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    Crunch time.

    By Arnaud M.
    Nov 20, '06 7:51 AM EST

    Thing are getting a bit busy around here. The end of the term is in two week, plus crit week for final reviews in three weeks from now. All the assignments (besides thesis) that I ignored are soon due and I have nothing. The good thing is that I feel like I'm in control and I'm not in a rush for anything. It is the first time since I started studying architecture that I'm not freaking out two weeks before the end. Maybe I'm getting a little more mature and organized, who knows? The thing is I get the work done without having the feeling that I pulled a lot of effort to do things... kinda confusing.
    As long as I'm not in trouble, I decided not to worry about that.

    A few people have been talking to me about my blog on here (you know who you are). It's good to know that there is people reading Archinect. I just hope it won't gossip to much around school, since it is mostly unknown that I write about the school, I'd like to keep it that way, although I have nothing to hide, I don't really like the spotlights. Those who talked to me are encouraging, it feels good to be acknowledged sometimes.

    There is a student forum going on at school. Some people from the student union decided to organize working/brainstorming sessions to make the students' voice hear over the administration, which is extremely bureaucratic and the cause of a lot of issues within the school. Of course, student participation is very low and those who like to whine about the school don't participate. One of them even came along with me, only to talk five minutes with the organizer and leave right away. Go figure.

    And I'm going to Australia for Christmas, I'm excited as a 13 years old girl seeing Jake Gyllenhaal.


    • Arnaud M.

      Well, I trust them enough. I don't think they're the kind of people doing that for the sake of driving me mad. Maybe I'm totally wrong. Since I'm doing my thesis, I would say that the project is flexible enough for me to do what I want, and they can only agree as long as I stay on tracks...

      Maybe I'm unconsciously looking for some pain...

      Nov 20, 06 9:59 pm  · 

      I've got a similar - but yet not - situation. Like you I have little (actually quite close to nothing) to show for this semesters work. Like you I'm feeling strangely at ease (well..) with this fact as the end of year is drawing nearer. Unlike (seemingly from your post) you however, I have an inner pandemonium not allowing me even 5 minutes of not thinking stressed out thoughts about the fact that I have nothing and - to borrow the phrasing from another entry headline in this forum - really ought to get my a** in gear quickly. Needless to say this is not a pleasant situation. Yet somewhere along the way some mechanism (the one that actually gets the a** in gear through fear and despair), fails to kick in, thus leaving me mellow, improductive, utterly frustrated and increasingly stressed. To summarize: done nothing, doing nothing, must do loads, dependant on stress to get moving, stressed but with the w r o n g kind of stress (not productive only ulcerous). Any tips?

      Nov 21, 06 11:54 am  · 
      Arnaud M.

      It's not that I have a little work to do, it is that I'm able to manage everything and hand all my assignments in time, without having the feeling that I pulled a lot of effort to achieve the work. But I'm still working quite hard. As for my thesis, the actual work doesn't require a lot hours, as I'm not factoring in the readings, the lectures I'm going to and so on and so forth...
      My secret is that I try to go to bed as early (at least before 1030 pm) then I can and wake up super early (between 4 and 6 on a good day) and work super early as well, It doesn't really work anymore with the end of the term and all the stuff due. But at least I'm more efficient and I get more work done in the morning.
      I also stop being stressed for every single thing that bothered me. For some reason, this year I managed to be confident enough in my capacity to do the work, for avoiding all these panic attacks I used to have everyday. In other words, panicking won't help you to do the work. So my best advice would be: get organized, find your best rythm, get some sleep and work when it's time for work. When it's not, do something else, rest, entertain yourself and forget school for a couple of hours.

      Nov 21, 06 1:45 pm  · 

      that actually sounds like a pretty sensible word of advice! you'd think i would have gotten there by myself in 8 years of university, but the block and the panicking is still there (apart from one friend from kindergarten i see occasionally it's nowadays my oldest companion as a matter of fact). but to parafrase a favourite statement from the 2nd ring-book: "it takes a very long time to say anything in old-entish, and an ent doesn't say anything unless worth saying" (and no, i don't speak klingon and go to warcraft-marathons). thanks arnaud for the advice! i'll definitely try to get out of my head the idea of needing panic and stress in order to get a move on. now i must work though as today was still a part of my old life and so at 7 pm i have yet to do a big part of the day's work..

      Nov 21, 06 2:19 pm  · 
      Arnaud M.

      Starting work at 7 pm is actually a great starting point. I'm glad if my advice can help you.
      Good luck.

      Nov 21, 06 3:17 pm  · 

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