that were examined were: Gaudi's Sagrada Familia, Aalto's Saynatsalo Town Hall, Piano's Marie Tjibaou Cultural Center in New... View full entry

  • Providence

    By amykwok
    Mar 12, '05 11:56 AM EST

    Some pictures of studio and providence.the day of our first big crit for the semester...everyone's downstairs installinga frequent architecture student hauntan even more frequent architecture student haunt. so HdM....but not. View full entry

  • Paris

    By amykwok
    Mar 3, '05 12:34 AM EST

    Photos d'une autre partie du monde: Blunt, non? A place to visit - Palais du Tokyo - very "Berlin", as my friends described it. The exterior looks proper and official, the inside is completely gutted. View full entry

  • Testing

    By amykwok
    Mar 3, '05 12:16 AM EST

    So in Hansy's class, we learned four different software: AutoCAD, VIZ, Rhino, and Dreamweaver. In the end, everyone fabricated an object. There were projects ranging from stereo speakers, a topographical shoe display, and even a motorcycle! So here's my best overall photo: More photos to follow... View full entry

  • en attendant....

    By amykwok
    Feb 27, '05 11:25 PM EST

    ok, sorry i've gotten so behind on my posts! call it jet lag. i will be posting up some images of final projects from Hansy's class soon as I can figure out how to post images. I know Paul has it clearly outlined but I'm new at this! In the meantime, spring semester has just started for... View full entry

  • motion sickness in the CAVE

    By amykwok
    Jan 29, '05 12:07 AM EST

    As part of our course, we have made a couple of visits to Brown University to see their engineering facilities. Today, we went to see the CAVE , a virtual reality environment that lets you explore 3D spaces. I don't recommend it to those who are prone to motion sickness but it was really neat to... View full entry

  • winter wonderland

    By amykwok
    Jan 26, '05 12:23 PM EST

    We're in Wintersession right now, which means six weeks of taking class(es) in any department. The nice thing about wintersession is that it's a nice opportunity to explore the other departments at RISD - painting, sculpture, furniture, industrial design, etc. This wintersession, I decided to stay... View full entry

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