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    By Arnaud M.
    Sep 30, '06 10:08 AM EST

    I had my Icon crit on wednesday. Both my teachers impressed me with what they had to say. Jeremy which I consider as usually more a sort of practical person, had a lot of interesting comments with regards to what an ecosystem is and the analogy of my thesis to nature and ecology.

    All this gives a new dimension to my thesis and layer by layer, I'm starting to define it more precisely. I have yet to digest their comments and look up the references they were talking about.

    Here a few ideas/insights they gave me:

    -The building as an incubator for human organisms.
    -How a building design can foster self-determined patterns (self-determined by the users)?
    -How to inspire people to participate in the design of their own built environment? How a design can provide inspiration/creativity?
    -I have to look up the perimeter institute by Saucier+Perrotte and the Salk Institute by Kahn.
    -What is a building designed as a teaching tool?
    -How the human organisms in the built ecosystem can be the catalysts of the activity of the place?

    Now, I'm going to the Toronto archives (props to Trent for the idea) to see if I can find stuff about these silos, I'm actually dreaming of plans, which would be awesome.

    I've been quite surprised to be one of the featured blogs, but it means that now I have to reach (or maintain?) a standard of quality and regularity not to disappoint you, archinecter. I've been thinking a lot about what I could write about in here and I'll try no to talk only about thesis, but also (non-comprehensive list): about the two months I spent in mexico this summer, before my memories definitely wane in limbo; about my personal thinking of design, about the piece of crap that Gehry is building right next to OCAD, about the other piece of crap that Libeskind is building at the Royal Ontario Museum (I'll visit the destruction site in November), about the Ontario College of Art and Design and its not-so-new-anymore building by Alsop (a.k.a. Ontario College of Angst and Despair depending on your mood).


    OCAD Sharp center for design.


    • bowling_ball

      I fell in love with grain silos last summer when visiting Thunder Bay (in Northern Ontario). All along the edge of their port, there are grain silos in all states of disrepair. I had dreams for weeks about how amazing it would be to convert those abandoned buildings into something useful again.

      Regarding OCAD... I have a class up in the Sharp Centre and let me tell you, it's very disappointing from what I've seen. I actually think it's quite incredible from the outside, but I can't think of a redeeming quality for the inside. I went to OCAD before that building went up, and I've yet to see the benefit, aside from getting some publicity.

      Oct 1, 06 1:05 am  · 

      Hope the author will fall guys create many meaningful articles like this for you to learn. At the same time create a good and healthy education for children.

      Aug 15, 22 9:23 pm  · 

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