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    What are closets for?

    By Arnaud M.
    Oct 3, '06 8:05 AM EST

    Yesterday I watched a hilarious set of music videos by R. Kelly. It's named "Trapped in the closet" and it finally answered a question I was asking myself since I got in Canada: Why are closets so big in North America?

    These videos -there is 12 of'em- are very addictive, so if you start watching it, make sure you have about 45 minutes to watch all of them in a row. The dramatic plot involves a midget, crying women, corrupt cops and thugs.



    • Medusa

      How many times did he take out his gun?

      Oct 3, 06 8:10 am  · 
      Arnaud M.

      I lost count after the first video, my attention was caught by the blingness of it.

      Oct 3, 06 8:22 am  · 

      i thought i could watch only one, how naive of me.

      Oct 3, 06 9:45 am  · 
      Arnaud M.

      I warned you...

      Oct 3, 06 9:47 am  · 
      Chili Davis

      I also enjoy Mr. Kelly's song "Sex in the Kitchen," more specifically, the line where he says "I wanna toss yo salad baby." How entertaining. Also, we have closets because it gets freakin' cold around here, and you need somewhere to put all of your coats / sweaters / sweatshirts / hats / gloves / scarves / boots / mittens / long underwear when you aren't wearing them!

      Oct 3, 06 10:31 am  · 

      ...Things are generally bigger in America than in Canada - the cars, the houses, the people...

      I'll check out the videos when i have that 45 minutes in a row. Does he have any underage girls trapped in the closet? Ewww...haha!

      Oct 3, 06 12:25 pm  · 
      brian buchalski

      that series is addict-tive,

      but be care full.

      or you'll end up walking
      around and trying to siiiiinnnggg

      and then you won't be able to talk nor mal

      Oct 3, 06 5:12 pm  · 

      jerry springer would be proud.

      Oct 3, 06 5:57 pm  · 

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