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    Rock on!

    By Arnaud M.
    Mar 9, '07 6:28 PM EST

    Update: I just got accepted at AL&D in Toronto as well.

    I just received my first letter of admission to... IIT. So I'm not quite sure about the program although the talk I had with people from there was pretty interesting and it doesn't seem to be a Mies worshipping place anymore. If you, reader, have any information that might be useful to me feel free to comment, it will help me to decide if I get accepted in other schools.

    I think I would almost go only for the city. I have never been, but Chicago is probably the city that attracts me most in the US. I have never been, so it might be disappointing after all.

    I'm too excited to blog about anything else for now. I'm looking forward to reading your reactions/advice.


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