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    By Arnaud M.
    Sep 25, '06 7:46 PM EST

    I had my desk crit today, the last before the Icon presentation taking place on Wednesday. I got somewhat lazy on the explanations and didn't elaborate too much conceptually, when I was explaining the object to my teacher, Natasha. I'm having hard times to represent in a fixed object very abstract and intangible things like movement, growth, interaction, collaboration, etc... I have now to figure out how I'm going to make a stunning presentation.

    Anyways, I'm currently researching about silos in general and more specifically silos on Toronto's lakeshore. All aspect of silo architecture interest me, although I'm more specifically looking for construction processes, how they're designed, plans etc...
    If you guys know any book or publication that would talk about that, I'm interested. I know that the guy who invented them was Franklin Hiram King.

    I'm posting again a picture of the silos.



    • b3tadine[sutures]

      oodles of knowledge here....

      Sep 25, 06 9:23 pm  · 

      check out Bernt and Hilla Becher

      Sep 25, 06 10:42 pm  · 

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