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    RI -> NC -> LA

    By highsmith
    Jun 3, '06 11:34 PM EST

    so, the first year is done.

    over the past week, i've managed to leave my debit card at a restaurant in DC, develop a strong, strong desire to drive a golf cart into water, locate a 'non-descript grey car' in the woods of chapel hill, and evade a major repair bill for my car, which is about to make the cross-country trip.

    some things i will miss, spurred by my week back in the south :

    empty parking lots
    the manuscript library at UNC [walker percy's notes = illegible]
    invisible [to some] crosswalks...
    bed / sleep

    now it's time for all you healthy LA archinectors to give me some wisdom since it will be my first time...or anyone who wants to offer some good diversions off I-40 [aside from the canyon]. friend paul will travel south tomorrow, by train, to join me for the drive out. i just bought 'tenting across america.' that's about as far as i've gotten...

    [this post dedicated to j.atkins of LAB fame]

    anxiously awaiting your suggestions...


    • tinydancer

      Toad Suck Park, Arkansas...who wouldn't want to go there?

      Jun 4, 06 9:39 am

      oh. snap.

      Jun 4, 06 2:08 pm
      MArch n' unemployed

      sedona, AZ was a great, relaxing treat from the grind of cross-country driving.

      Jun 8, 06 7:11 pm

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