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    By highsmith
    Nov 22, '05 11:42 PM EST

    As a short break arrives, I find myself traveling south again to visit my family in North Carolina. I haven't been able to post much this term, as RISD + life has been all consuming.

    I feel very pleased to have had Kyna Leski this term in my first RISD studio. To sum it up into a sentence, this studio deals with the development of a tectonic concept that serves as a thread throughout the term to inform and create problems and solutions for making, ultimately forming architecture. An introduction, initiation, to making, thinking, speaking, creating in the tradition of this school. We are currently beginning to finalize our semester-long concept / study which is leading to the design of a greenhouse. Below, I have included some of my process [photos only], and where I am at this point. During the weeks between this holiday and the next, I will hopefully be able to update again.

    I'll [have] spare[d] you the verbage [mostly].

    I haven't had the opportunity to scan in any drawings yet, as that will most likely happen at the end of the semester anyway. So for now, photos ensue...


    make good, stay well


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    • Tom Denney

      The sixth photo down is intriguing in the way it mimics a grove of trees. Seems fitting for a greenhouse. what resembles trees acts as structure therfore maybe what resembles leaves acts as canopy?

      Nov 26, 05 6:03 pm

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