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    Mid-term Musings

    By Arnaud M.
    Mar 3, '07 7:38 PM EST

    Things have been pretty busy lately. The exhibition I mentioned in a previous post ended up sucking all my energy and time. It was very successful and it set a precedent in OCAD's history as no one could recall an environmental design show that happened in the last 30 years. It feels good to get some credit sometimes.

    As a result I kinda left my thesis aside for a while. I was so tired during reading week that I couldn't work and I ended up going to Montreal to get some fresh air.

    The end of the term is in 6 weeks and I still have so much left to do. It is, if well-planned ahead, still possible to achieve that though. It just means that I won't be able to chill as I did previously on week-ends, but I'm really excited about my thesis again and I think working regularly and efficiently for 6 weeks is worth giving up any social life to make a stunning presentation in the end.

    I had a midterm crit on Friday and it didn't go to well, although I knew exactly what the issues were, I just didn't have the time to pull it all together in time. Fucking CAD, I remember now why I stopped drawing everything in it. That's because it is too constraining as a design tool. So I have to put a entire proposal for Friday in two weeks from now, and depending on how it goes I will either go for another round or start building the final model and rendering all the drawings.

    On another note, half of the the thesis student are currently going crazy or giving up altogether. Now we only have half of the people showing for crits on time and teachers have to chase down the other half through the school to get them to present...nothing. There is, though, a small core group that keeps going, and it is quite motivating as we also have fun along the way. That kind of big project really helps people socializing together.






    Pictures from the exhibit

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    • exhibition looks good. well done.

      cad feels less constraining as you learn to use it better. all representational techniques have limitations, but i remember doing work in undergrad that was ONLY possible in cad (it involved programming autocad to create iterative 3d forms - well before maya and emergence and all that stuff became normative)...still, i understand the frustration...learning curve issues when under the gun are never fun. good luck!

      Mar 3, 07 11:12 pm  · 

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