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    this is december / view 3

    By highsmith
    Dec 5, '05 12:17 AM EST

    what this means /needs [in some particular order] :

    greenhouse structures
    the cold [outside the lovely, ultra-close quarters of the architecture building]
    materials and methods longspan research projects [dulles->raleigh]
    chaos [not panic]
    studio casualties [shout-outs to thomas and liz, self-explanatory]

    [not shown : much-missed telephone conversations]

    i'm not going to attempt any further commentary, other than to say i am entering the final few weeks of the term, so for now, and as usual, my photos will speak louder than my words.





    • sauber

      what and where is that third pic?

      Dec 7, 05 5:06 am

      there's a little slice of saarinen's dulles airport, then its
      dorton arena - raleigh fairgrounds.
      built 1952, nowicki
      first steel-cable roof construction in the world

      a pretty interesting building - i did a research project on it for my materials class, and was amazed when they let me out on the roof.

      Dec 7, 05 7:42 am

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