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    Genuine Nerd 1

    By Arnaud M.
    Dec 7, '06 5:53 PM EST

    I just got it in the mail and I'm so happy and nerdy that I couldn't but post it on my blog.
    Now back to work, final crit is next wednesday.


    "I'm a big nerd (at least as nerdy as Toby Radloff) and I'm proud of it." And I have a moustache...


    • myriam

      woohoo! more pics! very nice. you look somehow french, even though we can't see any of you. perhaps it's just emanates out of you.

      Dec 7, 06 6:32 pm  · 

      Watch out for those archinect women, now...

      Dec 7, 06 7:34 pm  · 
      Arnaud M.

      I won't disclose my face on least not yet. I'm not really that kind of person.
      How can you say I look french? I don't really see how it could be so obvious.

      Dec 7, 06 7:41 pm  · 

      I'm pretty sure we have a thread dedicated to pictures exactly like this. I don't think Canada is represented there yet. Perhaps you should contribute?!!?

      Dec 7, 06 8:43 pm  · 
      Arnaud M.

      Does anyone knows where said thread is?

      Dec 7, 06 10:22 pm  · 

      OH wow, you really haven't seen it. Sorry.

      Ignore the bits about the Garwondler aand such, and just put your picture up. I'll give you a gold star!

      Dec 8, 06 12:07 am  · 

      so you're a nerd? are you sure?

      Dec 9, 06 1:06 pm  · 
      Arnaud M.

      Yes I'm positive.
      I wear a mustache and cop shades.

      Dec 9, 06 1:08 pm  · 

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