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    By highsmith
    Oct 9, '05 4:39 PM EST

    Sorry for the false start last week. Some information, since this will be my first real post:

    I arrived in Providence this summer equipped with my southern accent, [small] car. After a six week program in 'foundation studies,' I found myself even more pleased to be in this place than I had anticipated.

    Skipping forward, losing sleep, but gaining clarity - studio has ramped up as we are looking at our first major presentations / crits this Thursday. I will post an overview of this project next time.

    For now, I'd like to leave some photos from my summer travels south to north to my current place. The last photo is of my desk here in the architecture building, my new home.




    • TED

      nice pics, what kind of camera are you using?

      Oct 9, 05 8:28 pm

      I do like those photos - very leica single focus

      Oct 9, 05 10:18 pm

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