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    By llefler
    May 2, '10 4:01 PM EST

    Our most recent lecture in our Lecture Series here at RISD was my professors Maria Guest and Mohamed Sharif of Sharif/Guest Studios ( which is located in Cambridge, MA and Santa Monica, CA. The lecture and exhibit focused on their competition entry for the redesign of the architecture building's lecture hall and their winning design for the redesign of our old library building.

    It is really interesting to see your professors work. We are rarely exposed to that side of them. Now when they comment on design choices in critiques things are much more comprehensive and I know what they are talking about now.

    The images are of their exhibit located in the architecture building's gallery space displaying two models and several drawings.


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    By llefler
    May 1, '10 3:59 PM EST

    Lucas and I have been busy, busy with midterms, but I finally got the chance to post some photos from my studio trip to Morocco. After canceled and then delayed flights from Paris and a long, uncomfortable train ride from Casablanca to Fes, we finally arrived in the medina of Fes - one of the... View full entry


    By llefler
    Mar 25, '10 3:45 PM EST

    My studio, of thirteen students, just got back from Los Angeles last week. We had a very productive trip there with a site visit and a tour of Los Angeles. Our site is located in Santa Monica, in a very banal section of Santa Monica Boulevard. Now our job is to create a gem for the environment. We... View full entry


    By llefler
    Mar 22, '10 2:06 AM EST

    Three weeks into studio... My studio - "Within Walls" is taught by Peter Tagiuri and Stephan Rutz. I have been working on a team redesigning a foundouk which is essentially a courtyard building for craftsmen to live, work and sell their products. Our proposal is to transform the building into a... View full entry


    By llefler
    Mar 3, '10 6:31 PM EST

    We just got back from Wintersession and our semester has begun. At RISD, we have a unique schedule. In between semesters, during the months of January and February we have six weeks to take classes outside of our major or do study abroad. Hannah was in San Miguel, Mexico for a design/build studio... View full entry

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